Chelsea fans are you worried about City this season?

With news of Manchester City splashing the cash again this summer I am wondering how the rest of you feel about there chances of success t...

July 23, 2010 - United States of America - Football - Sporting Lisbon v Manchester City 2010 New York Football Challenge - Pre Season Friendly - Red Bull Arena, Harrison, New Jersey, United States of America - 23/7/10..Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini.

With news of Manchester City splashing the cash again this summer I am wondering how the rest of you feel about there chances of success this season?.

Mancini has already spent close to £100m so far this summer and the spending is not finished if reports are to be believed. The story coming out of Eastlands rings bells to us all after Roman Ambramovich came to Chelsea. There is one difference between us and City though and that's the amount of players being brought in.

At Chelsea we did it over time. Ok the first season was the busiest period of transfer activity but after that period passed it slowed down and we brought in just a few over the course of the next couple of seasons.

The difference is City are literally throwing money at everything constantly and as a result have ended up with a first team squad of 37 players with just five weeks to cut the numbers down to 25 as per new Premier League rules.

There are reports this morning that the likes of SWP, Wayne Bridge, Lescott, Richards, Onuoha, Bellamy, Ireland, Santa Cruz, Jo, Caicedo, Robinho and De Jong could be moved on away from the club.

The key here apart from the last two to remember is that all these players have Premier League experience and if you take that away from City you are left with only a few that have experience of playing in the best league in the world and that will be their downfall once again this season.

I believe its the likes of Spurs and Everton with players with experience that will feature week in week out that will threaten City to finish fourth. Its a long old season and I belive one of these two will still finish above City this season.


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  1. maybe blackpool and newcastle will finish above city too. idiot!


  3. They will be our main rivals for the title with this lot and depth of there squad, there 2nd 11 is better than Villa's first and there 1st XI is equal to any.

    ___________DE JONG________YAYA____________

  4. To be honest, yes. The only question that remains now is about their manager. They have the best squad in the Premier League by a country mile. If they gel, they could piss it, but chances are they won't. Mancini doesn't strike me as the sort of coach capable of putting an arm round the likes of Tevez, Bellamy, Adebayor, etc, and getting them to sweat blood for him.

    Us or United to win the title, City & Spurs to join us in the Champions League. They will win it eventually, though. Roman needs to start investing in younger players else they're going to leave us behind.

  5. Ok to both ANONS that are City fans, take a second and rather than just get defensive and reply.. think about it.

    How do you feel about all these players leaving who have been in the Premiership for years? Do you not think that this will have a negative effect on your side? You will be relying on players who have not played here.. the pace of the game etc etc...

    Look at United and us for example we are only looking to bring in one or two players to add to the existing Premiership core of the side..

    Do you really feel as though you can win it without the others who will be shown the door!?

  6. Eve Henley-Spread25 July 2010 at 12:24

    The difference is you were already in the Champions League when Roman arrived so you didn't need as many new players - before last season City were mainly a bottom half Premier League side at best. It took 120m last year just to make them a half decent side. It's a gamble buying so many in such a small space of time but it's one they have to take.

  7. Depends which City side turns up. They absolutely mauled us twice last year then went to Hull and got outclassed. I watched them a few times late on in the season - versus Bolton at home, Spurs at home, the last Derby - they were awful, absolutely awful, but then when they came here they ripped us apart like i can't remember anyone doing.

  8. To be honest I'm ashamed to be a Chelsea fan now. 6 full seasons I've supported them, even before we won the title, so I know what I'm talking about.Didier's diving and John Terry swinging his dick have made me think again. Do I really love the Chelsea Pensioners anymore ? City will be better than us for years to come, might as well get on board now before the glory hunters.

  9. For the first time i actually look at their side and think it's as good as, if not better than ours or United's. Given, Hart, Kompany, Lescott, Yaya Toure, Adam Johnson, Silva, Tevez, others - they're all good enough to get a regular game here.

  10. City is going forward while Chelsea is going backwards. That's the difference between the 2 blues. Our Chelsea squad is ageing season by season and this year is no difference. We lost Ballack, Cole, Deco and probably Carvalho soon. Cech is not his usual self and how you expect Drogba, Elk, Lamps, Alex to perform consistently over the long season. To say that we are not worried is a lie. City is a real threat and they beat us home and away last season.

  11. Chelsea only need to add one or two players to their already very strong squad.
    Man Utd can only afford to add one or two players to their squad

  12. We are still better than City, and i'm 80% sure we'll finish above them this season. The area of concern, though, is that they're signing young, hungry, physical players with something to prove, and we rely on the same backbone, all of who are ageing.

