This morning you will read and hear reports of Luka Modric's comments after his meeting with Daniel Levy about his future. We all saw L...

This morning you will read and hear reports of Luka Modric's comments after his meeting with Daniel Levy about his future. We all saw Levy come out of the meeting and speak to Skysports telling us that he "will not be sold". However I thought straight away that something didn't sound right. The way Levy spoke seemed to be purely about the clubs stance and nothing else. There was no comment based on anything Luka Modric had said in that meeting at all. You got the sense he was more or less told to shut up and you won't be going anywhere.

Now of course after that meeting we all were waiting to hear if Modric would come out and say the same thing and re-affirm his commitment to Spurs. We didn't hear anything for a couple of days and then yesterday, Modric has attacked Levy for "going back on his word" and has given a really revealing insight to exactly what happened at White Hart Lane this week. He said:
'I have respect for the manager, but the chairman has not been truthful with me. Much of what has been printed about my meeting with Mr Levy is incorrect. Mr Levy, realising the importance of our meeting, twisted my words. I now have the right to tell my side of the story.

Firstly, I have to say I'm really disappointed in Mr Levy's attitude towards me. He was cold and in an arrogant way made it clear that he was not interested in anything I had to say. For me, his attitude only reinforced my view that I'm not making a mistake in my decision to move on.

I reminded Mr Levy of the gentleman's agreement we made last summer, when we agreed the renewal of my Tottenham contract. Then, I mentioned that if a concrete offer of a big club comes in we will then look at the offer and agree the best solution for all of us.

The president then said: "OK, we will sit down and discuss it." Now Levy is changing his story. He threatened me that if I don't follow what the club stands for, he will send me to the bench or the stands and also mentioned the option of a transfer to a smaller club.

I'm sure Chelsea is interested in my transfer, they sent a concrete offer to Tottenham. I know that the new Chelsea manager mentioned how he would be pleased to see me in his team. Of course, I'm happy with the interest from such a club which offers what every player dreams of, a fight for trophies on all fronts.

When the first formal offer from Chelsea arrived I felt my time had come. It wasn't easy to make my mind up but after long conversations with my family and friends whose judgement I trust, I realised that this is what would be best.

I haven't even thought about what would happen if Mr Levy does not let me go, that decision couldn't be good for anyone. I feel that in the end he will understand the situation and reach an amicable agreement."

So it seems that with his comments, Modric wants out of Tottenham because of the way Daniel Levy has treated him. If they did have this so called gentleman's agreement and Levy has gone back on that then of course Modric has a right to feel hard done by. I don't think anyone would argue the fact.

However, the fact that Modric has stated that Levy didn't want to listen to anything the player had to say is stupid in my book. The reason I say that is because if you are a Spurs fan and know what's happened with this bid of £22m rejected and the player has stated he wanted to have a meeting to discuss his future, you would want the club to do everything they can to persuade your player to stay at your club. You would want Levy do do everything possible to convince him that his future should be with you. Levy by the looks of it has never done that.

Of course being a Chelsea fan I would love for us to sign Modric and put him into our midfield. We haven't done anything wrong and have gone about things the right way. We made the offer and it was rejected but Spurs have more or less shot themselves in the foot based on the agreement the club had with the player.

The problem that Spurs now have is what they decide to do. Levy could stick to his guns and put him in the reserves or sell him to someone else as he told Modric he could but all that's going to do is create a problem in and around the club which is pointless.

The best thing is to take the money from Chelsea now and reinvest in their squad. Spurs fans aren't going to be happy at all with Modric and that's understandable but don't you feel let down by Levy for not doing anything more to try and convince Modric to stay but at least having the kind of conversation you all were hoping they would?.

As for Chelsea, with Essien's injury it could be the perfect time for AVB to pounce on the unstable situation at Spurs and get hold of his man as Modric is the creative midfielder we have been lacking and looking for. It's obvious he wants to come here, we just need to try and get the deal done before it gets out of control.

One thing is for sure, when a player feels let down by his club and says he wants to move, there is no point in keeping him. The opinion you get from the player though is that it didn't have to be this way!.

Levy it's your own fault and no one else's.


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  1. I think one of the isssues here is that the 'agreement' wad that a solution that is best for all parties would be found. A 22 m bid clearly doesn't even come close to matching spurs valuation so levy has rejected it outright. Modric has gone about this the wrong way talking to the media and not the club.

    I'm a spurs fan andnits clear hes been tapped up but I don't really care about that ad it happen with nearly every transfer- what I care about is that players feel that because they want to move it should happen. Ronaldo, tevez, Rooney,fabregas all stayed wen they didn't want to even if for another 12 months. Modric signed a new long term deal only months ago- if he wasn't concerned about the potential loss of champs league football when city had spent half a billion and Liverpool had just thrown 50 million on two strikers then more fool him. He made his bed now he should lay in it.

    IMO levy is eating til Jan when other clubs may beooking to buy and we can get better value for a player that was on his way to being a hero a The Lane. I hope he doesnt move but if he does I hope it's abroad or if you give us drogba and 40 million :-p


  2. You Chelscum supporters and blogs make me laugh, you really think we should just let him go to you, your deluded. Forget pandering to what he wants, serves him fucking right for signing a 6 year contract in the first place.

    I don't care what rubbish you come up with he has been tapped up publicly.

    I am happy to let him rot in the stands. He is a wanker (so would be suitable for Chelsea), but we have enough in reserve. What I don't get is that the agreement was supposed to be if a bigger club came in it would be discussed, but so far only you wankers have put a bid in. You are an inferior club so I don't know what there was to discuss.

    In levy we trust...




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