Chelsea published their accounts yesterday and revealed that Chelsea had to pay £28m on "changes in the first team management structur...

Chelsea published their accounts yesterday and revealed that Chelsea had to pay £28m on "changes in the first team management structure" by sacking Carlo Ancelotti and hiring Andre Villas-Boas as his replacement which is just insane.

In addition to this, Football Finance Analyst Andy Green has calculated that Chelsea and Roman Abramovich have paid out around £64m in the last four years on managerial changes alone!.

It's unthinkable isn't it and you wouldn't find it happening anywhere else would you?. That £64m spent has only brought us "the double" which is a season that will always be remembered in our history and an FA CUP with Guus Hiddink at the helm. Meanwhile, Mourinho has won more league titles and yet another Champions League!

The Champions League still eludes Chelsea and if anything we have drifted further and further away from winning it.

Four managers have come and gone on ridiculous salaries that were drawn up at the time to a) convince them to come and take over after Mourinho and b) to include a compensation package "just in case" things didn't work out!.

Salaries and money in football is off the scale now compared to what it used to be but it's something we have to live with as more and more heavy investors and businessmen are attracted to our league prepared to pay top dollar with the expectations of immediate success.

Where do you draw the line? That's the question and once again the press are beginning to ask questions of the Chelsea man in charge as we struggle in the league for the second season running.

Will Roman jump and hit the switch once or will he give his new man time? I have a feeling that the few meetings at Cobham and Stamford Bridge in recent days would have been to confirm the minimum requirement of Champions League football at the end of the season.

I just want to turn this round on us supporters for now and what's happened to us over the same period. We enjoyed immense and unheard of (for 50 years at least) success under Mourinho winning back to back titles. In the third season Mourinho didn't win the league but put up a damn good fight as we lifted the League and FA Cup and he encouraged all of us to lift our head up and be proud of what his team had achieved. Back then, it was unheard of to think any different.

In his fourth season, things began to change and it all came to head in a dreadful performance at home to Rosenberg as Andrei Shevchenko (remember him?) headed in a late equaliser. Jose left the club soon after and most of us were left stunned.

Avram Grant came in, took over and guided us to our ONLY Champions League final and put up a decent fight in the league once again, which again bearing in mind the circumstances he took over, seemed acceptable. He left shortly after.

Phil Scolari came in, had a good start and then it all fell apart. The media, the fans and his players turned on him. He was sacked. Guus Hiddink came in, led us on a fantastic climb up the table to put up yet another fight that came to nothing but like I said, won us the FA CUP and once more that seemed acceptable.

Carlo Ancelotti came in and let's be honest, for the first time as a Chelsea Manager had done, began to walk out from under the shadow of Mourinho as he led us to our first ever double. We were in dream land once again.

Last season, faced with losing established players and a couple of signings in the summer us fans were looking to somehow build on the double winning season before while bringing the youngsters through. It was a big big ask but one we expected being spoilt with the levels of success we have achieved in such a short space of time.

Then, just as we all know football can do, it turned against us, injuries and suspensions kicked in with a real lack of squad depth and we found ourselves at what I believe to have been our lowest point as we lost 3-0 at home to Sunderland and deservedly so.

Immediately there were calls for Carlo's head and the majority of us expected "yet another" knee jerk reaction from the owner. It happened but nothing like we could believe as he backed HIS man in charge and spent £75m in January to send shock waves through football as he did 6 or 7 years beforehand.

The signings bolstered the squad struggling with numbers and once again, our manager led us on a charge up the table that came to head at Old Trafford back in April 2011. We lost that day and some people including Ancelotti, believed that was the straw that broke the camels back. Chelsea faltered in their remaining two games as the obvious after effects of United took their toll. Carlo was sacked before he even stepped onto the team bus to come home after our last game of the season.

As Chelsea supporters did we expect it after seeing our revival and climb up the table as it was happening? No we didn't!. Did we though, expect it after watching a dismal performance on the last day defeat at Everton? Yes we possibly did!. We're a spoilt lot aren't we!.

The problem we have as supporters of the club we all adore is purely that, we are spoilt and have been ever since Roman took over. Jose won 6 trophies in 3 and a bit seasons including TWO league titles and an FA CUP. Guus Hiddink delivered the FA CUP and Carlo Ancelotti delivered the double.

In every season our manager at the time has finished without silverware he has been sacked. Jose never even got to see out the season, Grant won nothing, Scolari the same as Mourinho and Ancelotti last season. Will there ever be a time now that a season without silverware becomes acceptable and if it does is it purely down to Champions League qualification?. Would us Chelsea fans ever accept that?

This leads me on perfectly to THIS season and AVB. As expected, we are hearing reports that he is getting some "heat" from Roman at the training ground (which is bollocks as I have already stated on record by the way!) and reports of a potential return of Mourinho is being banded about. It's pretty much par for the course being a Chelsea manager sitting in fourth place in the Premier League and way off winning the title.