    Our Academy side is exciting, but there are no players you could see coming in and doing what Lampsy, JT, Ash or DD do. Those four players will all need replacing within the next two years, and that's going to cost serious money. The sort of player capable of filling those positions don't become available often, and when they do we won't have the funds or be able to compete with City for them.

  13. Chelsea fans remember the defeat at home to City was during a bad time for us with the bloody diamond formation.. I wrote this at the time congratulating city..

    City deserved it that day.. no question..

  14. FFS!!

    Of all the clubs in the Premiership, Chelsea's fans ought to have some empathy with City's current ambitions!
    "City are literally throwing money at everything constantly"
    What a pile of poo!
    How many players did City release at the end of the season? Eight if I'm not mistaken.
    How many purchased so far? Four. Yes, four.
    Several players will go out on loan, several will be sold, and maybe there will be a striker coming in.
    Stop being so sensationalist, it just makes you look like hypocrites.
    Otherwise, great article!

  15. i can see where your coming from, but as a football fan, you can't believe what the papers tell you, with all these transfer rumours going around with city, i never believe we've signed anyone until its on the OS! i think we'll be a strong force this season, and i only think we'll get rid of players who aren't good enough for us (Ireland, M.Johnson, Richards etc)

  16. I was very happy when you got your investment for Roman, because you started to challenge the scum regularly, i only hope we can do with our money in time what you have done with yours and be challenging for the major honours regularly.
    my prediction for the league this year is for you to win it by about 6 points with us second. CTID

  17. With the amount of players that are coming and going this summer,i can`t really see us challenging Chelsea or ManUre for the title.Far to many changes in the team,asking them to gel straight away is a to much i think.
    We we`re 19 points behind you last season,thats a huge gap to close and something i don`t think we can do.
    It`s between you and the rags again,i`ll be happy with 3rd this season.Yes even with all the money we have spent,just being realistic.
    Should be a cracking league this coming season.

  18. From a totally honest city fan,i believe the best for us this season is 3rd,yes we have fantastic players and probably more to come but the likes of united chelsea have settled squads who know each others games inside out,maybe next year we could win it,the season after with more additions inevitable and of course the added experience i think you will find we will be strong favourites,as a city fan for 40 years i never thought i would be able to say that.

  19. At last some realistic City fans.. thanks guys good posts!

  20. The players that leave City will not be good enough to start, so it's hardly a worry. We will have two quality players per position. There will be a mix of experience for a trip to Chelsea or a trip to Rochdale. To underestimate manchini is very naive.

    The target for city last year was top 6. The target this year is top 4. Then next year we want top 2, then title. It was a five year seems to be going according to plan at the moment.

    We will see how Coty do after the first 10 games as we have a difficult start. If we are top after 10 games then you should worry.

  21. i agree with the anon above, i would underestimate mancini at your peril. he is obviously unkown over in englang but so was a young portugese fella 5 or 6 years ago

  22. I think this season we will be aiming for a top 4 finish and maybe the carling or fa cup, i think the season after - if i was a chelsea fan - that i would start the worrying phase, it will take silva time to settle into the premier league, what i've heard of yaya toure, boateng and kolorov is that they are all tough players who-imo-wont take as long to settle, not to mention the other players we sign, i dont know what league they will be coming from or what players are coming in, but i guess it will take time for the team to gel and players to become accustomed to english football.

  23. jerry from ireland25 July 2010 at 13:45

    im a man u fan but city are realy starting to worry me now. they are buying lots of great players and will probably win the title next season and maybe even the fa/carling cup.

    im thinking about becoming a man city fan because i couldnt bear supporting a team that isnt winning anything and dont want to support a team too far away like barcelona or inter milan. with it being in manchester i can atleast get to a couple of games every 5 years or so.

    i suppose i have nothing more to say than up the (sky) blues!!!!!

  24. Fact is City are growing in stature and so is the ability of their squad. The fact that they are talked about almost constantly on radio stations like Talksport shows their growing profile. Sure we won the league last year but do a player for player comparison between City and Chelsea or even City and United and we should be very afraid. They may fall short this year but then again they might just do it.

  25. Hi all Citizen here.

    lets consider that we dont need to register players who are under 21 from our youth for the 25 man squad, here is a list of 24 players which includes Robhino and M Johnson who may not be fit? so all this talk of a fire sale is stupid we still have room for a TOP striker.

