Joe Cole off to the Arsenal?

Rumours are circulating today that Joe Cole is about to sign a three year contract to join Arsenal. I must admit, I never thought that Ars...

Rumours are circulating today that Joe Cole is about to sign a three year contract to join Arsenal.

I must admit, I never thought that Arsenal would be able to afford Joe's wages after his supposed wage demands at Chelsea (£120K per week).

If the rumour is true then Arsene Wenger has got a bargain and let's face it would suit Arsenal's style of play.

It just makes us all wonder, if Joe is signing for Arsenal and has lowered his demands then why not re-negotiate with Chelsea?.

I guess we can only speculate, but it seems that Joe has become increasingly unhappy at playing a bit part in Chelsea's season and doesn't believe he will have a chance of first team football at the Bridge under Carlo.

More to follow...

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  1. no way wont believe it till i see it

  2. its a done deal will be confirmed in the cming days or if not then defo after world cup even though arsenal and coles agent denying it...

    hate to see him go but he has gone

  3. Apparently its £110K per week !

  4. Hope you don't mind a gooner commenting...

    Gotta say I agree with the "believe it when I see it" guy. He was signing for us "tomorrow" over the weekend and he still doesn't appear to have signed. I think a chelsea blog I was reading said it would be announced "in an hour" over an hour ago...

    Could be a negotiation tactic for a good contract with Chelsea of course, it's hard to imagine him going somewhere else now, I'm sure. He'd certainly be a hell of a capture for us if it is true.

  5. From Rentbhoy chavettes to Le Arse.
    Wasted carrer.

    shame. He could've done great things with spurs.

  6. Im an arsenal fan and cant really see this 1 happenin, wages for 1, agreed wud fit in well, as I have heard, I think on talk sport? that he will be plying his trade at old trafford next season. They seemed pretty sure of it. Id rather e went to spurs than the manx, so if you dont want him we will take him(if old tight ass opens his purse)

  7. @RobM I have to say I know a couple of Gooners who would rejoice with the news!. Gutted, I really am if he goes. I can see him playing left and Nasri in the middle after Fabregas goes and people wondering what all the fuss was about with Fabregas leaving.

    I really hope its a ploy for a better deal at Chelsea but am 95% certain he is off!

  8. Gooner in peace. I think it's nonsense.


  9. @Gooner in peace

    Check here too...

  10. Hahaha, the spu*s never fail. Could have done great things hey? Jesus, eternally optomistic. As above, can't see it for the wage demands but would be a cracking acquisition. Always liked Joe and can't believe Chelsea are letting him get away.

  11. Wenger has broken the wage barrier before with Sol Campbell - whom he also got on free.

  12. I think it was just that - he wants to play week in week out and Chelsea weren't able to give him time on the pitch. He'd suit Arsenal and Arsenal are desperate for a Midfielder not afraid to shoot and shoot well.

  13. Gooner commenting. hope you don't mind.. think it is a ploy to get a better deal from chelsea... All I would say with regards to the wages... When Sol Campbell signed for Arsenal he was put on a contract that was a lot higher than the wage cap at the time in respect of the fact that he came on a free transfer. Also, a significant signing fee could be paid to make up the difference if he accepts lower wages. Still... think this would be too good to good be true for the Arsenal...

  14. I have to say I think the fact that he has a new born that Joe and his Mrs do not want to leave London. I think this is a major factor in his decision to go to the Arse if he does in fact sign.

    You are right about the signing on fee, but with the Fabregas money its a deal that Wenger couldn't resist.

    After such a great season for us this has tarnished it slightly (Joe leaving) but from his own selfish point of view, he loves his football and just wants to get out there and play.

    Whether we want to believe it or not Chelsea fans, it doesn't look like he will next season either...

  15. Class,History that is why !!!

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. I think the deal will happen now.

    I didn't but there is too much talk about and there is no smoke without fire.

    Regarding the deal, I don't believe he will be on £110,000 a week at Arsenal. More like £75-80,000.

    Arsenal will give him a big signing on fee because he arrives on a free.

  18. This basically all stems from old fish eyes giving an interview to radio 5 on the golf course. No way to know yet, it's still all conjecture.

    What I do know is that Cole's family are real Arsenal fans, and that he was an Arsenal fan as a kid. That comes from speaking to his uncle in a pub in Kentish Town a few years back. Read into that what you will.

  19. Very strong rumours about this for quite some time on a couple of well informed Arsenal forums. I thought he'd probably go to OT, but given that he wants to stay in London its a logical choice and a good signing for us - assuming we compliment it with a few others !!!

  20. Just saw this from John Cross at the Mirror;

    @johncrossmirror: Joe Cole has 100pc NOT signed for #Arsenal. Checked it, it's not true. They like him but Joe wants to concentrate on WC, decision after SA.

    Arsenal have definitely spoken/met with him/agent though.

