"If I was Ancelotti, I'd take the money and run!"

Well well well, I wondered how long it would be until another ex-player added their voice to Chelsea's apparent woes and this time it&#...

Well well well, I wondered how long it would be until another ex-player added their voice to Chelsea's apparent woes and this time it's you've guessed it, Ian Wright.

In his regular feature in The Sun, Wrighty as so many people call him, has written of the fate he believes Carlo Ancelotti will face at Chelsea come the summer. He has given his "opinion" on Carlo's position, Roman Abramovich and the situation that the press continue to focus on.

He said:
ROMAN ABRAMOVICH has smashed loads of records for his spending at Chelsea. And it now appears he is ready once again to rewrite history by becoming the first person to sack a manager who has won the Double in England. While Ancelotti will be in charge for tomorrow's match against Birmingham, it seems he will not be at Stamford Bridge for much longer.

I watched the Italian's interview ahead of Saturday's match at West Brom and felt really sorry for him, as he deserves better than this.

As he proved by winning both the Premier League and FA Cup in his first season in west London, he is a top, top boss. Unfortunately, Ancelotti is being paid to manage a club for someone else. And he knows it. When it comes to team matters, it looks as though it is Blues owner Abramovich making all the big calls and this is not how it should be. If I was Ancelotti, I'd take the money and run. Maybe the guy now wishes he had not taken the job at all.

As long as this interference continues, Chelsea will never be a massive club. Chelsea could have become a giant of world football like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona or even Liverpool. But the problem is Abramovich always sets the bar too high for his managers, which is why he goes through so many

And the irony is that Chelsea would probably have won the Champions League - at least once - had they stuck with the Special One. Deep down, Abramovich must know this. Whoever Chelsea do appoint in the summer - my guess is Guus Hiddink - they will still achieve more success. But with just one man in charge of a club, hiring and firing without a board to answer to, Chelsea will never become a heavyweight.

I've read Pep Guardiola could be on his way to Chelsea but there's no way he would want to leave Barca to work for a club without full control of team matters.

Chelsea do not have bad fans and I hope they show their support for Ancelotti. But, ultimately, they will never turn against Abramovich because they don't know where they'd be without him.

I would love to see Ancelotti at an English club where he would be given a few years. A place where he would be appreciated, respected and given full control of the team.

Another problem is that I'm not sure how many Blues players really like Ancelotti. I have read some positive stuff from Frank Lampard but not too many others have come out and backed their boss.

But, right now, it seems as though Ancelotti is set to be another Chelsea statistic. Because, as we all know, Abramovich answers - and listens - to no one.

So there you have it. Wrighty's thoughts and opinions! A day after Tony Cascarino gave "his" on Didier Drogba!. I mean, what is it about these ex-pro's who think that we honestly value their opinion and want to hear what they have to say!?. Ian Wright in particular speaking of Chelsea will see Chelsea fans read whatever he has to say about us (as he has done in the past, remember stating "we have no class" and that "we should be shitting ourselves!"?) and think "he's talking bollocks!" and "Stick to talking about Arsenal!". It does my head in!.

So let's have a look at what he is saying and break this shit down!.

So he starts by stating that Carlo will be sacked and will become the first manager to be sacked shortly after winning the double!.

Well, as I posted on here yesterday, he hasn't been yet and I believe he won't be!.

He then states that he is managing the club for someone else, if it was him, he would take the money and run and probably wishes he'd never taken the job!.

Well we all know that there have been "certain" signings that have been Roman's but I believe the likes of Luiz and Ramires are Ancelotti signings so I believe he has "some" say.

It's not you Ian Wright and never being in that position, you are in no place to contemplate what it could be like being manager of Chelsea.

As for wishing he never took the job, are you for real? Seriously, get a drip and think about what you are saying!

"Wrighty" then moves on to stating that with Abramovich taking more of an active role in the club, Chelsea will never be a massive club and he set's his standards too high which is why he goes through so many.

Once again, Bollocks from "Wrighty". Chelsea are a big big club as you often hear players and managers state. Just the width of a post separated us from Champions League glory. Three League titles, three FA Cups and two League cups in the last six years is more than "your Arsenal"!. Yes, we do need to win the Champions League and I believe that time will come!

As for setting the standards too high for his managers, look at the other clubs in the League, Roy Hodgson at Liverpool, Bobby Di Matteo, Sam Allardyce

Moving on, next he claims that we would have won the Champions League if Jose was still here and with Abramovich not having to answer to a board we will never become a heavyweight!.

Again, no one knows if we would have won the Champions League if Jose was still here, there is a possibility we would have or not. We can only assume and you know what people are always telling us in life, "you should never assume!".

Also as for not having to answer to a board, I can only imagine that he does which is why there is one.

Finally he states that Guardiola wouldn't leave Barcelona to work under the restriction of Abramovich, we would never turn on Roman because we know where we could be if he hadn't taken over, he isn't sure how many players like Ancelotti and that Abramovich listens to no-one!.

I agree about Guardiola. I can't see that happening.

We all know where we could have been if he never bought the club, but look at football now. If we thought he never had Chelsea in his best interests, or did wrong by us or felt as though he had fallen out of love with us and was running the club into the ground then of course we would. People come and go but the club and it's supporters remain!. Besides, there would be plenty of interested parties in the potential of the Chelsea brand we have now!

As for players liking Ancelotti, plenty have come out and spoke of the manager from the likes of Petr Cech, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Salomon Kalou, Malouda, Essien, Mikel and Lampard. Get your facts right!

Finally stating that Abramovich listens to no one is rubbish too. We know for a fact he watches the live phone in on Chelsea TV to gage the fans opinions. We have heard that he goes to the training ground and into the dressing room after games to speak with the players, to take an interest in what is happening. So once more, get your facts right!

Overall I think you will agree the guy is talking rubbish!. I've made my point in this rant, what do you the Chelsea fan reading this think? Post your comments below!


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