Torres: I'm at the best club around.

Fernando Torres has put an end to all the recent speculation about his future by stating that he is staying at Liverpool. All Liverpool f...

Fernando Torres Liverpool 2009/10 Liverpool V SL Benfica (4-1) 08/04/10 UEFA Europa League Quarter Final 2nd Leg Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Fernando Torres has put an end to all the recent speculation about his future by stating that he is staying at Liverpool. All Liverpool fans will breathe a hugh sigh of relief at hearing the news today.

Torres said:
I really appreciated the fact that Roy came out to see me while I was on holiday. He told me about his plans for the club and what he wanted from me and I appreciated that. I hope he will be the right man to reach the targets of Liverpool Football Club and I am really looking forward to working with him.

This is the best club in the country so the targets and expectations are always high. I am really happy to be back, really happy to stay with all my team-mates. My commitment and loyalty to the club and to the fans is the same as it was on my first day when I signed. I am looking forward to the challenge ahead.
So as a Chelsea fan I am surprised he is staying but fair play to him if he wants to remain loyal to the club. As fellow Chelsea fans have stated that we do not need Torres as we have Drogba, Anelka and Kalou anyway but you have to admit it would have been nice to get him.

I wonder if Fernando will find himself in the same situation as Stevie G finds himself in after rejecting Chelsea?. Gerrard looks back now and realises that he could of had the one he and all Liverpool fans want and that's the Premier League title by now!. I wonder in season's to come Torres will feel the same? Let's hope so!


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  1. No, in fact Gerrard is now as we speak sitting in his big armchair holding his Champions League winners medal thinking "I could have had the silver one of these if only I'd moved to Chelski"...

  2. @Anon

    He never played for you guys then... after all it was a long time ago !

  3. Chelsea have bought the title...

  4. Gerrard would had the league medal but won't have the champion league one. YNWA

  5. Sit down, pick up your plastic Chelsea flag that was placed on your seat for you, prompted when to sing, welcome to Chelski

  6. @Darius

    When did we buy the title last season when we signed Zhirkov, Sturridge and Turnbull! ...??

  7. Loving the comments coming from scouseland, you boys really cling onto your history (and thats all it is!). Whilst we'll be trying to RETAIN the premier league and win the CL, you'll be playing in the Europa cup and struggling to finish in the top 4...enjoy your season has beens! BTW Darious...when was the last time Chelsea paid over £20m for a player?...mug.

  8. Yeah yeah continue waving your plastic flags and spending your oil money. Well done, Chelsea. What a football club.

  9. Anyone who has listened to or read Torres' comments over the last couple of years would have been extremely concerned if he had come out with any other statement. He has always put a a great deal of stock in his relationship with the team, his team mates, and most importantly the fans. He has always spoken about loyalty, ambition and passion above money. So, I suspect that the one thing he has had to be convinced about before committing his immediate future to Liverpool will have been on the club's ability to match his ambitions. From the sounds emanating from the club itself it looks like they will soon have new owners with the funds to make LFC competitive both on and off the field. Torres seems to have been convinced. Good news for Liverpool but also, I think, good news for the Premier league as it means a more competitive title race.

  10. gerrard would rather win the premier league with liverpool his boy town club than chealsea thats why he didn't move.LFC forever.

  11. @Anon above..
    Good post.. I still think LFC have a fight on their hands for 4th place and Gerrard, Torres and Joe Cole will be key to them for exactly that reason..

  12. First Gerrard, then Cole and now Torres all saying LFC is the best club in the Country. The two top selling shirt last season? Torres and Gerrard. Billionnaires fighting over ownership. All pre-season games sold out wherever LFC play. THEY CANT ALL BE WRONG CAN THEY???? Please understand CFC, that we are bigger than you.

  13. Im a liverpool Fan and all i can say is Hahahahahahhahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

    How do you like them apples, and stop gassing if you had torres (which you havent and you never will) your team would have been unbeatable thats how good he is lolololololololol

  14. Since when does the best club in England finish 7th LOLZ...

    Basically what he means is, Chelsea wouldn't meet Liverpools asking price so I'm going to have to wait another season..

    Our minds turn now to Sergio Aguero

  15. shevchenko- £30 MILLION MUG!!

  16. Well at least we are not living off success that occurred 20-30 years ago.

    You just keep talking about your history...we'll carry on making it.

    @ Anon...yeah funny how both have come so close to moving to Chelsea...funny that. If they had they would have won the prem by now, the longer it goes the harder it will get for Liverpool now teams like Villa, City and Spurs are just as good if not better.

  17. Ok LFC fans I am looking for realistic fans out there who want to post a reply to me about their chances this season. I am not looking for sarcastic comments or insults, I am looking for realism..

    So honestly do you think you will finish above Man City this season?

  18. If they are going to, they will need the takeover to happen before the last week of August, so they can get some more players in....Paul Konchesky may not be around forever pmsl

  19. Seen a loyal Chelsea fan in the paper today, she had travelled 290 miles from Surrey in her CFC shirt with her three boys Joe, Jed and Jess to attend the funeral of the killer Raoul Moat, who she described as a legend……...... Some things money cannot buy…….priceless.

