Rooney - Ignore the reports, he won't join Chelsea!.

The more I think about it, looking at the Wayne Rooney situation and the speculation that is surrounding him at the moment, I can't he...

An Unhappy Wayne Rooney on Subs Bench Manchester United 2010/11 Manchester United V West Bromwich Albion (2-2) 16/10/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

The more I think about it, looking at the Wayne Rooney situation and the speculation that is surrounding him at the moment, I can't help but think he has had his head turned by Manchester City's money.

It was being reported this morning that Rooney is "unhappy" after United sold Ronaldo and never really replaced him. He see's United's constant debt problems as a hinderance to their financial spending power and believes they no longer have the financial muscle to compete with the likes of Chelsea and City because of the problems with the clubs debt.

It's also reported that he is looking for £200,000 per week wages which is just ridiculous. The only club willing to pay that amount of money will be Manchester City. City are literally throwing all kinds of money around to try and win trophies and with the backers they have, Rooney can see light at the end of tunnel he finds himself in.

I believe Chelsea will show 'an interest' if he becomes available but do not expect Roman Abramovich to agree to paying that amount of money in wages in addition to a transfer fee.

If Rooney was looking to move for footballing reasons alone and not the money then it makes sense for him to consider Chelsea as we are fighting for the all the major honours available to us every year including the Champions League.

I do get the impression that with the money City can and would pay, with the fact he has the option to stay in the Northwest and the chance to get one back at Fergie, it's my belief that he will move across the divide to the blue half of Manchester.


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  1. pity, for he would be a great asset to the squad and replacement for drogba when hes gone

  2. @Anon,
    Maybe, but the lure of staying up north is too great with being driven by the money now. You can imagine after all that's happened in his private life, if he had the chance to earn shed loads of money to keep Coleen happy he will.

    Besides, I think I prefer Torres to Rooney.

  3. I do believe Ronney would be a great addition but very unlikley..he only leavin Man U because they wont pay him be honest he aint worth it..his form this season is something you would expect from a championship player. I do believe we could do with a star striker tho to partner Drogba for now then be his long term replacement..Torres would do as long as he stays fit or go for someone else in January..possibly Aguero..sitll only 21/22 and MASSIVE potential to be as good as Messi. We shudda signed him yers ago. But Rooney aint comin Chelsea...Torres and Aguero would fit the bill nicely

  4. It's Grim Oop North19 October 2010 at 14:43

    City are definitely "literally throwing all kinds of money around", I myself witnessed a toddler struck full in the face by a wad of twenty pound notes, carelessly discarded by Brian Marwood, at half time during the recent home victory against Chelsea.
    This kind of loutish, brash, Northern behaviour is to be frowned upon, perhaps Michel Platini could pass some sort of regulation limiting pecuniary missiles to denominations of £1 or less, to make it fairer on less well managed clubs?

  5. Apparantly United would rather risk losing the money than sell him to City. The difference between him and Tevez was that Tevez was never owned by United so they had no say. I reckon, given the circumstance with his contract and his ability to buy out his last year in the summer for £5m then United could only expect £25m for him, I think they will try and swap him for Benzema though.

  6. Well thats that then, he's definitely going to be on the move it seems! Lets see what happens in the next few days, Anelka might be warming the bench if Roman gets the 04-05 impulse again!

  7. I can't imagine Rooney going abroad. He can bearly speak English, let alone Spanish or Italian. It'll be City or Chelsea. I imagine he will probably want to stay up North, but unless Tevez decides he wants to go to Real Madrid, I don't see City wanting Rooney. They already have Tevez and Balotelli as well as Adebayor and Santa Cruz, so I don't really see where he fits in to their plans. Plus, Mancini would take his shit. You see how he's spoken about discipline esp with regards to Johnson and Hart. I think if Roman pulls his finger out, he'll be London bound.

  8. I think ancelottti could help him alot and get him back to his best he has alot of experience building good relationships with his players mancini never speaks to his players so wouldn't help roo that much.

    Chelsea would be the best option for him we can offer him everything and he is amongst some of his england companions.

    I can't see him moving to chelsea I think he is a very stupid player and would rather take the revenge and money route I don't think chelsea would pay the ridiculous price united would want for rooney but we'll defintely be interested.

    I think we'll want a replacement we can build into are team to fill the boots of didier when he's done form a deadly partnership for the time being aswell. we've been linked with torres and rooney we can't have both lol I know we were serious about torres though he could be more realistic but we sound intrested in roo.

    Man city could probably go after Torres and rooney imo because I reckon tevez will leave because he is unhappy.

  9. Forget Torres (injuries) and Rooney (bad press, bad attitude and cards a plenty) give me Pato, Aguero and Lukaku any day of the week and you could get all 3 for less than Torres and Rooney.

  10. Add Dzagoev to the Anonymous above!

  11. think if he came it would be ace, he's not a replacment for Drogba tho its a replacement for Lampard. Even tho Lampard if my fav player i can see him getting more and injury prone. I think Rooney would play better in midfild anyway. Plus hes English.

  12. Sometimes you have to look past your own ignorance in order to form an opinion.

    - How do you know Rooney is driven by money? Money isn't the reason the likes of Stam and Beckham had fallen out with Ferguson and United in the past, are we foolish enough to make assumptions it is Rooney's fault?

    - Manchester City would probably be favourites to sign him, but crossing that divide is more controversial than moving to Chelsea.

    - I would imagine he has spoken to someone whilst on international duty during the World Cup and beyond, more likely an influential figure like Terry or Lampard than any of the City lads...unless it's Barry perhaps.

    - We haven't stopped being interested in or stopped trying to buy top class talent, we will try for Rooney too.




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