Desailly: Chelsea won't be as big as Manchester United and Liverpool

....until we win the Champions League . The Daily Star is running the article this morning and former Skipper Desailly is quoted as sayi...

....until we win the Champions League.

The Daily Star is running the article this morning and former Skipper Desailly is quoted as saying:
“Winning the Premier League and FA Cup in recent seasons has taken some of the pressure off the players. From the outside Roman Abramovich seems happy as long as the club is winning. But we all know how important the ­Champions League is. It’s what Chelsea and the chairman want ­to get their hands on.

It’s what is missing. To have the stature of clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid or AC Milan, you need to win the ­European Cup. That’s what they’ve done and Chelsea haven’t quite reached that level yet.

Chelsea’s exposure matches the others, but what’s missing is a European trophy. You can’t overestimate what it does for your profile around the world. I’ve been ­fortunate to win it twice and it has a ­massive impact.

Didier Drogba is still a fantastic player at 32. He will want to finish his career by winning it. I’m sure the likes of Frank Lampard and John Terry are desperate to do the same.

It’s now the hardest competition of the lot to win and the older you get the harder it ­becomes. But this is probably one of their best squads they’ve had.

We had a great side with Chelsea under Jose Mourinho, but this is a squad, not just a team, who score goals for fun and can also stay strong ­defensively. They are again looking good – but they will only be truly great when they win the Champions League.”
First of all let me just point out before I get bombarded with comments is that we know!. We have no argument against United and Liverpool for what they have achieved and no one can ever question their history or trophy cabinets.

We all want the Champions League and I am 100% certain that this is the one Abramovich wants but also in addition to where our bread is buttered too, the Premier League and FA CUP.

The thing is I really think that Desailly has a point about our team this season. This is the strongest squad we have ever had and I believe this is our best chance with the players we have at our disposal.

Before United and Liverpool come on here and have a pop or whatever I just want to point out one thing. We have consistantly featured in the Quarter Finals & Semi Finals in 90% of the seasons we have featured in the competition and but for JT's missed penalty would have won it already. I think it's fair to say we deserve another crack in another final at least.

Forget United and Liverpool for the minute as I have said we have no argument with Desailly about the fact you lot have won it. What I am asking to anyone reading this post is to have a think about our Chelsea side this season and to Chelsea fans have a think and answer:

Do you think it's make or break for these players this season and are we strong enough to be real contenders for the final at Wembley in May?


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  1. Liverpool fan - I don't think it's make-or-break this season, but some of the players are not getting any younger. You did a good job getting rid of a few in the summer, and have not been weakened by it. You'll be there or there abouts, but as we all know you need a bit of luck to get to the final, let alone win it. Chelsea do need to win it, if only to rubber stamp what a good squad they have.

  2. I think Chelsea would have to win it a few times over the next few years to come near the level of the Manchester Uniteds and Liverpools as they have a lot of history as well behind them, which Chelsea doesn't really have. Chelsea are still by all accounts, new money. Lots of years of consistent success can only bring them up to that level. Of course, Liverpool are doing their best to come down a notch (damn H&G) but still a difference exists.

  3. Chelsea can win the European times as many times as they want, but they will never ever be as big as United or even Looserpool!!!!!

  4. 5 times!!!! no one in england!!! thats all!!!

  5. The liverpool fan got it right when he said you need a bit opf luck -- i recall mourinho saying the same thing -- once semi's loom then terms are so close in ability luck is crucial -- up to this point we haven't had any, with refs, with draws -- the squad's good enough long as injuries don't interfere but luck well ... As for having to win the CL of course it'd be great --but Arsenal haven't won it and no one says they're a small club and 10 years ago we would have been chuffed just to be there. Chelsea's come a long way in 10 years and its just the start really.

  6. I have Desailly in my heart and i am happy to know that he is still linked to Chelsea. But here i blatantly disagree with him on this ".....and Chelsea haven’t quite reached that level yet." How can he forget those recent incidences where we were robbed off the Champions League trophy by ghost goals, a wanker from the north, etc. If ever Chelsea can be said to be equal only by the count of trophies then, all the referees in FA and UEFA should change. I ain't complaining but with fair refereeing decisions, we would have landed at least 2 CL trophies by now. And where would Chelsea stand by that, Monsieur Desailly?

  7. KarmaCW...take your losses like a man. All teams have had their fair share of bad luck yet there are still multiple winners of the CL. Just like Jose to make excuses all the time when they don't win. That is not the mark of a truly great club. Great clubs just do what it takes to win rather then not win and make excuses all day long.




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