Robbie Savage: Chelsea were boring!!!!

I was looking around the net and this article by Robbie Savage caught my attention. The article written by Savage (and you have to ask wh...

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I was looking around the net and this article by Robbie Savage caught my attention. The article written by Savage (and you have to ask what the hell does he know about football in the first place and what he has achieved to warrant a coloumn in the National Press) states that Chelsea were boring on Wednesday in the Champions League along with the Arsenal.

He says:
Arsenal and Chelsea hit 10 between them on Wednesday night yet both games were utterly boring. The fact is that the Champions League group stage is a dull farce in which teams with money inevitably steamroller the ones without. The sooner Uefa go back to the old European Cup-style knockout system the better.
So what do you think about his article?. Let's be honest the bloke is a joke. For someone who has never played Champions League football to comment is in my view to be taken with a pinch of salt in the first place. MSK Zilina are champions of the Slovakian league so why shouldn't they be allowed to make some money out of the competition?. Braga had knocked out Seville in the qualifiers so they earn't their place in the competition.

To say Chelsea were boring is ridiculous. Its just we are playing well and at the moment teams are finding it difficult to live with us.

So what do the rest of you think. Were Chelsea boring? and is the Champions League boring?


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  1. It was boring.

    Savage isn't saying Zilina shouldn't be there, merely the preference for the old system in the European Cup where there was no seeding and straight knockout.

    He makes a point. Because of the seeding system it guarantees that the 8 top seeds and majority of 2nd seeds reach the knockout stage, which leads to repeat ties.

  2. The bloke is a numpty looking to justify his columnist status by trying to be contraversial, but just ends up showing how really stupid he actually is!!
    Steve WSL

  3. Where has he been controversial? The Champions League is a dull farce in the group stages and if you research the attendances around Europe during the first round it suggests so.

    It's not a dig at Chelsea or Arsenal, are you thick? It is a dig at UEFA's so-called flagship competition.

    Scrap seeding.

  4. He didn't say Chelsea were boring. He said the game was. And it's true the game lacked the drama that even an early FA cup game has. He simply wants a return to a knock-out style tournament, which is a fair point, but not one likely to be agreed upon by the power brokers of European football.

  5. Why do we have to take his views with a pinch of salt because he hasn't played Champions League football? I'm going to take a punt here and say that no one here has either so are our views not valid?

  6. Is it unromantic to suggest that the initial league system guarantees 'smaller' teams 6 games that they probably wouldn't get in a straight knockout situation - therefore giving them a guaranteed financial injection. Also, the Champions League doesn't seem to struggle to draw in the viewers nor to deter teams from going hellbent to qualify for it. I don't see whereabouts Savage perceives a lack of interest in the competition. Of course the initial games of the league section are going to be less dramatic and tense than the later games and the eventual knockout stage- it's all part of the competition though, right? Shall we fast-forward the PL to it's last few games and skip all of these meaningless Sept. games? I think Savage should be classed as a high-profile wind-up merchant though (as any listeners to his various contributions to Talksport will no doubt confirm!!). I also hear he has a massive portrait of himself hanging in his house, I bet the ladies love that, hahahahahahaha....

  7. I actually think Savage has a point. In the first half Zelina were shocking. Utterly woeful. It was like watching a training match. In the secound half our players didn't even try as the game was over. So I found the game quite boring also. Wasn't much of a game. But at least it's 3 points




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