  20. @Anon
    Look at the shirt its a few years old.. a publicity stunt if you ask me!. Why go to something like that wearing a football shirt..

    Anyway, answer my question...

    Liverpool fans will you finish above City?

  21. Ha ha ha ha ha to Chelsea,and the London press.
    The Daily Mail and you lot have got enough egg on your faces to feed the entire stratosphere for a month.
    Yes you didn't need Torres anyway,like you didn't need Gerrard when he rejected you.
    So why were you so DESPERATE to get them then?
    Because they are BETTER than anything you've got-SIMPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @Anon
    And thats why they have led you to League Glory in recent seasons?.....Er... NO!

  23. hmmm...your two best players have blatantly flirted with the prospect of joing the Champions amd we should have egg on our faces? Nah mate, you should be the ones embarrassed...enjoy watching your team on Channel 5 this year!!

  24. So you didn't want them,then?
    The problems at LFC were the manager,the owners,and some of the other players.
    Still,now you have got Bossi Onion,what price world domination!!!!!!!

  25. LFC have a better first team than City (in fact, a better first team than most) but will probably start the season with a weaker squad than them (depending on what happens with the ownership situation in the next few weeks). I think that Chelsea could struggle this season due to the reliance on too many old legs, which will probably result in lots of injuries. A lot will depend on Essien, who I think will be your main player next season.

  26. @Anon Above (Starting LFC have...)
    I have to disagree, you have never been the same since you let Alonso go. There are only 5 or 6 players that would walk into the Man City side at the moment and thats Reina, Carragher, Johnson, Gerrard, Cole and Torres. As for the rest, City have the edge..

    As for Chelsea, the oldens have gone and we are still strong and with Ramires, will be even stronger.

  27. IMO we are one creative player away from being as stong as we ever have been. Dont forget that Essien will be like a new player, but so too will Boswinga when he's match fit. I would love to see us get Neymar finishing piece, we do lack flair which he would bring.

    Anon...yeah we did want them...but not sure if you have realised we won the double last year without we'll survive!

  28. liverfool fans still wanking over history brought by littlewoods pools silly mugs......

  29. Kakuta will be the one to watch this season...Joe who????

  30. Who in lpool would want to see gerrards prem league medal with chelski if he went that time a few yrs ago............. nobody i reckon, so why bother, wait for mr.haung to take over, and give us the money we need, after all chelski ye have proved money does buy u league titles

  31. @Anon above

    So how do you explain last season? Did we buy the league title last season?

  32. Oh thats news, So you blues do not want(need) El Nino now, you were ready to smash the british record to sign him till yesterday
    c'mon be real, he rejected you as gerrard did 5 years ago to raise the CL cup the one you NEVER raised, ok it is a long way till we had the league title (and that hurts as a LFC fan) but you bluse waited over 50 years to see some real silverware

  33. Chelseadaft
    Nobody ever went to chelsea because of the history of the club,think about it!! it was for the $$$$$ romans $$$$$ nothing else, and ye think ye have the right to put everyone else down, the times are changing mate for man city and lpool mate its our turn ynwa

  34. Rip The Reds Apart3 August 2010 at 17:48

    Hahahaha, how naive LoserFool fans are. They are waiting for much more money from Chinese to "buy the title back". But they can't understand this truth: Communists never do what they did promise. Remember my words

  35. hahahahahaha naive hahaha
    So did your roman did what he promised ???
    he is a communist too or didn't you know lol
    just get over it TORRES will never play for you

  36. Rip The Reds Apart3 August 2010 at 18:13

    Huang is backed by a state-owned investment funds so he is communist. Calling Roman a communist just shows how stupid you are. Hahahaha loser fool

  37. they both are comunists, and the chinese one is not a liverpool owner yet, maybe there will be a middle east one , dummy
    back to topic,,,, you have to eraze your dream of seeing torres wearing a blue shirt and you fans waving plastic flags at him lol

  38. Rip The Reds Apart3 August 2010 at 18:33

    You think every Chelsea fans all dreams of Torres??? I joined some forums and many members say NO to a 50M injury prone. And bidding for Torres is just rumors on the papers. Did you hear that we bid for Neymar? So why did we do that if we really bid for Torres?

  39. just sour grapes ,, sour grapes

    bye YNWA

  40. Rip The Reds Apart3 August 2010 at 19:19

    Haha, just a typical LoserFool fan. When not knowing how to response in a discussion, they just talk rubbish or "the history" bla bla bla. LOL You'll Never Win Again, loser

  41. There are some extremely childish posts on here.
    What matters is that Torres is a very good striker and of course Chelsea would have loved to have got him. But its not to be. However I think the fact that the biggest victory Liverpool will have this season is keeping hold of Torres shows you all you need to know about where the club at the moment.

    I guess it depends on context. If "best" means most titles throughout their entire history then Liverpool would be up there of course. However, if best means the best team in the country at the moment then its obviously Chelsea.

  42. Chelsea are the best club.





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