The thing is, I don't want to see Roman or the club pulling the trigger once again at the end of the season but if we are left with (god forbid!) Europa League or nothing next season, you would have to expect it. Does that make it right though?. Surely a top four finish now and a good run in the FA CUP winning it would be acceptable, whereas winning the Champions league would end all doubts about our manager?

Everyone talks about a manager being given time at a club. Mourinho has been Roman's longest serving manager lasting just over three seasons. We will always wonder what would and could have happened if that decision was never taken and he was given more time (apart from being £64m better off of course!). Some people believe it's a matter of unfinished business between our club and Jose' and a fair few people would have him back no problems.

With AVB coming in, he really is the first manager who is trying to build a new Chelsea. Think about it for a second, it's a daunting task to try and build a successful and sustainable squad for years to come replacing the established core of first team players who have won everything with and for Roman and us supporters.

So as it stands now with AVB at the helm we have a squad more than capable of putting together a run of games and results to establish our 4th place in the league as a minimum, and to try and put pressure on Spurs for 3rd place.

With a decent looking tie in the FA CUP ahead of us before we are in the Quarter Finals once more and being through as league winners once again in the Champions League, avoiding a nightmare draw in the first knockout stages, could we still salvage something of our season?

I am asking you the Chelsea fan reading this no matter where you are in the world for your honest opinions. I have two important questions to ask you and I WANT TO HEAR FROM AS MANY CHELSEA FANS AS POSSIBLE ON THIS!:

1. What would you personally accept as a minimum requirement this season from AVB as our manager?

2. If he doesn't achieve YOUR answer to question number 1, should he be sacked or given time?


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  1. Its a tough one, on one hand he has an ageing squad and should be given time, but he's still playing the same old team rather than letting the new blood fully take over, if he started with some of the youth and we could actually see progress then yes he should be given time, but playing the old squad, and getting sub standard results even in relation to the other managers, he should go.. If that makes sense.

  2. Give him time if we finish 4th..back him in the summer and let him bring in some of his own guys. Anything outside the top 4.......go all in for TSO!! Like you said, there's some unfinished business @ the bridge that Jose needs to finish before we lose him to chitty or somewhere else in the PL. That'd be devistating

  3. I'm worried Roman is playing Russian roulette
    Once bill shankly said football is a holy trinity the
    Manager choose player board pay thats it.
    If the boards interfere with transfers that's a recipe for disaster

  4. Hey Mr. author, u portray yourself such a big expert on football. But arent you forgetting something??? Where was Chelsea before Roman took over? Do you remember? Or you choose not to? I agree Roman should have kept Jose. But the Special one was and is a very difficult man. Scolari and Ancelotti should not have been hired at all. Neither should AVB. Hiddink was the person to hire. Roman made a few misrakes. But who doesnt??? He loves football and he loves Chelsea. But it doesnt mean anything to you, mr author. For you kinda hate Roman who actually brought Chelsea its glory. Funny, isnt it. I say YES, SACK AVB, bad manager, bad people person, bad everything. Bring back Jose. Give him power. And I love Chelsea. And I love and thank Roman for what he has done for the club

    1. An answer to ur first question would be a minimum of a fourth spot finish in the leaugue! (winning the FA would be a major bonus)
      God forbids and we do not finish fourth i would still stick with avb for next season as long as we back him up in the summer transfer market " a right back, a central meidfeilder and a winger must be aquired in order for us to challenge again"... KTBFFH

  5. He needs to be given more time and he needs some space to bring in his own players. If he didn't want Debryune then he shouldn't have been purchased. Also he may be reluctant to let players like Bertrand gain 1st team experience at the expense of the entire team. There just no way you let Bertrand start vs Man U. He also has finances to worry about, whereas other recent managers did not. Bottom line is we as Chelsea fans need to realize that our team is old and it will take a few years to attain that kind of form again. If we give AVB the time he will come through for us. Not buying at inflated prices in Jan, while under the kind of pressure he is under, lets me know he is putting the club 1st. No other manager we have had recently had that kind of character. We need to back AVB.

  6. Rebuilding a squad is never an easy task..give avb the time he needs...frankly speaking, I'm tired of seeing so many managers come n go, time to stick with one..Avb is good, he has proved it...I'm ready to take one or two bad seasons in return for many successful seasons in future (plus a new exciting style of football)..ktbffh!

  7. For me the minimum req for us is Champs league qualification ! No matter what happens in the League or FA cup ! Even if that too doesnt happen, I'l still accept it as a part of our transition, move on, and still back AVB to the hilt ! THE LEAST THING THAT WE NEED IS ANOTHER MANAGERIAL CHANGE!

  8. I truly feels that avb shld be given more time! at least another season to let him work out his tatics n formations n substitutions.. he should be realising that older players like malouda can only be bit players n give some playing time to lucas or josh maybe? 5th place or lower may be unthinkable though.. Hope it doesnt happens!

