I watched the game and come away from it thinking "Good performance" and "Good result, we're through!" and being ho...

I watched the game and come away from it thinking "Good performance" and "Good result, we're through!" and being honest I cannot believe the negativity that has come from "Chelsea fans" on here and Twitter to me after the game.

Some of you lot need a kick up the arse and to get a sense of realism right now. I have been a fan of "My local club" having been born in Princes' Beatrice hospital 38 years ago and raised in and around Chelsea ever since.

I have watched and been to games to following the Blues in really good times and really bad times and never will forget just where we have come from. I NEVER take the success we have had for granted and will never do so in the future.

I get frustrated like alot of the real football fans of our club when we aren't playing well, well things appear to be going wrong and people at the club make certain decisions. That's all part and parcel of being a fan. I get frustrated when it seems to me as though players aren't playing well, seem up for a game and can't be bothered in games. I want to see every single player wear the Chelsea shirt with pride and give everything to the cause.

Now listen, there is one thing being the above when it's justified and simply put, the comments I have seen from certain fans about the game yesterday make me question why?.

Some comments I have received on here and via Twitter yesterday are as follows:

The current central midfield of Malouda-Meireles-Ramires againt QPR summarizes the whole football incompetence of AVB. This guy might be good at man-management but he's terrible at football.
Perhaps the worst chelsea performance in years! It's just lucky that QPR were so so bad - but we still needed a very dodgy penalty decision. No pace; no creativity; no idea.
What a woeful display! I couldn't believe AVB's statement that it was an "excellent team performance"
Are you serious? performance was poor lacking any creativity in midfield. QPR were toothless but we didn't look like scoring.

The point I am making is that a couple of games ago when I said we couldn't buy a win and no matter how the performance is, we just need to win games again to get confidence back and to get on a run, yesterday was the same.

I don't care how well or badly we played, all that mattered was that we got the result and went through to the next round. Surely as a realistic Chelsea fan you can see that?.

Yes we need to improve on areas of our game and I am sure AVB knows that. Yes it's obvious we need more creative players in our team to become the free flowing, fluid and fast paced team we all want to see playing week in, week out but the problem is, we haven't got those players at the moment.

I actually thought it was a good performance from our Chelsea side yesterday. QPR WERE toothless and Cech didn't have alot to do at all apart from maybe two saves with the most dangerous being right at the end of the game. That was because Chelsea were dominant in possession of the ball and forced QPR on the back foot for most of the game.

Do you honestly think that QPR fans would be moaning if Luke Young's shot found the way into the corner of the net despite the way they had played yesterday? OF COURSE NOT!.

Some of of you GLORY BOYS need to wake up, and enjoy the fact that we have beaten our local rivals by a debatable penalty 1-0 and are through to the next round.

Yes it was a dive by Sturridge, but the referee gave it and being honest, the defender should never have put himself in that position to give Sturridge the chance to win the penalty.

I am all for criticism, I am one of the most vocal supporters blog's out there and do write exactly how I FEEL about things and hopefully people relate to it.

When people are complaining just for the sake of it, then it becomes a joke and I find it very difficult to even consider these people true supporters. Some people are never happy, you get that in any walk of life but like I said, the real, true supporters who have been following Chelsea for as long as I have, will realise that in some cases, a win is a win and that is all that should matter.

As to the game itself, like I said it was a professional performance from us. Ivanovic coming in at right back has a calming effect on our back four and sures things up in my view.

It also seems to me as though someone has had a word with David Luiz as he seems to have worked on the defensive side of his game. He has had a couple of really good defensive performances in the last few weeks and it's good to see.

JT coped with everything really well and Ashley Cole did ok up against SWP. For me, the man of the match for us was Raul Meireles. This guy has been a revelation in my eyes lately. Asked to sit and hold and play the dirty role in the midfield, he has played really well. I still think he should be playing further forward in a supporting role and Romeu plays there, but yesterday he was everywhere, all over the pitch.

Florent Malouda came in and also had a better game. He was far more involved playing in the middle and did well. He did what was required and that is all that should matter this morning.

The news on Ramires doesn't look good but before his injury he played better than last week.

Juan Mata was busy as ever, wanting the ball at every opportunity and kept his head to put the spot kick away.

Danny Sturridge did OK but still needs to think of the better option at times rather than take the extra touch or to have a shot. He just needs to work on what he does in the final third of the pitch but that will come with time. He kept the full back occupied all game, in a game we won so who cares.

