OPINION: Would Robinho faired better at Chelsea rather than Manchester City?

With the news confirmed yesterday that Robinho had signed for AC Milan from Manchester City for a reported £22m it had me thinking to myse...

An Unhappy Robinho with Arsenal shirt after the final whistle Manchester City 2008/09 Arsenal V Manchester City (2-0) 04/04/09 at the Emirates Stadium The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International

With the news confirmed yesterday that Robinho had signed for AC Milan from Manchester City for a reported £22m it had me thinking to myself "What if he had signed for Chelsea!?".

With his time at Manchester City cut short after a move back to Brazil with Santos on loan until the end of last season, stating his desire to never return to City and now off to Milan its been a massive loss for City. On a reported £160k per week at City and signed at a cost of £32m I have to wonder how City fans feel knowing that it just never really happened for them.

It's a sign that surely you cannot just throw money at the problem if you want to build a Title Winning side and Robinho is the perfect example. At the time of his signing (two years ago more or less to the day) City were beginning to build a side but didn't have the squad they have now so City fans could argue the point that Robinho suffered in a mediocre side. It was only since after then that the money has been banded about and City are now quite rightly considered a side capable of at least a top four finish this season and this is without Robinho.

The thing is and a question I have wondered about ever since that day two years ago when he signed for City is imagine what he would have been like playing for Chelsea and not City if the deal had been done. After all Robino stated on record his desire to come to London and play for Chelsea and we all had expected the deal to be completed before City stepped in at the last minute!.

So the question I ask all of you reading this is:
Would Robino have faired better at Chelsea rather than he did at City?


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  1. He would have been a huge success. I think he is what we lack on the right side of our top 3. I think playing with the players we had he would have done very well and I don't think he really wanted to join city. He publically announced he wanted to leave Madrid so he couldn't have stayed when Chelsea refused to meet the asking price. You never know, he could have saved scolari his job and maybe we would have had that extra bit to see of Barca in the semis and maybe won the final because no doubt we would have beaten that united side with or without robinho.

  2. definitely... he showed he had the quality in his time at City. I'm not naive enough to take the word of papers over my own eyes. He was brilliant in his first season at city. Then he had problems with Mancini and the board... which affected his confidence and hence he struggled. At Chelsea... he probably would have fit in and done well.... especially in the Hiddink/Carlo era. Though him there and who knows whether Scolari might have done well?

  3. I honestly don't think he adapted to the style & speed of the Premiership. Too often he drifted in and out of games & very few defenders fell for his tricks. When he really wanted to play, especially against lesser opponents, he did well. But the fast attacking/counter-attacking and more noticeably the physical side of the English game didn't suit him. I doubt he would have done well at any English club. Just an honest opinion from a Man City fan who watched him in most games he played in.

  4. @Anon above

    Is it fair to say he liked to play at home and didn't fancy the away games?

  5. To be fair I seriously think he'd have done MUCH better with us. He wouldn't have had the pressure to perform as the only star like he did at Cit£h, and fitting in around Drogs, Nico, Kalou would probably have suited him well. He strikes me as a flair player who does well when a team is free flowing and winning, but doesn't suit the gritty games when they come along (like the away games Chelseadaft mentions above). In our team with a balance of grit (Lamps, JT, Drogs, Essien, Ballack at the time) and flair (Malouda, Kakuta, Deco at the time) I think he'd have done really well. He would also have taken the pressure off us upfront and we'd have been able to rest Drogs and Nico for some games giving us more overall strength in top competitions. I second the above opinion that we might have won the champ league, but will also add that the increased moral from such a big name signing might have led us to the double (or treble) a season earlier than we got there!

  6. Maybe with Big Phil's arm around his shoulder he would have done well..for a while. But he really is a fair-weather player and it wouldn't have lasted. Remember, his attitude at Madrid wasn't exactly exemplorary

  7. Would Shevchenko have faired better at Man U rather than Chelsea?

  8. RE Sheva, no I don't think so at all...

  9. @Chelseadaft

    Yes. I can't remember a single away game where he put in a decent shift. I think his lack of effort doesn't help team morale & looking back, there was a good reason Real Madrid wanted to get rid.

  10. As an MCFC "Ruining Football Since 2008" fan I'd have to say no. Granted he'd have had better company around him. But I watched Robbers week in, week out and rapidly came to the conclusion that
    a) he didn't like living in England
    b) he couldn't hack the speed and toughness of and didn't have the committment for the EPL. It was very noticeable that after he'd been whacked a few times he started to play deeper and didn't make those tricky runs into the box that gained him so many goals in his first few months.
    c) he's a very immature guy and the first sign of discomfort he went running home to play kickabout with his mates.
    Fabulous technique but he'd need a heart transplant from Craig Bellamy before he could command a place in any Prem team with top 4 aspirations.

