Mourinho: How do you feel about a possible return?

There is one story that never goes away and that's the link between Jose Mourinho and Chelsea . Ever since he left Chelsea in controver...

There is one story that never goes away and that's the link between Jose Mourinho and Chelsea. Ever since he left Chelsea in controversial circumstances there is an argument that Roman Abramovich has struggled to find someone to fill his shoes.

Avram Grant stepped in led us to the Champions League final and was sacked. Guus Hiddink stepped in and led us to FA Cup glory and then finally Carlo Ancelotti came to the club and led us to our first historic double in our history. However, for one reason or another our form hasn't been good and we have struggled once again.

Jose Mourinho joined Inter and won the double in his first season and then the treble including his second Champions League trophy in his second season in Milan. This season due to the form of FC Barcelona, Mourinho sits five points behind in second place. Mourinho remains unbeaten at home for over 9 years with Barcelona still to play in Madrid this season.

If we look at Chelsea then you have to hold your hands up and think back to November and December this season and our run of form. Tell me that at no time did you ever think to yourselves that you would see "breaking news" somewhere that Ancelotti had left the club!?. I did and that's me being honest as other managers had been disposed of for less including Mourinho.

Carlo looks to have turned things around after the additions of Luiz and Torres to our squad but rumours persist that Carlo will make a return "home" to Roma this summer.

Mourinho as we all know has had his problems wherever he has managed since he left us. Falling out with the local press in Italy, his board of directors in Madrid he has openly admitted his love for Chelsea and his wish to return to what HE calls "home".

We have to remember, two people have left the club, are due to leave the club at the end of the season that maybe had a part to play in Mourinho's departure the first time round. Avram Grant was brought in above Mourinho as a Director of Football and if reports are to be believed upset Jose. Grant is no longer with us. Frank Arnesen is leaving us to join Hamburg in the summer, another appointment that Jose reportedly didn't agree with.

These two factors now removed could play an important part of any agreement if it's made between Roman and Jose. Of course Manchester City's wealthy owners will be looking at the situation regarding Mourinho and will almost certainly be interested in taking him to Eastlands. Could Jose see the chance to establish City on a par with United or to start the blue legacy in the City as something that would interest him?.

For a return to Chelsea, you have to imagine he would jump at the chance and for Abramovich to swallow his pride and make the appointment would simply be amazing. Imagine the power Mourinho would have at the club if he came back. You would imagine he would want total control over players and development. He would be in a much stronger position at the club he knows and the club he continues to state that he "loves".

I have to state on record here, nothing is certain and is only rumour and speculation at this stage. The bookies have dramatically slashed their odds on his return to Chelsea this morning which is the reason I am writing this post.

Carlo Ancelotti still has a job to do this season and everyone including me is right behind him for the remainder of the season. If somehow we can pull of winning the Champions League and Carlo wants to stay then I would be more than happy with that as like the rest of you, I have grown to love Ancelotti and the players have stated they are right behind him.

The thing is, Vincenzo Montella has been appointed as just a Caretaker Manager at Roma for the remainder of the season. No major appointment has been made and to me it seems as though come the summer, Carlo Ancelotti will be approached to take over as manager of the club. I have to say although Ancelotti has stated he has never quit or walked away from a club, If they approach Chelsea and ARE given permission to speak to him, he will leave.

This would open the door for Chelsea to get the "Special One" back at the club. A chance for Mourinho to finish the job he started back in 2004 and more importantly, rebuild our squad with fresh talent an additional challenge that maybe could be another key component of any deal being agreed. As Chelsea look to rebuild maybe just maybe his relationship with players at the club's he has managed could play a part in future negotiations. How about a Maicon down our right side or Wesley Sneijder to replace Frank Lampard?.

I know there are people out there that do not want him back. People that feel that if you get rid of someone you should never bring them back in case it goes wrong. The thing we have to remember here is think back to how you felt back in November and December when we couldn't buy a win. When we never looked like we had a "plan b" and really struggled. Surely the 3-0 home defeat to Sunderland will provoke those memories!.

At the same time Manchester United were doing what they do best, winning games of football even when they were not playing well. My opinion is that Abramovich saw Chelsea play the football he craved, the free scoring attacking football last season and the beginning of this but has realised when push comes to shove, it's about winning games and that's all that matters.

Who's the biggest "winner" there is (apart from Sir Alex Ferguson)? Jose Mourinho of course. Could it be Roman realises he made a mistake and will make the most sensational u-turn this summer?.

If he does I want to ask you the Chelsea fan reading this post:
How would you feel about Jose Mourinho coming back to the club if Roman makes an approach in the summer?

(Just thought I would post a reminder of Jose and his time at the club to brighten up your day and to maybe just maybe, change your opinions!?. I love his two celebrations towards the end of this video against Barcelona!)


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  1. I'd love it!!! He is THE one, I feel guilty thinking it as I respect Carlo immensely, but anyone but Jose is second best imo. Can't see it happening though, roman is too proud to admit publicly that he was wrong.




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