Benayoun / Joe Cole. Who has the better deal?

With news today confirmed that Joe Cole has signed a 4 year deal with Liverpool after Chelsea had brought in Yossi Benayoun has his &qu...

With news today confirmed that Joe Cole has signed a 4 year deal with Liverpool

after Chelsea had brought in Yossi Benayoun has his "supposed" replacement I have to ask the question..

Who got the better deal?


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  1. It's a good question, and as a Liverpool supporter I can only say that I hardly batted an eyelid at Benayoun's sale - but on hearing the news today of our signing of Joe Cole I am extatic! I don't know why Chelsea have let him go and brought in (in my opinion) an inadequate replacement, but I can say that I am delighted, and think that we have got the better deal.

  2. *ecstatic... sorry, it must be the excitement!

  3. As a Chelsea fan, frankly simply offloading Joe Cole was great news. He was nothing like as good as he thought he was, and it turns out that he was a moneygrabber not prepared to understand the new financial reality at Chelsea. By accounts, his salary demands were ridiculous. Benayoun is a very useful player who has shown these past 2 seasons that he is a better footballer than Joe Cole. Frankly the news that Joe Cole has signed for Liverpool is just the icing on the cake, it's all good for Chelsea.

  4. EPL Appearances in 2 years/goals: Benayoun 60/14, Cole 39/4. Cole 20 EPL appearances average over last 4 seasons. Good luck.

  5. I can understand the Liverpool supporters excitement upon signing an Englishman who they've heard of on a free but you have to ask the question about his motives. He was released from Chelsea for money grabbing and ended up at a club who finished seventh. He won't get CL football and probably won't win anything this year as Roy rebuilds. If this is the kind of player the Pool want to build a team around, I don't see a very rosy future - sorry.

  6. I have to say that when you look at Spurs and especially Arsenal being interested, one who has a chance to qualify for the group stages of Champions League football and one who has definatley qualified, you do question the move.. maybe it is as Carlo said "Economical" but I also believe that first team football has alot to do with why he chose Liverpool.

    I don't think he could walk into Spurs or the Arsenal side at the moment.

    In response to my own question about who has the better deal, then think about it, both players couldn't get into their sides last season as regular starters...

    Benayoun certainly won't at the moment at Chelsea wheras (if he stays fit) Joe Cole would at Liverpool...

    So you have to say Liverpool!

  7. Benayoun is better! Joey is just a skilled, showy footballer. He is good for football exhibitions. Benayoun is the best for the job.

  8. very funny!!!!!
    first of all joe cole will never play at the form he played at 3 years ago bcoz of the injury that will never heal especially that he is not growing any younger.....
    secondly if u factor out the British/English propaganda which normally implies that one has to be ten times better than their English counter parts to be appreciated in England or get any recognition and respect, that makes an aging and injury prone joe cole an ordinary player.....
    No one needs to say that Benayoun is a better choice it will simply show.......

  9. Joe Cole money grabber??It's clear why Joey has asked for $120k a week from Chelsea he wants assurance of 1st team Football..its either 1st team football or lucrative salary. Think about it would you be comfortable having an over paid bench-warmer in your team..of course you'd have to play him.Credit to his agent.

    Other than age difference JC,28 YB,30 the rest pretty much evens out.

    So I'll lean a bit towards Liverpool

  10. YB will cost more than 90k if you put in the 5M buying price. He is older than JC and less talented. As a chelsea supporter i think liverpool made the better deal by far, moneywise plus a better player. To me Chelsea made a big mistake.

  11. we need to stop worrying about twat joe cole and try and compete with scunthorpe this year

  12. bit part player that wanted man city to snatch him up so he could sit on the bench for another 8 months but a mid table club has got him now ........iam a happy chelsea fan 2nite

  13. It was disappointed at Joe. He should have gone to Milan.

  14. Every chelsea fan should read the Daily Express today Joe Cole and "This is my anfield of dreams " Joe cole hold your head in shame he talks about the biggest club in the country and about the atmosphere at liverpool...... well i hope you brake your leg MATE............true chelsea fan


  16. greedy???
    how about Roman Abramovich?
    dont u think he is greedy too?




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