  11. Another typical anti-city blog. As a season ticket holder at city for 20 plus years it intrigues me that so called other clubs fans are obsessed with our club,players,owners and anything mcfc.

    Such a hypothetical question..Thats like saying would berbatov fair better at city? Who knows. Stop yer whinging Chelsea and we will look forward to taking another 6 points of you this season

  12. as a city season ticket holder i can tell you that you had a lucky escape. he did'nt like the physical side of our game, cold and wet weather, playing away from home and gave us nothing when not in possesion. he could'nt cut it with real or us and i would be suprised if he prooves a good buy in italian football. i suspect he will end up on the beach in brazil.

  13. @Anon above... seriously mate get over yourself and listen to the other City fans on here who have put their honest opinions about him on here. Listen Im no anti city blog at all and was one of the first to praise your display against us at the Bridge last season!

  14. Think I may have taken you more seriously if you would have spelt fared correctly. Forza mancini.

  15. So the point of your article is?

    It is totally hypothetical. It is like me asking would any player have faired better at City,Schevchenko etc the way...hows Charlie big spuds Sturridge doing?

    We don't need your praise for our performances.We are building towards something huge. True it may take a few years but you can take your opinions and put them with the rest of the anti city top four loving sky cartel media!

  16. The point of the article is to gather the opinion of others. I respect you have an opinion and are entitled to state what you believe even though it will be way off. I would be worried for Mancini to be honest, if you lose games like the likes of Sunderland already this season, he will follow Sparky out the door.. then again, thats just my opinion!


  17. You worry re Mancini...Don't you worry your little Chelsea head...I'd worry about not winning the champions league...Again....And as you know all teams can lose games at any point of the season....How did you do at Wigan last year?

  18. That was a long time ago...

    Question how much did your team cost that played against Sunderland last week?

    Mancini out the door by xmas!

  19. Robinho WASN'T good enough to inspire a City side full of good players to success ......

    Cantona WAS good enough to inspire a Leeds side full of average players to success.

    Question answered !

  20. Cut the crap. City & Chelsea will both be up there at the end of the season & will probably both (but admittedly Chelsea more likely than City from the bookies standpoint) make the Top Four. There will always be games where one side misses a hatful of chances then loses. That's football. Spurs battered Wigan & lost. I doubt Mancini will be sacked but expectations are high and it's all about winning. Even an unbiased Chelsea fan has to admit that you have had an easy start to the new season. Most top teams will take maximum points off Stoke, Wigan & West Brom so don't get too carried away. City v Chelsea on Sept 25 will be a cracker! But it won't decide the Title. And one last point about Robinho, if you rate him so highly, why are you not angry that Chelsea didn't make a move for him? You have his shirt already in stock

  21. @ANON above

    LOL I forgot about the Schoolboy error from the megastore!!!

  22. Chelsea turned a former Ballon d'or player into someone not fit for the SPL.
    Shevchenko-£30.8 million 47 games 9 goals
    Robinho-£32.5million 41 games 14 goals.
    Who was the biggest flop?

  23. Robinho as you paid more for him....... work it out!

  24. How much of 30 mil did Chelsea recuperate when they sold Shevchenko? Work it out, never heard of inflation in the home counties?

  25. Robinho's a winger. A goal every three games in a bum city team is not the record of a failure ,no matter what the media would have you believe.As I recall, Schevchenko was bought because of his goal scoring record. Chelseadaft- admit you are wrong.
    A lot of the City fans posting on here are guilty of believing the media. The fact is that City have been crap on the road before, during and since Robinho's time as a City player. That's not his fault. I don't think he would've done better at Chelsea though, because he didn't do it at Real Madrid with all their stars. We'll never know anyway.
    Bizarre Blue- Cit£h? That is truly bizarre coming from one of Roman's clan.

  26. fans have quite the chip on their shoulders. anyway...would robinho have done better at chelsea? probably...he was exactly what they needed. a flair player with pace in the wide areas. the club were set up for him to be a success...they have learned from the sheva mistake & ivanovic's early struggles not to just buy players with nowhere for them to play. chelsea wanted him for a reason. city haven't learned that yet...buying loads of players just because they are "good" isn't the best way to run a football club.

  27. Robinho? Pace? Chips on shoulders? Please explain.

  28. He would have done better, but still not enough.

  29. "Robinho? Pace? Chips on shoulders? Please explain."


    Compared to Joe Cole & even Malouda; Robinho is Usain Bolt.

    Having "a chip on your shoulder" refers to a sense of oppression or inferiority which provokes disputes & anger. Which perfectly sums up most Man City fans nowadays: perceiving themselves as victimised & starting arguments about insults real or imagined. Just read the posts.




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