Essien: City are Chelsea's closest rivals - I don't think so!

As quoted all over the net today, Michael Essien has said that Manchester City are our closest title rivals right now. He said: "Man...

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea v Arsenal , Premier League 03/10/2010  Michael Essien of Chelsea tangles with Andrei Arshavin of Arsenal Photo Marc Atkins Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

As quoted all over the net today, Michael Essien has said that Manchester City are our closest title rivals right now. He said:
"Manchester City are our closest challengers right now. You can see they made good signings and they will be up for it. We will see what happens. I don't know if they will have the stamina but they have the players to go out and do the job.

"Maybe we have an advantage because we know what it takes to win the league but every season is different. We have to keep going. The rest of the teams are there and will be fighting for it. It is up to us to get as many points as we can."

I am sorry City fans but I disagree. You can never count out United. If Chelsea finish above Manchester United this season we would have won the League. No disrespect to City at all, but they do not know how to sustain their form and start to the season whereas Chelsea, United and Arsenal know what it takes.

City need to their 'big players' to learn to go away to the smaller clubs in the league and get the job done. I know United aren't exactly doing that (and who cares by the way) but they will be there or there abouts.

I do think that fourth spot is there for the taking for City but they will have a job on against Spurs. Just imagine if Spurs finished above them after spending all that money!.

Ess' I think its better you just stick to playing football eh?!


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  1. Arghh I see your anti city posts are back...Thanks for the 3 points muppet!!

  2. @Alex
    Not anti City at all. You beat us fair and square, I just don't think you can keep it up all season. Read my post again.

  3. Your last 2 blogs have been anti city-What is your problem.It must really hurt us constantly taking 3 pts off you! pmsl

  4. @Alex,
    I have an opinion. Not anti City at all just trying to be realistic. I always try and call it as I see it, if you read the last two or three match reports I think you will see Arsenal, Newcastle and Blackpool fans commenting how non biased I am.

    I believe you will win the league at some stage just NOT this season as you still need to win when you play badly..

  5. Chelsea daft-if you are not obsessed with City,then why are you writing about comments that Essien said. F.F.Sake...I used to actually like chelsea fans but mate,what is your problem.Obviously feeling the pressure aren't you. And when Villa take a point off you and we beat blackpool I will wait for your usual bile

  6. Win when we play badly.You mean like yesterday????
    We haven't even started to gel.....

  7. to be fair I don't expect us to win it this year. If we are amongst the top three and still threatening into the new year I will be made up.

  8. @Alex
    You see even Kippax feels the same as me. Just trying to be realistic and not bashing City at all. If you look back to last season I was first to praise City for the way they beat us at our place 4-1!

  9. We are actually your closest rivals as we speak today, the table dosent lie. We probably don't think we're close rivals yet but getting closer game by game. Mancini has asked for 6 months to get City playing as the team he wants. That's March next year so the run in should be interesting.

  10. I do believe you will be in or around us and United. We all know you have your sights set on United first.

    Just mark my words, whoever finishes above United wins it.

  11. All right you fucking southern pussies, what happened to you at eastlands,

  12. Well you beat us 1-0. Even though I don't remember you doing much else but defend.

  13. The rags are really out of sorts at the moment I am glad to say. City on the other hand are playing reasonably well but I expect them to be flying by Christmas. Our midfield is an awesome unit at the moment as Chelsea well know. Tevez could use some help. Maybe Ballotelli will be the answer but believe this, If they are thereabouts come new year, the cheque book will be out again
    Rodney Marsh BTW tipped City to finish 2nd in a local radio phone in yesterday
    Enjoy the ride City fans will

  14. City will do well this year but won't win it. If you get into the top 4 then you'll be a force. I think everyone forgets we were in the top 4 when Roman took us over. If we win the league every year more than happy for City to take 6 points of us!

  15. Essien should stick to the day job? How do you earn a living?

  16. I'm a city fan and I can't understand what some of the other blues are going on about on here. While I disagree with you Chelseadaft and think that there is a good chance we will be in the mix come the end of the season, I simply cannot understand why some city fans get their back up so much when someone voices a legitimate opinion that does not fully endorse everything we do. We have not finished in the top 4 yet and until we do (as much as I hate to say it) the rags have to be considered a greater threat to Chelsea winning the title than we are (not so sure about Arsenal anymore, they have not challenged properly for years, sorry gunners).


  17. good honest post.

    city do have to learn to beat the other teams away from home.

  18. I'm sorry that I don't know the name of the author of this piece (sorry he's called Chelsea daft) I don't know how daft you are about Chelsea but if you check on last years result in London you didn't get beat4-1 it was 4-2! You must have missed that one eh.
    Never mind we can all make mistakes.

