Of late, it seems that Chelsea fans are beginning to question the role Frank Lampard has in the side at the moment as being honest we haven...

Of late, it seems that Chelsea fans are beginning to question the role Frank Lampard has in the side at the moment as being honest we haven't seen Frank at anywhere near his best so far this season.

As you can imagine with news that Frank Lampard was on the bench for England's 3-0 win over Bulgaria last night, the knives have come out for him regarding his England career. The Sun as usual, are the first to have a "pop".

Their article states the following:
"It was the first time Lampard had been dropped since Steve McClaren left him out of the side that lost 2-1 to Russia in Moscow in October 2007.

Lampard, to be honest, could hardly complain.

He had an indifferent 2009-2010 after coming back from injury too early.

There then followed the shocker against Switzerland last time out at Wembley where he was hooked off at half-time after one of his poorest displays in an England shirt.

But he still wouldn't have been happy.

And it's hard at a time like this to talk about the end of the international road for a 33-year-old who has played 81 times for his country, scoring 22 goals. A man with the added responsibility of taking the penalties. Hardly one of our strengths.

And a man who has hurt as much as any during a time when the so-called Golden Generation lost its way.

For me, Frank Lampard still has an important part to play for Chelsea this season as we really missed him when he was injured. I don't care what anyone says, if you take someone who scores 20 goals a season FROM MIDFIELD, you are going to miss him so do we really think he won't score 20 this term and wouldn't we miss him now?

I have posted a couple of times on here about Lampard and I still stand by what I have said. For me he has to play purely because of his presence, his experience and his all round game.

Alot of people who take the time to come on here have posted in numbers that they believe he should be benched like last night for England, but for Chelsea. Is this something that AVB should consider now? Would it be a mistake and is AVB big enough to do it?

What do you think it would mean for Lampard if he did that? Would it give him a nudge to up his game and benefit Chelsea or do you see Frank going the other way?.

Before you answer all these questions, and give your views which are welcome as usual here, I want to just try and explain something that is purely my view on Frank.

We have all been asking for creativity and flair in the Chelsea side for a while now haven't we. It's been the major area we needed to invest in and like I said last night, Thank God it wasn't Modric!.

Well for me, it's not Frank Lampard either really is it!. Frank is as we all know a box to box midfielder who will work just as hard in his own half to win the ball back as he does working hard to get forward and to score goals.

He isn't your creative midfielder that is happy to see an opening and play a pass and then stand their and admire it. He isn't the sort of person who wants to feed balls into the strikers and then stand off them and let them do the rest. Lampard wants to be in there with them, feeding off the scraps in and around the box with his trademark late run.

Don't get me wrong, Lampard has a killer pass in his locker and has always had that. How many times have we seen Lampard set goals up in his career at Chelsea?.

I just feel personally, that ever since we have been crying out for someone to come in and take the creative responsibility from the rest of midfield, that Lamps has suffered with the burden more or less.

Ramires has come in and taken the mantle or working hard throughout midfield and has the legs to get up and down that pitch all game which enables Frank to pick his moments now to get forward. You will still see Lamps get in the box at a crucial moment and he will continue to do so.

I really believe that he has suffered to a point in the last year or so and the beginning of this season. Think of our midfield at the moment that has started the three games. Mikel, Ramires and Lampard. You could hardly say that the other two are flair players and will create chances can you?.

All I am saying to you the Chelsea fan, football fan reading this ( and I would love to hear ALL your opinions, no matter how big or small ) is that in a few weeks, months from now, I promise that you will see a very different Frank Lampard with the burden of creative responsibility removed, back to his scoring best and STILL the player he has always been at Chelsea.

As far as England is concerned, no player wants to ever call it a day at International Level and especially now with the players we have coming through. Maybe 2012 will be Frank's swansong with England, maybe it won't be. For me, if he does decide to call it a day then that will only benefit Chelsea.

Right now though, while the knives are out for Frank from everywhere it seems, all I am asking you to do, is open your mind to the possibility of what I have said being true? It might not be and of course I could be proven wrong, but deep down, we all know the type of player Frank Lampard has been, is now and can be for us this season and the signings of Meireles and Mata will I am 100% positive, breathe a new lease of life back into his game.

So, I would like to hear from as many Chelsea fans and football fans in general about this.

What's your view on Frank Lampard?


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  1. I have read your post and i had to reread it a second time as well to get your point. No one has ever doubted Lampard. To be frank, he has given his best for chelsea. 8years is no joke and we say thank you to him. But the time has come for him to start playing from the bench. Let him be introduced 20 mins to the end of the match. If am not mistaken, the same Capello that benched him last night was also the one who said he still has enough to offer. So why put him on the bench. No country loves the premier league like we Nigerians and its a shame on we chelsea fans when we see what the likes of Ryan giggs still does at Man Utd and also take note, Giggs is starting for Man Utd on the bench, so why not Lampard. Truly he cant cope with the pace needed by AVB. What I am trying to say in essence is that he has past his prime and should not start every match for our dearly beloved Chelsea.

  2. There really isn't a lot of logic in this article. Are you sayinglamps has been poor because all the creativity has to come from him? What about in precious years when his partners in midfield were Essien and Maka/mikel? Essien has as much creativity as my nan's cane. Ramires is all-around a better player than Essien, so I dint see the prob there.

    I agree you don't bench a 20 goal a season midfielder. But I dot think hes a 20 goal midfielder anymore. It's that simple

  3. Frank is my role model at chelsea but 4 sure he has past his 20goals a season yrs.yes he still has a lot to offer but he can also do it from d bench just like Giggs,inzaghi etc its time to give young jose a chance he has more creativity dan mikel,lamps,ramires and romou.4 me lampard should come in off d bench or start and come out in d 60th or 50th min.Frank is my role model at chelsea but 4 sure he has past his 20goals a season yrs.yes he still has a lot to offer but he can also do it from d bench just like Giggs,inzaghi etc its time to give young jose a chance he has more creativity dan mikel,lamps,ramires and romou.4 me lampard should come in off d bench or start and come out in d 60th or 50th min.

  4. Have you guys ever thought about using Luis in the midfield? I hate to see him or Alex warming the bench but one of them, maybe both, will. I would try to use him as a hiding mid and he will not only be helping defense but also can charge forward, provide a killer pass or even shoot from the distance. Yes, sometimes Luis loses position but in this role, he will always have JT or Alex/Ivanovich to cover him. What do you think?

  5. Luiz will never play in midfield. For several reasons. First and foremost, he IS a central defender. That's who he is as a player. He wouldn't be playing that position at this stage in his career if there is another position he is better suited. Also, he is a much better CB than Ivanovic and is better than Alex. We need to start our best players in their best positions. Also, anyone who thinks he would be better in midfield than our natural midfielders is daft.

    It's like saying that we should try Lukaku in goal.




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