Fernando Torres has been the focus of press and media attention ever since he signed for Chelsea. He scored 81 goals in just 142 games for ...

Fernando Torres has been the focus of press and media attention ever since he signed for Chelsea. He scored 81 goals in just 142 games for Liverpool and everyone expected more of the same here but it hasn't happened. Everyone is asking questions, people are beginning to turn and doubt Torres but I am posting this because I for one believe in Torres.

Now as hurtful as this will be for us to watch, YOU HAVE TO watch this video. Put our Chelsea bias to one side and just watch every single one of his goals he scored for Liverpool and look at the player he was back then. It will make you realise just how much of a shadow of his former self he has become here.

Forget the shirt he is wearing and the club he is playing for, I want you all to focus just on him, the goals he scored and more importantly, the service he is getting.

Remember back then? I guess right now you are wondering "Where has he gone?" or "If only we could have that player in our side now!". I'll give you the answer, "He is still here!" but we simply have to play to his strengths otherwise having Torres in the side is a complete waste of time.

It's been a statement I have repeated and spoken about on here time and time again and I cannot believe that I am still asking the same thing from the team a year later. We had it last season with the players and again this season and nothing has changed. There was a glimmer of hope earlier in the year but it's faded back into normality once more and Torres is suffering big time.

This guy will make runs all day for you, he will work his socks of for you but he wants chances to score in return. Why on earth isn't he getting them?.

The problem Torres has is Chelsea's style of play. At Liverpool Torres knew that as soon as the midfield or wingers got the ball they would look up and either play him in with a through ball or fire an early cross into him in the box, here he knows we'd rather take an extra touch and then another one and the chance to play him in has gone.

In those clips we have watched, it was all about teamwork, if someone was in the box but saw Torres in a better position, they played it to him and he scored. Look at Gerrard for example there, one on one with the keeper and Torres alongside him, he drew the keeper towards him and then squared it for Torres to side foot home to score. It just doesn't happen here and it's so frustrating.

I know I keep harping on about it if you are a regular reader of my blog but because our play is too slow and too laboured for the most part, Torres' runs are being ignored. As the game progresses he drops deeper and deeper to come and get the ball and get involved or, he moves out wide to pick the ball up. We don't want to see him there and Chelsea have said they are working on keeping him in central areas but it's still happening because he wants to be involved.

The problem he has is with moving into those areas, he always has a defender up his arse whereas if he was played in with a first time killer pass on the shoulder of the last defender, we would see his class and quality.

Here are three videos of Fernando Torres' performances for Chelsea with stats afterwards. Judge for yourselves on whether or not he IS being given the service.

Sunderland Home:

As you can see in this one, Torres was involved in alot of our play, had a big say in the goal, should of had at least one penalty BUT, was still not given the right service as he was forced out wide or picked the ball up wide. No through balls in behind the last defender although he receives the ball numerous times in an around the edge of the box.

Norwich Away:

Again, Look at the lack of balls being played into him in central areas in and around the box. The one chance he had he toe poked wide and has been slated for it. All I will say is watch it again, Ayala dives at his feet and if Torres had hit it on target I THINK it would have been blocked anyway.

Now onto Wolves away.

Notice again how many times he creates things for other players but has very little come his way from his team mates again. Look at the lack of balls being played into him in central areas in and around the box.

This was the game that the Scouse Joke of a pundit Phil Thompson claimed that Torres was really poor so I had a pop!.

After seeing all these video's do you honestly believe we are giving him the service he needs? Do you really believe that we will ever get the best out of Torres by playing as we are? We need to give him the ball quickly in behind defenders just as Liverpool used to do.

Fernando Torres will come good at Chelsea and I believe that 100%. I keep saying it but when it comes to Torres it applies more than ever:
Form is temporary, class is permanent!

Here to finish is a short video of the good things about Torres including his goals for Chelsea. I want to point out one thing which is basically the whole point of this blog post, Everytime he has scored for us it's because he has been played in or given the service that I keep banging on about!.

Anelka played him in against West Ham, Mata played him in against Swansea with a ball over the top. Anelka again played him in behind United's defence at Old Trafford, Lampard played him in for his first against Genk and Meireles crossed first time for him to head home against Genk.

Keep the faith in Torres and he WILL deliver.