  19. @Fred
    Yep you are right I missed that one!!!

  20. Who do the bookies have as second favourites for the title? I'll bet not City, so this blog is hardly an outrageous attack on City is it? City dont "know what it takes" to win the title, and wont until they go and win it..fairly obvious no??
    Some people need to stop picking fight for no reason - I am a City fan - doesnt mean I have to be a blinkered moron though!!

  21. Fair enough Chelseadaft I actually think that we (City) are not Chelsea's closest challengers for the title (but only for this season) and I personally think your team will walk it.
    ManYoo are becoming a rapidly diminishing force and I think with their aging players and no money to buy replacements this will (more than likely) be their last season as major contenders (until they get rid of their present owners).
    City whether you like or acknowledge it or not are going to be the major players of the future and I am sure you will agree with that.
    I can see that both City and Chelsea are going to be battling it out for quite an number of years and may the best team win (as long as they play in Blue (sky blue) )
    Let the battle commence.

  22. i think chelseadaft has put sum good points across with a balanced and logical opinion but when have mcfc ever been anything but unpredictable its been a long time coming for gods own club but this time were on our way to the top .i hope lol last minute goals,balloons in the goalmouth tommy hutchinsons own goal to nicky weavers wembley save it will be worth the wait

  23. Honestly, I really, really hate City, and it's mostly because of how dangerous you look (and the fact that we never get a result against you anymore), but I think it's too early to tell whether City'll be a force this season. My guess is that you'll need another season, but I'm honestly scared to death, and I think most fans of the old top 4 clubs are as well (except Pool of course as they're fighting for their lives^^)

  24. Manchester United are on the start of a downward spiral, they have no money and old players. Yes this season United will be thereabouts but with Chelsea playing so well Arsenal always thereabouts, City and Spurs pushing hard thereabouts might mean 5th! If not this year maybe next. By the way Spurs have spent a fair bit of money in the last 18 months not just City.

  25. As a city fan I will be very satisfied with a top 4 finish this year. Even though united are a weaker side than before they are still the second best team in the league and this current away form blip wont last.

    Chelsea look very strong though, and i think they'll win by a canter this year.

  26. Personally I dont run with the view that Chelsea were beaten fair and square at Eastlands. I thought fair result was a draw. City bossed both games last season no doubt. This would suggest that City do seem to have the measure of Chelsea more than any other Premier team. Can they maintain that against all other Premier teams - Man U, Spurs, Arsenal, Villa not sure they can and therefore they will not win the league this year. No doubt they have moved up a notch and city fans should be pleased to consider Champions League next season and having sign over the Champions!

  27. utd are not on a downward spiral, last season we lost out by one mere point, that is playing ok and without a defence, this season we have pleyed well but fell asleep at the end, which city fans know all about ;)
    utd have won 3 leagues out of the last 4, one season we dont win and we are in trouble, SAF has brought in new players who need time together, so will take time, but utd can never be written off.

    league again will be between chelsea and utd as they know what it takes to win, man city will cause a few upsets and if the team stick together within 2 years can be a real force, but how many money grabbing mercaneries will stick around or be kept, look at bellamy, ireland, dunne...

  28. That's right, you keep thinking Utd are going downhill shitty bitters lol. You can be top of the table and 2nd place all season, it's only when the final whistle of the 38th game goes that the table matters, chelski have been shit hot but aren't even close to winning it yet!! Even Ray Wilkins has said you were more points ahead at this stage last season!! The authors right, to win it you need to finish above us and we are 3rd while playing shit, so when we hit form god help you!! And as for shitty lol if you manage top 4 it will be a bonus!! Tick tock!!

  29. small teams' fans having small talk!

    if one of your team won CL, football well be damned !

    Disgrace Cash followers! Have a rest!

  30. @above well said..
    fact both dont have a CL title
    .. speculating all the time abt the league..
    blues suck...

  31. To the Bertie:

    It's always best not to go shouting your mouth off, especially when it's been 34 years.

    *Your Players Make Money - Our Players Make History*

  32. tick tock tick tock. 34? 35? wait...

  33. We can actually say '35 years' with total accuracy now, since their next chance to win a trophy will come 35 years and 3 months since their last win.

    Tick, tock..

  34. to a certain stupid alex up there

    why does a city fan come here? because Essien talked about city.
    why does a chelsea fan write about city this time? because Essien, a CHELSEA player talked about city.

    and yeah, tick tock.. the clock is ticking.. it's 35years already. hahaha




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