JT: "Great memories but to go further, we might need to move"

Everyone who is a Chelsea fan is well aware of the situation regarding the proposal the club has put to the CPO (Chelsea Pitch Owners) last...

Everyone who is a Chelsea fan is well aware of the situation regarding the proposal the club has put to the CPO (Chelsea Pitch Owners) last week. If you missed it, check it out here and my take on things too.

Surprisingly enough, and to his credit he even says so himself, John Terry has decided to give his view on the situation rather than keep quiet and he raises some interesting points. Breaking down his full interview posted on the Official Chelsea Website, he says the following:

'I have great memories of Stamford Bridge. I made my debut at Stamford Bridge and have spent my whole career at the one club. But what excites me is the thought of my kids, who are Chelsea through and through, being able to grow up watching the team play in a big stadium.

We can grow if we're successful on the pitch and if we've got the capacity to expand and do what other clubs are doing.

Other clubs throughout Europe have gone out and bought sites for big stadiums, and we are not the only club with a rich owner. There are others, including QPR locally, who are going to look to expand in west London as well.

We all have great memories of the Bridge but for us to go further, we might need to move, and we have to trust our owner.

He has been amazing since he bought the club, along with our fans as well. No one is saying it is going to be an immediate change but we need to be looking because I am sure other clubs will be looking at the same potential sites.

London is a hotspot, west London especially, and big development companies can build substantial flats and penthouses here and if we're not putting our name in the hat for these sites, they'll be snapped up by developers. Especially with the Olympics as well, London is the place to be.

Looking back to the end of the season before Roman bought the club, there was speculation that if we didn't make the Champions League then the likes of myself and other prospects coming through would be sold for financial reasons. But we had Desailly, Zola and these kind of players and we were on the verge of becoming a very big club, and we almost lost that chance.

Now we are a very big club which is why we have to put our trust in Roman. He is Chelsea through and through and he certainly wouldn't have put the money in and shown the attention to detail that he has done over the last eight years, only to suddenly now stop doing what he believes is best for the club.

Anyone who has been to Cobham can realise the detail that went into the training ground with Roman making sure he got everything right, and not just on a first-team level, for the reserves and youth as well.

The fans play a massive part in the club and I can understand people being a bit wary but they've seen what the owner has done. We have to keep faith with him that he will do the right thing by the football club. He will do the right thing and will still be doing the right thing in 10 years' time.

He realises that without the fans Chelsea is nothing. Players will come and go, managers will come and go over the next 50 to 100 years, but Chelsea fans will always be Chelsea fans. I am one of them, my kids are too, and I want to be part of that for the next 40 to 50 years.

When Roman says that if we do move, he wants it to be within a three-mile radius, we have to trust him, and the people underneath him. Knowing the board as I do, I am sure they will answer questions fans have as honestly as they can.

I wouldn't be coming out and backing the club if I didn't believe in it. I could quite easily say nothing but I've been here for so long and I've spoken to the owner on numerous occasions. He is Chelsea mad and wants us to be in with the Barcelonas, the Man Uniteds, and we know that doesn't happen overnight.

In the next five or 10 years he wants us to be in a position where we've got a great facility at Cobham and we also have the stadium to match our aspirations.

All the fans who bought shares in Chelsea Pitch Owners have played a very important part in the history of the club. I am the president of CPO so I understand what it is about.

If the club does end up moving then Stamford Bridge will never be forgotten. If the club does decide to move then there are sites in west London that spring to mind not too far and I don't believe Roman ever wants to take us too far away from where the club started and where we've created our name.'
Its like I said in my post about the proposal, it's a difficult situation we are faced with. We have to think about things with our hearts and our heads and come to the right conclusion. I want to stay at Stamford Bridge and redevelop the ground to make it bigger in order to keep up with the Barcelona's and Manchester United's of this world but it seems like it's not possible.

JT think's we need to back to club if we are to remain successful, what do you think of what he has said? I would love to hear AS MANY OPINIONS on this as possible. After all, there aren't many places where you all have the freedom to express your views on this.

So come and air your view on the whole thing and on JT's comments! I would love to hear from you all!


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  1. JT is right we need 2 grow n we ought 2 move on!




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