OH NO! Benayoun signs!

Well its confirmed. Chelsea have signed Yossi Benyoun as confirmed on the Chelsea website and I have to say I am far from convinced. We ...

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Well its confirmed. Chelsea have signed Yossi Benyoun as confirmed on the Chelsea website and I have to say I am far from convinced. We are being linked with players like Kaka, Nilmar, Torres, Milner, Schweinsteiger, Ozil and had been linked with Silva before he signed for City.

But no! We sign Benayoun!.

He said:
'I am very excited to come to a club like Chelsea, it is a big club and I think it is a dream for every player. Hopefully we will be successful'

Ancelotti said:
'We are happy to have this new player. Yossi has a lot of quality in midfield and can play in lots of positions. I like his behaviour on the pitch and he will do a great job for us next season.'

I will never understand how we can let Joe go and sign Benayoun. We want players who will provide competition for places in the squad, players who will excite our fans.

This is one signing that simply doesn't do it for me!


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  1. Very clever. Trying to influence opinion against a new Chelsea player by posting "OH NO! Benayoun signs!" all over the Internet. And you call yourself a supporter of the club?
    Benayoun will be a terrific signing. At last we will have decent emergency cover for Lampard in the event of injury and he can fill valuable positions out wide or more centrally when required. He's faster and more intelligent than Cole, and ten times better at winning the ball back.
    Hang your head in shame for posting your vile blog entry. Better still, go and follow Man. City who are apparently more in tune with your big name conveyor belt buying preferences.

  2. I look forward to standing with you on the terraces exited by the prospect that with Lampard missing (lets hope he won't be next season) Benayon will be able to influence the game in the same way!.

    I think you will find the majority of true Chelsea fans and not just the glory boys who have only been around for the last 5 or so years will agree with me. This one doesn't excite me at all!

  3. Very good player. Cole was given every chance to stay and we'll probably never know why he didn't. This is a good signing and a guy who knows how to play in the Prem...

  4. Benayoun is a good player, but no good enough for Chelsea. We should focus on the likes of Ozil or Schweinsteiger

  5. Glory Boys of the last 5 years? First Chelsea game I went to was a 1-1 draw with Sunderland at Stamford Bridge (goal by Johnny Boyle) in 1966. Thankfully, in all the years since, I've not seen a so-called supporter make such a public showing of denigrating a new player before he has even had one training session. The trouble with the Internet is that it gives a voice to such traitorous types.

  6. He was only a bit part player at Liverpool he's hardly world class

  7. I'm really disappointed in this transfer. I agree with the author, it's not the way we should be going. We have reserves and youth who deserve a chance ahead of Yossi. He's not good enough for Chelsea.

  8. not bad player. but kakuta and Borini are better than Benayoun.

  9. I must agree with "Anonymous", the first.

    Benayoun hasn't even trained with us yet, so let's give the guy a fair chance, before we dismiss him.
    I have always thought Yossi was one of the better players at 'Pool and have hated him for how good he was, sometimes, saving a hopeless Liverpool side three points in his twenty minute cameos.
    Equally, I hope to love him, if he can produce the same for us.

    Financially, it also makes some sense (reducing wages and such).
    And finally, I can really see the point, if the management are hoping to get Kakuta and co up an running.

    If the young 'uns overcome Yossi, then he will accept that, or leave.
    If they don't, we have part of the cover that we have lost in Joey, Ballack and maybe Deco.

  10. £6 million for a Liverpool cast-off ,30 years old ,already our squad average age has risen . I am in shock !

  11. He's not Chelsea class, he cost too much, and he's too old. Whose big idea was this?

  12. First we let go of our youth ie the likes of Stoch, now nana ofori, relatively younger joe cole and sign a 30yr old. Is it me or has chelsea actually reverted to signing 30plus players??? or new transfer policy?? Only Zhirkov and Bosingwa were below 30. I am worried we'll be losing out on a lot of players :(

  13. Chelsea class? Stop talking garbage people, go watch some vids of Yossi Benayoun on Youtube and I'm sure your opinion will change. He is probably one of the most under-rated players in the EPL currently. He definitely has what it takes to fit in and play well for Chelsea and add depth to our squad for the title defence next season!

    I think that Ancelotti has pulled of a marvellous piece of business if he has in fact signed him up for 6.5 million pounds. Chelsea do need some new faces, and this will freshen up things.
    IMO Cole was looking a bit jaded at the Bridge for a while. Good luck to him with whoever he may sign for, but for now lets hope Benayoun can have the kind of impact on the Chelsea right wing that he's had for Pool when Rafa gave him the chance!