(Stats taken from the FourFourTwo Stats Zone app from ITunes)

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  1. I'm glad with what you wrote,which is a surprise to me,that a British journalist,could still rise in support of Fernando Torres!I as a person will continue to believe in Torres.
    Torres aint the problem but the following are
    1.Refusal of AvB 2 make Fernando Torres his no.1 striker(he should sell Drogba,who is also a legend,but he's past it).
    2.Absence of creativity in the midfield(we are too slow)Mata shouldn't be a winger,he's got no pace!i hope AVB finds time out to read this
    !Mata should play behind Torres,while we also get another creative midfeilder
    3.The british press making a whole lot out of Torres' transfer fee!
    Conclusively,I totally agree with your thoughts

  2. Y cant who service Drogba service Torres as well. And AVB has not refused to make Torres his no.1 choice, remember Torres was no.1 choice at the begining of the season untill he proved unable y cant the same Gerald now supply Carrol. Pliz if a player is down lets admit.

    1. As a Liverpool fan, just want to say Gerrard has been injured for a year where have you been, thus your comment about not servicing carrol is ridiculous! Also I agree with this article in many ways! Chelseas problem from an outsider is that certain players you hv are stuck in their ways maybe due to age but to get the best out of Torres I think you need to get rid of the stalwarts who were successful when drogba was class, mainly players like lumplard n drogba himself! The reason I say this is that Chelsea still play the same way as they hav for years and when they play with Torres up top they're playing like it's drogba with strength etc to hold ball and bring players into play! The thing with Torres is that he's not a team player, I don't mean that as in he's lazy I mean his build up play was always pretty useless unless he had space to run at defence! At Liverpool he rarely got involved until he got played in or he was attacking a cross thats come in! Typical games you would think after he scored a hattrick and got man of match but when you were going home you'd think what else did he do n the answer is not a lot! All he was there for was to finish off moves! Look at Spain as well, he doesn't do great for Spain because they don't play quick counter attacking football, which is essentially how he plays best

    2. Sorry me again, just after I'd said that, it occured that you would probably better suited to Carroll and we have Torres back before you jump on the he's a load of sh1te bandwagon, he's just having the same problems Torres has faced not playing to his strengths! Lack of confidence makes any player look sh1te

  3. watching Chelsea play these days is so frustrating ....we used to get away with the slowness of our play with power from players like drogba and essien ....the only players that look to play the ball in behind are mata and the other David luiz a centre back...all the media ever say is it's another day for a misfiring Torres ....No it's another day for chelsea to play slow unimaginable football...AVB used to do all this analysis surely he must see?!

  4. Joining small and shite club that you chavs are that's where El Niño went wrong. Come back home El Niño come back home. By the way didnt even read yr article. YNWA

  5. first of all, i agree with the writer 100 per cent and he makes a lot of sense. I hope that avb has read this article and plays to torres strength. To that liverpool fan who said our team is small i have a question for you when was the last time you guys played in champions league or won a cup?

    1. What's the point in being in the champions league if you can't win it? Yeah, that's right :) I don't agree with all this trash talking, but hey, Liverpool has earned their status as elite, not bought it. As soon as Chelsea learns its about being a team, not an individual star, maybe they'll achieve half of what Liverpool has.

  6. tores is one f d best striker in d world.chelsea style f play isnt suit many selfish playerz in chelsea wu r nt playin for d sucess f d team bh individual glory.tores isnt getin much passes

  7. Totally agree with the article and this is from a Liverpool fan. He thrives playing off the last defender but is not getting that killer pass to get running at the defense/GK. If Chelsea want this to work they need to up the tempo of there game

  8. all chesea appearance in d champions league how many av they won ... i agree wit the writter, all players in chelsea bliv in scoring goals they dnt get hurt to creat one for torres,imaging a selfish player like sturridg... lampard has the higher goals in chelsea today so how can torres score i bliv he mak a wrong move!!! No player like gerrard in chelsea squad, a creator and motivator NYWA

  9. Chelsea don't play as a team, that's why players can go to Liverpool and eventually come good. It's not the same as at Chelsea. You have too many divas, and its not like they're even game changing divas like at City. You need to have a massive overhaul which is hard to see happening if you keep sacking quality managers. Inconsistency and unrealistic dreams will be the end of Chelsea...

  10. tores is a waste of fund even at the world cup he did not played well, if you cannot play under the best midfield in the world where can you play. Drogba is still the man that can help chelsea.




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