This is why AVB hasn't been sacked!.

Well it's another week and another massive game coming up for our football club (Chelsea are 1.63 in Champions League betting to progr...

Well it's another week and another massive game coming up for our football club (Chelsea are 1.63 in Champions League betting to progress to the quarterfinals). As expected, the press are out for AVB's neck once again after another rubbish performance at the weekend but as yet it hasn't happened and he is still here.

So it makes me wonder what is going on in the mind of Abramovich?. Being honest, at one stage or another we all have had an eye on the news over the past week waiting to hear about another Chelsea manager being sacked. If you think about it, it would be an easy (and expensive!) option for Roman to take once again but the fact he hasn't acted on the situation we find ourselves in is a surprise.

So let's try and look at things from AVB's perspective here. Could it be that Roman Abramovich thinks that there is a continued trend here at the Bridge and although he has trusted AVB to sort things out, with certain players still there and until they are moved on, AVB will never really be able to put his stamp on things?.

He spoke the other day about the fact that being backed by Roman is what matters and not the players. At the time my reaction was that it was a ridiculous statement to make and of course you have to have the backing of the players. Thinking about it, could that statement be the biggest indication that there will be a major revamp of our squad this summer?

The Mourinho era still haunts each manager that has taken the hot seat since he left us. Scolari struggled with it and the "player power" he claimed existed. Guus Hiddink reverted back to a formation and starting eleven the players knew and felt comfortable with and got the best out of them. Carlo Ancelotti in his first season was up against it until around Christmas time, then after a "team meeting", he chose to revert back to our familiar shape with the same familiar players and we won the double.

Last season, Carlo tried to deviate from the usual players playing and in some games from our usual style and slipped down the table. It was only when once again, certain players came back and played week in, week out that we climbed back up the table.

There is no question Chelsea are in a slump right now and trying to look at things from AVB's perspective, it seems to me that the only way to get things clicking and working again is to bring the same old players back in, to keep them happy but we all know he IS trying to change things here so why should he give in to his philosophy? The ONLY reason would be to save his job by finishing in the top four.

I want to explain my position on AVB here because as regular readers will know, I was right behind him and backed him as our manager up until the Everton performance a week ago. It was that game that I began to change my opinion. However, after watching OUR PLAYERS this weekend, I feel for AVB again I really do.

Alot of people have a pop at his success last season in Portugal and almost brush it to one side as anything but an achievement. What people forget is the European success he had and that is what brought him to the attention of Roman Abramovich and other clubs in Europe. The success he had in Europe cannot be taken lightly, I do believe he is a good manager and given the time to bring in the players HE wants, he can put his stamp on this club.

I do still have my reservations at times with substitutions he makes and the selection of certain players but I have cooled my opinion of him after watching the shower of shit from our players at the weekend.

I firmly believe that Roman Abramovich is quickly running out of patience more so with the players than with HIS manager and this summer will be THE most important period of Chelsea's recent history. Some big, big names that have been a major part of our success here aren't cutting it anymore, are getting older and the club will be taking decisions that are right for the future of this club and not to keep "the click" happy!.

For now, the players that aren't pulling in the same direction as AVB, need to either be benched or put into the reserves and be taught a lesson that no one is bigger than this club. They are employed by Chelsea FC to represent us to the best of their ability if they aren't they simply cannot expect to play for us until they do!.

It's about time this lot sort their bloody lives out and get behind the manager and his ideas. As for AVB he's caught between a rock and a hard place. Does he stick with the ideas he has been trying to implement all season or does he revert to the old faithful starting line up and formation? No matter what, top four is the minimum requirement.

Tomorrow night is huge for Chelsea's season and it will be interesting to see the level of performance from our Chelsea team. Champions League Betting would have us a certainty to go outr this week but, if they "turn it on" tomorrow then questions need to be asked as to why they aren't doing it every week.

The players are the reason AVB hasn't been sacked and it's about time they realise that they are under threat at this club as much as the manager.


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