  9. Finishing fourth this season with the FA TROPHY 'll be acceptable for someone trying to rebuild a club full of old players that seam indispensable avb should be given time....even though i would've luv to see moriho...but i'm believing you'll give us hope of better seasons to come tru this period of redevelopment

  10. Anyhow we won't to do it just bring me back my Special One shekina.

  11. AVB seems 2 me 2 b a gud coach. I xpect a champions league qualification and an FA cup tittle. Should he fail 2 qualify us 4 chmp league or faild on FA, God 4bid he needs a brake. Josh murinho shuld b ask 2 make a return plsssss.

  12. Ishani obakpororo9 February 2012 at 06:20

    AVB is not a bad coach , it is just d circumstances arroud him, wit d hype of player available he need to be given time to succeed here.but finishing less dan 4th is a sin in chelsea gallery.

  13. For me i still have got faith in AVB! If we dont attain th minimum champions league qualification spot i will still stick with him, let roman giv him some time n power to choose n decide what he thinks will benefit, and as long he brings more of his blood in this team i its stil abit early to judge him. I love chelsea! I wil be greatful if AVB Stil manages to be with the team next season!

  14. Does anyone think that we would be in 4th place if Alex Ferguson was rebuilding the team? He's done it 3-4 times at Man Utd and they haven't been in danger of missing out on Champions League spot each season!! You need to manage all of the players old and young. Try and manage the older players out gradually, not just put them out to dry like Anelka and Alex!!! Unless you replace them in the same window with your own players, which he only did with Cahill. This left us thin on the ground for goals, and we could have used Nico in the last few games which we could have won, and been in a better position. Also how would everyone like to see Jose at another premiership club? Jose is a man manager, he gets the best out of players. If we continue the slump we are in what's £60 million when we've not been in the Champions league for the next 5 seasons and all our top players have become disillusioned !!!! Hiddink in, then moved up stairs, and Jose back in the summer to finish off rebuilding team the right way, using everyone he has at his disposal...........?????

  15. AVB is not a bad coach but guyz mourinho is the right man for us roma abrahimovic should call mourinho back and give he all the power he should have as a coach this is my own advise thank u

  16. d question is y cant roman give avb time to build dis team
    if avb is given 2 more yrs den he sud b sacked

  17. I'm just sad 2 see fans walking out the stadium b4 the game has ended.. I understand their pain tho.. I think give AVB another season in charge.. We are and always will be the strongest club in England. All we need is the fear factor that utd have!!! We used 2 have that under the special one!

  18. 4th spot and if he dosen't make it which he would,let's just give him time,enough of the sacks. It takes time to build success.

  19. My acceptable season would be top 4 finish and show he can make the right decisions to help us on our way and no confusing substitutions like ones against utd. This, more than good cup run I believe will build confidence in him. Then give him chance to build in he summer and give him till summer 2013. If we're still 4th with no trophies then make decision to sack him as he'd had 4 transfer windows and not improved. I wish we could give him 3 full seasons but we don't want to become arsenal and take a decade to rebuild.
    Dgormley CFC since 81.

  20. i believe that if avb wins the fa cup and make us stay in top three or top four then he should be given time but if he doesn't make any of the above especially the fa cup of which we are so good at wining then he should be given the boot and let jose finish what he started becos it will be painful to see not chanllaging for the epl next season and maybe jose in another team in england doing well and we know that we could have gotten him to deliver us.

  21. AVB should not b sack. & more so we a hole lot of tired legs in there & we all knw AVB is building a new squad so we should try & b came 2 avoid losing more money on managers

  22. Answer 2 ur 1st question when asked by fellow Chelsea fans, united fans, shitty fans at the start of the season how do u see Chelsea's season panning out this year my reply was: "I would be happy with a top 4 finish and a good run in the FA cup. If u look at our starting line up against man united last weekend how many players where in the squad that won the double 2 seasons ago? We have made some major changes to our team. What we are missing which will give us that killer edge is some out and out wingers and we can then push Mata into the middle. I wud even go back to playing a diamond if we get 2 wingers then we can play sturridge up front and not on the wing.. Top 4 and FA cup this season and AVB to lead us to the title and champions league next season

  23. AVB is good,but he need sometime to adapt to english foothball. Example: look at Sir of man u,he use four or five season before he a surcesfull one in england. Let pray for him to be a surces one.

  24. AVB should be given more time no matter what happen this season, he has a great plan that will surely make chelsea a great club. Thanks

  25. I head smbdy saying AVB has ageing squared,is Mata,mikel,romeu,sturidge,ramires,mirales,ivanovic,luis,cahil,beterand nd so on are dey all old nd we also nid d dynamic Lampard in dat squred nd wit dis chelsea team nd Anceloti team i prefer carlo dan dis So called Avb during carlo regimd i enjoyed ftbl,den wen cfc lose i appreciate coz i enjoyed ftbl only sub is wat carlo lack,hence Avb has d squred 2 win d leage,d qstn is wat goes wrng,AVB has no excuses,i dnt enjoy ftbl at all no pattern,if he did nt finish 3rd or 4th let him be SACK.

  26. me as a chelsea fan believes AVB transition n i think he shld be given tyme 2 revail his talent as coach.




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