  14. really pathetic seeing football fans know better about football than world renowned managers and club board members

  15. I've a 50-50 opinion. I've been impressed by Yossi's performance with the scousers but he is now 30, that is a point of concern. On the other hand we should also see the rationale behind this signing. This signing isn't intended to be a first eleven player signing but a back up one. Yossi is fairly a good back up for many positions including both the wings and midfield. Joey was doing this job last season but unfortunately he was not content with it and he was demanding for more wages. Thus, I believe that this signing is very well tailored for the purpose in need by the management and nothing much to worry, because we need not sign much youngsters from outside as we have plenty available at bridge!

    Hope for the Best!

  16. I am sure he won't be worse than Mateja Kezman(who i believe shouldn't be a professional player) or Shevchenko(who was old and injury prone)!...the days of us signing "marquees" are over! we should stop day dreaming about the likes of money grabbing players like Robinho, Aguero and that midget name "Silva"...didn't he just say he wanted to be at chelsea just like Robinho...Perhaps a Bison and a Rat might just be a match made in heaven in our midfield, who knows? cheer up!

  17. Wasn't good enough to start in a very poor Liverpool side last season, but is good enough for the double winners??? I'm stunned. This is appalling business. How can some people on here try to justify it.

    The guy is NOT good enough for Chelsea. Very poor short term transfer policy.

    Nothing against the guy, he's just not good enough. Nowhere near the standard we require to take us onwards and upwards.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. To the first Anon again who repeated himself a bit further down again. I have a right like you do, to express my opinion. As you can see by the comments already made on here since my last reply to you, people are split as to whether he is a good signing or not.

    All I am doing is highlighting the fact that we have just won the double for the first time in our history. The likes or Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool (now under Hodgson) and City will be looking to strenghten their squad to make a challenge to us to take our title away.

    If Liverpool sell Benayoun what does that say about the player?. They sold him because he was a bit part player in lets face it a squad not good enough for the title race without SG and FT.

    So to me he will come to Chelsea as a 30 year old £6.5m backup who would only feature if players are injured and suspended so whats the point?.

    I agree with other people on here that we should encourage the youngsters into the squad and put them on the bench, use as backups to give them the experience they need.

    If Benayoun is not good enough for Liverpool then why on earth would you agree that he is good enough for the Double Winners?.

    Listen, I hope I am wrong. I hope he can be a success, but I have to see it to believe it like alot of Chelsea fans who have seen the news yesterday.

    I stand by my opinion for the time being. We have taken a step back with Benayoun as we need competition for places in the squad. Do you honestly believe, Malouda, Lampard, Essien and Mikel are worried that he will be selected ahead of him?..

    I don't and you must be mad to think he would be!

  20. I think Liverpool sold Benayoun, because he was on a long contract and rarely played in the starting XI.
    Perhaps Ancelotti liked, what he saw.
    Perhaps Benayoun is only a favour, so Liverpool sell us Torres.
    Perhaps the management thought Benayoun is what we've been lacking.
    Perhaps Roman Abramovic wanted a Jew in the team.

    But in the end, £5-6m is peanuts, compared to other player purchases. We paid much more for Zhirkov, who is also just a backup-player.

    So why get all agitated about this signing?

    Benayoun isn't the player to make us better, merely a back-up, perhaps not even one to sit on the bench regularly.
    Seeing that City are buying anyone who shows interest in us, we should be happy about anybody coming in at all.

  21. Football is a squad game and he strengthens the squad. I don't see a problem with this signing at all. We have plenty of gaps in the squad for (untested) young players to gain experience, but lets bring them in gradually rather than throwing them in against United, off the bench, with the crowd expecting them to change the game.

    Benayoun was one of Liverpool's better players and I was shocked that he wasn't getting in the team last season. His goal scoring record far surpasses that of Joe Cole's and is more consistent in his distribution. He is also a true right sided player who can play wide, which we don't have.

    Joe Cole has hardly featured in the past 2 years as a result of injury and the resultant mediocre (at best) form. If the stories about his wage demands are true then I think this sends a message to the rest of the squad that in the real world you can't be off sick for large chunks of the year, under-perform at your job on returning and then expect a huge leap in wages.

    The biggest issue appears the timing of the signing. If we had already signed a couple of 'exciting' players then this signing would be viewed from the outset for what it is - a strengthening of the squad.

  22. I'm a Liverpool fan and I have to say he's had one good season for us -the season we finished 2nd and he was fairly instrumental in us maintaining that run but on the whole, reds fans have him in the list of players we're happy to see 'sacrificed' along with Riera, Deggen, Ngog.

    Forget Torres he states every summer he won't join another English club and will only leave if the club doesn't want him. Think you'll find that only ever gets published in the north west papers.

  23. I have to disagree with you mate. Have you ever seen Benayoun play?

    The guy is one of the most underrated players around and is a good replacement for Joe Cole on £60,000-a-week.

    The head has to rule over sentimentality and Cole got greedy. He has somehow managed to make himself indispensable without hardly kicking a ball this summer.

    Benayoun is a good creative player, a better passer than Cole, decent scoring record and maintains our depth, which is our biggest strength over most clubs. We have enough chiefs, we need more indian.




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