REPOST: Torres will never fit in at Chelsea...unless...

( In case you missed it this week. I am reposting this article I wrote last Monday night after the game against Blackpool for more debate w...

(In case you missed it this week. I am reposting this article I wrote last Monday night after the game against Blackpool for more debate with an additional video of Torres' performance against Blackpool added..)

..............we start playing to his strenghts for crying out loud!. Last night more than ever, it brought the problems he faces playing for us at the moment to the forefront and let's be honest he is beginning to look a frustrated man. If I was him I would be too!.

There is all this pressure on the guy since his move to Chelsea and I have no issue with that at all, I don't personally know the bloke but I can tell you now he has had to deal with pressure everywhere he has played so the pressure playing for us isn't a problem for him.

We keep seeing the media and press coverage of the bloke and he is being slated for not scoring in the five games he has played for Chelsea and it's beginning to turn into some sort of witch hunt which is ridiculous.

I have a question for you the Chelsea fans and for all those football fans, no matter who you support, reading this right here, right now:

How many times has he been played in and onto the kind of ball we all know he loves to have a decent chance of scoring in a Chelsea shirt?

I'll give you a clue, you can answer the question using the fingers on one hand which is ridiculous!. Chelsea need to wake up to Torres, Carlo Ancelotti needs to wake up to him and the players need to start playing to Torres's strengths because if we don't it the biggest waste of a player and of a talent at our club ever.

Last night really frustrated me because time and time again he is being ignored. His movement is fantastic off the ball and he creates space for himself and ever since he has been playing in a Chelsea shirt we are not giving him the service that he thrives on and can make sides pay.

I want you watch this video even though it's featuring him playing for Liverpool. Forget who he is playing for, forget the shirt he is wearing and players and fans he is celebrating with, I want you all to watch first of all his movement and then the service, type of balls he gets to run onto and you will see what I mean.

This video demonstrates why Chelsea paid £50m for his services. My point after watching that video (sorry again you had to endure it being Liverpool but you will understand the point I am trying to make here) is that it's all about service to Torres.

How many times when we move the ball forward are we looking to see where he is and if he will get the ball played into him? How many times so far in a blue shirt have we seen Torres stand there unmarked looking at another wasted opportunity as he looks to have been ignored again and again.

I am a huge fan of Fernando Torres the player and have been since he came to England. Any football fan in this country knows his strengths and knows he thrives on service into him.

Chelsea last night were guilty on so many occasions of not playing him in or crossing the ball to him and it is ridiculous as this guy can win you games by doing nothing all game and then he has one ball played through to him in on goal and he can put it away.

This is a video that has been put together of his performance against Copenhagen. Just look at the difference in his game to the other video.

Here is his performance against United.

Here is his performance against Blackpool.

How many times do we see Torres coming out wide left or right to get the ball. How many times does he drop off the front man to get it. How many times does he look to play other people in?. THIS IS NOT HIS GAME FOR CHRIST SAKE!.

The sooner we push Fernando Torres up onto the shoulder of the last defender the better. We want to see Torres through the middle, not down the left or right hand side by the byline. Making runs into the channel's to attack the penalty box like he did against us this season then yes but not to come and get the ball!!. He is doing that to get involved in the game.

Chelsea need to wake up to the quality, class and pure goalscoring instincts and abilty that Fernando Torres has sooner rather than later or his coming to Chelsea will turn out to be a complete waste of time!


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  1. He actually hasn't been too bad but he is playing far too deep and his confidence is low. With a bit of luck he could have a couple of goals under his belt already. Once the first goes in he will settle down and back to his best




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