As for Torres, he worked hard again, never scored but didn't really get an opportunity and just needs to carry on working to get that yard of pace back.

Overall, a solid, professional performance in a game we won 1-0, beating our local rivals and going through the to next round of the competition. If someone offered you the result before the game, you would have been a fool to not take it.

So to all the glory boys, get a life, get a sense of realism and acknowledge for once that it was the result that was the be all and end all yesterday and OUR TEAM got it!.


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  1. Amen to that!

    Yesterday was about winning and that's exactly what they did! KTBFFH!

  2. Whilst i agree with you that we'd (qpr) not have worried about our performance had youngs shot found the net, you couldn't help but notice how poor the game yesterday was. Qpr have a problem this season in that, without tarb's creativity we never look like scoring... And neither did your guys. You did dominate the ball and controlled the game but I can't say i remember paddy having to make a single meaningful save!?!

    What you don't recognise is that we would have celebrated as man for man, yours is the better side... And this is our first year in 16 we meet as equals.

    Where as we recognise our failure on the field and endeavor to rectify it. By your comments you're happy to accept that your current team is unable to break down our defence despite your possession and control and supporters you should simply accept it???

  3. Great that the do nothing coach and board sat on their hands this transfer window when you agree that the team needs certain type of players. Why does something tell me that the reason for the window smack in the middle of the season is to allow teams an opportunity to address those areas of concern/weakness that may have been exposed in the on-going campaign. So it is expensive; really? Forget the UEFA nonsense. It will not work. It is a disguised attempt at price control. The marketplace will determine a players' worth. Artificial barriers will hold only for so long. The team just plain and simple needs to invest in the right players in the right areas of need or they will be left behind. The current standings in the EPL in the top 7 are a pretty accurate reflection of proper, ongoing, dynamic assessment and replacement of players and managerial resources in the past five years. These results are not only determined in 90 minutes of play, they trascend the pitch and in many ways are pre-ordained by decisions off the pitch. Chelsea must INVEST in the players that will yeild the results needed and that will in turn increase the desire of prospects to join up. Why is the line to join up at Barca so long? Go ask Cuenca.

  4. Never knew you are that old,i was thinking you are in your early 20‘s or something. Well chelsea need to invest in the right players,we need a strong attacker that will get the work done.A slow pacey player cant play chelsea‘s game,that is why it is taken torres forever to get the work done. I check your blog everyday and see what news you‘ve got,i am over night folower of CFC from the time of Mourinho and my love for chelsea is still the same,i dont find myself anywhere else apart from chelsea. A big fan from Nigeria,simply blue.

  5. u guyz are nt a real supporters, u wnt evri weak 2 win play well nd win 3 to 4 goals evri weak nd its impossible. Even barca sometimes find it difficult 2 win every weak. Jst support ur club in any situation they are, dnt b too gready. Up chelsea

  6. We were woeful on saturday. Wot was avb tinkn wen he playd malouda in midfield ahea of essien n romeu? I've started doubtn his managerial capabilities. We nid fast n pacey wingers alongside creative midfielders. Offload bosingwa, mikel, kalou, drogba, hilario, essien n ferreira. Buy hazard, de bruyne, van der wiel, and a gud left back. Bring courtois back n play him ahead of cech. Blues 4 eva.

  7. Da performance was vry poor.We were struggling as f we r playin Barca!!!winning o no winning wat we wnt z wrld class play nat da boring n slow n fruitless matches.I saw on Tv Mourinho z fed up in Spain as he z booed!!!cn u blv dat!wnts to kum to EPL.He z ordy gt alng wid Abramovic n he z a chelsea fan so he myt kum bak.avb z inexperienced.Jus imgn we r so worried to play wid swansea we r afraid we r nt gng to gt da three points wat abt playin wid man untd!!we really cnt affrd to loose again to untd n nw at hm!we were beaten wid arsenal,untd n liverpool.I jus pray to da Almighty ALLAH we get through at least dis one!We have a poor sad Torres!Selfish Sturriidge!weak Malouda!Moody Bosingwa!not fully fit Essien!poor passes Merieles!unreliable Romeu!Oh Lord jus fingers crossed!da lengends r nt available ramires injured...evrythng against us.Dis tym we r compitin for top four n not da tittle.lts hope for da best.All da best to da bluz




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