City £20m bid for DIDIER DROGBA!!

Yep its true, well at least reported by The Sun.  Manchester City are looking to offer Chelsea £20m for Didier Drogba . Its reported that R...

Yep its true, well at least reported by The Sun. Manchester City are looking to offer Chelsea £20m for Didier Drogba. Its reported that Roberto Mancini is interested in Didier and being the age he is (32) Chelsea could cash in if they feel the offer is too good to refuse. In the article on the website a source close to Drogba has apparently said:
"Chelsea will have to decide whether they want him to stay. City's offer will be tempting considering Didier's age."
Its reported that if this is in fact true he could earn £18m over a three year contract.

What do you think Chelsea fans? Is it time to cash in on Didier and use the money to sign Torres? Or do we need Didier for our Champions League quest this season?

Do we sell YES or NO?


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  1. THE SUN REPORTED THIS STORY!! c'mon mate.

  2. What if its true? Would you sell?

  3. Never. A shocking decision by the club if we let him go. It would trump the decision to let Joe Cole go in stupidity by a long way.

  4. I actually said a month a go to my mate, with the liklihood of Torres coming to Chelsea, does this mean we will get rid of Drogba. Its probably the last chance we will have to get good money on him and Carlo might fancy it, that way he can change and build the team into his way of thinking e.g the diamond. I also said it would re-ignite a Torres/Aguero partnership.

    It is a dilema, if this was last year I would have said yes but after this season it has to be no. He was phenominal and he is unique, no other striker in the world is like him. He is a powerhouse and he is playing for the badge. I would love for him to be behind our first CL win, would love it. Plus with the final at Wembley, everybody knows the Drog ALWAYS scores at Wembley.

  5. I wouldn't sell to man city to much of a threat to us and we could get at least 1 or 2 seasons of the best for Didier and could help to the champions league i'd rather sell to mourinho if had to. But it does make me wonder all this talk of torres there must be a cache.

  6. @Sean...Great shout he does love a game at Wembley

  7. To be honest.. If Yaya Toure is worth £25m.. then Drogba must be up by the £50m mark surely ?

  8. Absolutely not, he is far too valuable with his form right now and thrived playing under Carlo. If Torres comes in, it will be Drogba and Torres up front with Anelka out wide or on the bench. I am fine with Anelka on the bench if we can land El Nino and not lose Drogba.


  9. im sure ancelotti will want drogba to stay because next season it looks like were going back to the diamond if he wants torres surely he'll want drogba to partner him not anelka.

  10. if man city are after torres why are they after drogba? who are they actually after surely not both.

  11. it sounds like torres is likely to stay at liverpool so I doubt chelsea would be foolish enough to sell drogba with not replacing him with a world class replacement.

  12. the sun

    jesus enough said.

    do you believe everything u read in that comic.

  13. would be the worst thing the club has done even if we did get torres. drogba is a better player than torres so we would be going backwards with this move.

  14. I would rather have Drogba, than sell him to Citeh for even 50m. On the other hand I've a doubt, What is Citeh gonna do with sooooo many players on their squad? I think Mancini is trying to play a FIFA Manager game in reality :-p

  15. Rip The Reds Apart9 July 2010 at 05:22

    @Ash Di Spontaneus: I totally agree, they are all rubbish of the newspaper. Drogba will stay here to become a legend

  16. do you really believe the sun???

  17. the sun seem to have a short memory check out this link

  18. iam i the only one that wants 433 with it as anelka drogba torres strike force for next season they cant sell drogba after is last season

  19. no. my opinion is to keep super drogba. he is a massive part of our past success. his fire-power, determined-spirit represent a lot to us. obviously, his loss represnet more than 20 million.

    Edmond from Hong Kong

  20. To all those people who have posted its a joke and the sun is a joke etc etc.. I personally don't want to see Didier leave like the rest of you let's just say the offer did come in. The club has a decision to make, so if you were part of the decision makers there would you sell?. All I am asking is would you sell if it was true!?

  21. Jon Thorir/ Gooner for life10 July 2010 at 11:50

    If this were true, which it most likely isnt since the sun which spout more crap than any other "newspaper" on the planet, then Id have to say keep him, even though I am an arsenal fan and he has a ripped us a new one more than once in the past few years. Quality striker with power, precence, pace and amazing finishing, even though hes 32 he can still do the buisness better than most if not all strikers in the world and selling him to a rival is rubbish. Looking forward to the new season and more sensational games. I wish you good luck in the new season, just a little less luck than us... ;-)




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