  21. He was never an Arsenal fan. His dad was gutted when he chose to support Chelsea as a kid

  22. When he was a kid Chelsea had players like Dave Beasant and Gavin Peacock. No one chose to support Chelsea back then except for a few wide boy taxi drivers. You can't buy history.

  23. hes a gooner

  24. @the 2nd anonymous above this... I was there standing on the Shed End long before Beasent and Peacock!! Just remember, We're making history!

    @Lady Arsenal, check your facts on this one. Joe Cole is a Chelsea fan and used to be a Season ticket holder. This is why Spurs are out of the question!

    Now back to topic. It really does pain me to say it but I am almost certain now that Joe is leaving us. The Chelsea fans have to remember that the coming of age at the Bridge of Malouda would of had a lot to do with that too.

    With Malouda playing left or through the middle and playing like he is you can't argue that he gets the nod over Joe at the moment.

    I will say one thing though gooners...imagine the front five you lot could have fit and available next season if Joe does join you.. Cole, Arshavin, Van Persie, Nasri, Chamakh and don't forget Walcott and Rosicky.. it would almost be as good as The Chels!!

    Oh and another reason why The Arse want him... HE IS ENGLISH!

  25. this is a most entertaining blog (or whatever it is called)?! I have to say everyone has been most respectful so far and it is nice to see! :o) Love to have Joe at the mighty Arse......but let's wait till Arse FC confirm it before we can celebrate!!

  26. I would love him to come to Arsenal. There is one fly in the ointment (spud twat) We would love and cherish him like you guys do.. Respect!

  27. Great blog, good to see some respect for a change (apart from the usual idiot Spuds), as an Arsenal fan i will believe when I see it but if it is true then it would be agreat signing. We need a couple of quality experienced English players to bring some heart back into the club more than anything (plus a GK and CB!!). Goldwatch.

  28. @Goldwatch, thanks!. I am a biased Chelsea fan but like to keep it real. I am dreading this time tomorrow if rumour is to be believed..I heard somewhere they reckon the deal is already agreed and will be rubber stamped after the world cup. As usual all quiet from official chelsea and arse..

  29. Good to see fellow Gooners being respectful on here. Joe Cole would be quite a transfer coup, if it is true he's joining the Arsenal.

    It would make sense too. With Fabregas surely on the way out, Nasri will move into the centre and J. Cole will end up on the left/right of midfield.

    Oh yeah, and he's English!

  30. West Ham, Chelsea, then upwards to quality! In the end good players dont want trophies that are purchased. If JC joins The Arsenal he will play more pure football in one game than at SB in a season. Mind you the Rusky may bung him a Million in his back pocket soon.

  31. would like to see this happen but cant, but then again never in a million years did i think campbell would sign for Arsenal. would be a great signing, talented experienced would fit straight in to the way we play. what reception would he get back at the bridge if he did sign for us????????

  32. @Peter... 103 goals this season states otherwise. Just remember pure football doesn't always win you trophies... you need to graft and don't you think that the Arse miss this in their game? The Chels have grafters all over the pitch..

    @afctone - Joey Cole would get a fantastic reception always at Chelsea. He's here, he's there, he's every f*&^ing where, JOEY COLE, JOEY COLE!

  33. Arsenal fan here....Peter we have got to drop that Chelsea dont play pure football gag.You have to admit they played some great stuff last season,and fully deserved the title....still 9 title wins behind the top club in London though!
    As for Joe Cole,good player,but not sure if we really need him,but if he comes then i would be happy as I trust Wenger.Next year will be a good one for the Arsenal,with or without Cesc.

  34. @Anonymous just above this post, Thanks for giving us the credit we deserved this season. I do however expect Arsenal to be there or thereabouts next season.. Our biggest challengers next season?

  35. No way it will happen now.
    His contract expires on july 1st. Only then he comes as free agent. Until then he is a Chelsea player.

  36. @Praveen, it can be more or less agreed for when it expires.

    I see Joe has been given the number 11 shirt for England. Maybe he will start the games? If he does, I am sure he will show exactly what Chelsea could be missing and the Arse could be gaining!

  37. Guy who says he loves this club goes to Arsenal, what a greedy bastard he is. But I Just Dont Think So...i believe he is True Blue!

  38. @Anon above...

    I think regular first team football is a major factor for Joe. If Carlo gives him that with a decent wage i don't think a move would even come into it!

  39. Well I do not want to be disrespectful but chelski have only been known for the last 5 years.

    We do not have the biggest stadium in london because we are crap. We do not make the most money on matchday because we are crap. We are not the 3rd richest club in the world because we are crap.

    If you never had a suger daddy you would still be messing about with 9th to 5th place.

    And do not forget the NEW RULES coming into place in 3 years time...


    What will chelski do then! Abramovich writes off 130 million each season in debt money that you cannot afford to pay from your earnings.

    3 years time to get your house in order!





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