Jose : "Didier is a Diver" & he defends Ronaldo!!!!

I was reading a post written by the United Blog "The Republik of Mancunia" and couldn't believe my eyes!. Its only because ...

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I was reading a post written by the United Blog "The Republik of Mancunia" and couldn't believe my eyes!. Its only because on their website you have to register to post comments we aren't able to defend Didier (as much as we all know we can eh!?) so I decided to highlight the quote taken from their article from Jose Mourinho.

Remember, back in the day when he stood on the sidelines at the Bridge, Jose slated Christiano Ronaldo's antics and diving at that time in the English Premier League. We all know what he was like so I do not need to explain. Didier Drogba had been given the same treatment from opposing fans and more importantly when he first came to Chelsea, from our own Chelsea fans.

It's fair to say he has calmed it right down now and only when he is in one of his stupid moods on the pitch that the theatrics appear once more from Didier!.

However, after standing up for "his" player at the time. Jose Mourinho has changed his tune. He said:
Cristiano is a player who does not have the culture of the swimming pool, he has no culture of simulation, he is a British-trained player, Ferguson trained, In some cases, the simulators are given more protection, and those who are honest are often the losers. I’m not a hypocrite if I say that they hit Cristiano very hard, and that the yellow cards do not arrive or are slow in coming.

I am no longer Chelsea coach, and I do not have to defend them any more, but I think it is correct if I say Drogba is a diver.”

First of all this quote from Jose just goes to show how the bloke simply can't let anything to do with Chelsea go!. We all know the backs to wall mentality he shows of his team when he is the manager, but just goes to show that for part of it, its total bollocks!.

As for United and their out-dated opinions on Chelsea and how we bought the league, are cheats and all the other rubbish that comes out of their mouths because they expect to have a divine right to win the league every season and feel hard done by and at pains to accept the fact that for three recent seasons they have been SECOND RATE, it comes as no surprise.




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  1. I actually look at that drivel on their site from time to time and marvel at the neantherdal comments of the lowlife who populate the republik of mancunia site. Its all f this and f that and the level of personal rubbish that goes on is pathetic. As for jose,he becomes more of a cartoon character by the day and this latest rubbish from him is becoming more typical .....

  2. The two quotes are from seperate instances.

    The latter about Drogba, was when he was talking about who gets the most penalties from Diving and he mentioned Torres, Van Persie and Ronaldo in that light.

  3. i always thought that he cant be a very smart man if he goes to madrid and i was right. No man is bigger than team and i think roman was right to sack this mr.nobody.

  4. Fairly embarrassing this. Why on earth did you put the two quotes together?

    As it clearly says on my blog: "After leaving the club in 2008, he acknowledged what a cheat Didier Drogba is."

    Eesh. Dreadful article. But thanks for the traffic :)


  6. We should understand that ronaldo is now a player in his club and he will defend him as he did with DD and not read too much into what jose has to say bout all this . RoM is a biased piece of **** like all manc fans

  7. That site Republik of Manshit is a Joke. I pity that guy called Scot the red. He never has anything good to write. All he does is write these kind of shits. Some of the Chavster Utd fans also do not like those stuff. Scot the shit get a life mate. FFS.

  8. ''diving ============ Drogba''

    everybody knows the truth

  9. Nobody takes as much punishment as Drogba does. (Evans anyone?) Of course he will go down from time to time. And this is the only way to stop Didi. Kick him up the air when the refs are not watching, or dont mind it.

    I myself hated Drogbas antics at the start of his CFC career but after the "yes, i dive" piece in som rag some 5-6 years ago, and all the stick he recieved based on those words he has stopped diving. Sure, when he is having an off day he might go down easy but this is usually becouse of previus, repeated attacks from defenders who have gone unpunished.

    To compare him to Ronaldo is outright laughable.
    Even Gerrard dives more and he NEVER gets to suffer for it.
    (Pires was the worst offender in the PL imo.)

    Jose is just beeing Jose. Protecting his players whatever the world will think of him. A quality I greatly admire.

    Sorry about bad spelling, a bit swede I'm affraid. /Tom




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