Fantastic Interview with Danny Sturridge.

Danny Sturridge is featured in the Independent in one of the most open interviews he has ever given. When you think of Danny Sturridge you...

Danny Sturridge is featured in the Independent in one of the most open interviews he has ever given. When you think of Danny Sturridge you immediately think of him being arrogant because of the image he has been portrayed as in the past. Sturridge is keen to make a point that away from football, he wants to remain as grounded as possible.

He said:
"I'm looking forward to going back at the end of the season, to rekindling friendships, to being a Chelsea player again. I'm contracted to Chelsea for another three years and I want to see that contract out. Obviously you can never say never in football, but Chelsea is still where my heart is. Saying that, I realised in the [Bolton] game against Tottenham how much it means for me to be playing here. To lose [2-1] in the last minute was one of the most painful feelings I've had for a long time. At Chelsea, I was on the bench so much, and you don't feel the brunt of a loss in the same way.

Since coming here I've learnt a lot from Kevin Davies, I've never seen a player win so many headers, and playing with him has taught me to put myself about a bit more, maybe toughen up a bit. I think he brings out the best in me, and we get on really well, which helps. In any [training-ground] situation, if there are pairs then it's always me and Kevin. And I can talk to him about anything.

I knew Jack did well here, and Fabrice Muamba is a good friend from the England Under-21s. Also, Zat Knight is a family friend I've known since I was young. And I liked the manager [Owen Coyle], who's a really nice guy and a fantastic man manager. He keeps everyone happy, the morale here is amazing. It's easy to join a team like this. No one ever seems to be upset about anything.

At Chelsea, there's more focus on team shape, a lot of work on tactics. Here, the focus is on players feeling good about themselves. It's two different styles of management, and both work well in their own way. But it's a great learning curve for me to be around a different way of training. Here we play five-a-side every day, which every player loves. It's a lot more fun. You come away with a smile on your face.

Torres, I'm happy he's joined, The club needs to progress, and he makes the squad stronger than it was before. I hope Didier stays too. He's a great footballer, and I respect him so much, as a man off the field, not just as a player. But I believe I'm good enough to start at Chelsea regularly, and when I get the chance I'll prove to everyone that I should be a regular. Football's no different from any other workplace. If you're not doing the job you think you're capable of, it's frustrating. And I'm aiming for the stars. I'm not content with being in the shadows.

At Chelsea I'm among world-class strikers, so if I'm picked to start I'll be deemed a world-class striker as well. When [Lionel] Messi came in at Barcelona they had [Samuel] Eto'o, Ronaldinho, Ludovic Giuly. I'm not saying that's going to be me, but you can prove yourself against these guys, and I don't know how good I can be.

The thing is that you learn from world-class players. The reason Didier scores so many free-kicks is because he works on them. Lampard scores the goals he does because he works on his shooting. JT [John Terry] is right-footed, but you can't tell because he's worked on his left foot so much, to the point that his left is as good if not better than his right. That's how they got to that level. They worked on their weaknesses and became the best they could possibly be. That's my plan, too.

Footballers are like anyone else, they just want to live the way they dreamed of when they were young. Me, I don't want to be arrogant or to show off. I treat everyone with the same respect they treat me with. Just because I earn more money doesn't make me more special than them, or give me the right to talk to them in a certain manner. I don't get myself into those situations. I associate with my cousins, family, old schoolfriends. I don't socialise with footballers. I want the people around me I've always had.

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