    # Shay Given (IRL)
    # Joe Hart (ENG)
    # Jerome Boateng (GER)
    # Joleon Lescott (ENG)
    # Wayne Bridge (ENG)
    # Nedum Onuoha (ENG)
    # Micah Richards (ENG)
    # Kolo Toure (CIV)
    # Pablo Zabaleta (ARG)
    # Kolarov (SRB)
    # Adam Johnson (ENG)
    # David Silva (ESP)
    # Gareth Barry (ENG)
    # Patrick Vieira (FRA)
    # Yaya Toure (CIV)
    # Nigel de Jong (NED)
    # Stephen Ireland (IRL)
    # Michael Johnson (ENG)
    # Vincent Kompany (BEL)
    # Shaun Wright-Phillips (ENG)
    # Emmanuel Adebayor (TGO)
    # Craig Bellamy (WAL)
    # Robinho * (BRA)
    # Carlos Tevez (ARG)

    got my season card cant wait good luck all

  26. Yous sayin we won't gel we bought all them players last season not class like we have now but we gel'd. We came 5th best we have ever came in years now we hAve better players they will gel with the players from last season and do everyone doggystyle.

  27. WTF!
    Two posters now have had the brass neck to state they will swap allegiance from other top teams to City, because they'll probably win something soon!
    I can't believe my eyes!
    As a City fan of nearly forty years, I'd like to state categorically, they are glory hunters and I personally don't want to see their kind at Eastlands or anywhere near anything to do with Man City.
    Fair enough win the fans over with attractive football, and those with no previous allegiance, but to change sides just because they think City will win silverware makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

  28. All theese people say they gona swap teams are u real football fans or what get real and support ur team from top to bottom or bottom to top chelsea till i die

  29. Ive got 5 kids all city fans like me aged from 26 to 7 never thought they would ever see the club in this position.years of hurt and ridicule,playground taunts they stuck with it,not easy to do when you consider who your rivals are!Its there time now think about that when you jump on board the city band wagon,you havnt felt the pain,you dont deserve it stick with your own clubs we dont want or need you!!!

  30. Yes a lot of fine comments going on here! And a few stupid ones too.

    City are indeed throwing money about like water and they have purchased some good players in Silva and Yaya Toure. Think about the fuss that went on last season with Lescott,what player he was at at Everton and what a different player he bacame at City. It now looks like (if what we read is true???) that City want to offload him?

    City will get a reputation for paying top dollar for players and wages too, so all the money grabbers will go to City- it makes perfect business sense for them to do it if City want to splash the cash. However a team of good players does not make a good team and whilst City will no doubt create a few upsets during the season, I just can't see them being better than Arsenal or Spurs who have established sides and are used to what system to play and to each other.

    In the high paced EPL, one tiny mistake can cost you a game and more emphasis on team play will be required than solo efforts.It'll be a City side full of solo

    Chelsea do indeed have a team of pensioners but they know what it is all about. Maybe not as fast as they used to be, they are definitely more experienced and being in the right place is worth 1 or 2 yards of pace a lot of the time.

    We don't need Torres this season as I can't see him working that well with the Drog but next season...oh yes, he can be a direct replacement for sure!

    Aguero for pace down the flanks (but even he can be a bit hit & miss on consistency-just like Robinho) and a Lamapard replacement for the future in Ozil. With the young 'uns coming through this will be all Chelsea need.Ancelotti is a shrewd cookie and us 'armchair managers' will have to trust his judgement.

    As for City, it will always take a year for a new player to bed in to new surroundings, team mates and style of play and City have a loads of new players. They might do the same this season by qualifying for The Europa league as they did last season...just!

  31. I won't be scared if we buy OZIL, NEYMAR, RAMIRES AND one striker...But i doubt we will buy any! maybe Ramires only...Carlo is No jose, he is addicted to Kaka that he barely sees any other good young player that plays on that position! we badly need an attacking midfielder! Ozil/pastore would be the answer!...City will have problem in satisfying all those players because they are all starters not bench warmers! especially on their defense and strikers THEY ARE IN TROUBLE BECAUSE OF TOO MUCH PLAYERS LESS COHESIVE! n also they are getting Balotelli/trying to get Dzeko, and they already got Adebayor,Santa Cruz, Tevez, Robinho! who would be on the bench??????

  32. chelsea till i die. i own 6 chelsea shirts where one a aday. we will win the title by miles.101 points




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