Do Chelsea need to spend 70m on a single player?

I was reading this article on the fantastic ChelseaBlog and it got me thinking, 'Do we really need to spend somewhere in the region of ...

I was reading this article on the fantastic ChelseaBlog and it got me thinking, 'Do we really need to spend somewhere in the region of 70m on a single player?". The rumours regarding the future of Fernando Torres seem to be getting stronger now and it looks as though if he does move it will be to Chelsea, but do we really need to be spending that amount of money to sign him.

It wasn't so long ago that I posted about Roman Abramovich and if he has changed his tune at Chelsea. In that article I reported that Abramovich was keen to not make the same mistakes as players he had brought into the club previously and their contracts. Figures such as 70m had been reported as lost through player wages for the likes of Veron, Crespo and Shevchenko.

Later in the article I looked at maybe this new stance from Abramovich had an influence in the new contracts that had been offered to the likes of Ballack, Anelka and Joe Cole.

So if this is the case then why would we look to sign someone like Torres for mega money because there will be no question that he would come to Chelsea as one of the top earners at the club?. I know that there is a need to replenish the squad with younger players and because of that the older players such as Ballack will be offered lesser deals, but do we have to look at Torres at that price or is there someone else the same age or similar that would be better value for Chelsea?.

Alot of people have mentioned and in recent times we have been linked with the likes of Sergio Aguero, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and today Klaas Jan Huntelaar but would you say these players would be a gamble as they have no Premier League experience?.

You have to say that Torres has has been here and done it ever since he arrived. He is a natural goalscorer and with the experience of playing here behind him, puts him ahead of any potential signing from abroad purely for that reason.

At the moment in Didier Drogba and Nico Anelka at the club we have two proven performers in the Premier League, so why not bring in someone younger and cheaper than Torres from abroad?. The problem Abramovich and Ancelotti are faced with is if they spend 20-30m on a player and he turns out to be a flop (Sheva) because he either can't settle into the League or just can't get to grips with the pace of the game here.

Drogba himself has admitted time and time again that it took him a while to settle into England and playing in the Premier League and just this past week so too has Florent Malouda.

Another point to note in all this is the squad status of the player. If you are Drogba or Anelka then how could you realistically expect to be dropped to the bench for the start of the season for maybe Aguero or Ibrahimovic to take your place?. Added to that do you honestly believe that players of this calibre will want to come to Chelsea and settle for rotation for the season?. They may come out with some rubbish to begin with about being "happy to have joined Chelsea" and are "prepared to wait for their chance" so in that case why sign them in the first place if you will have to fork out 20-30m for them?.

What happens to the likes of Danny Sturridge, who is blessed with ability and natural pace who joined Chelsea to be part of our club, the squad and to make his mark on the first team. He has shown in glimpses this season he has quality and will be an outstanding forward for England. This is a young player who turned down the money-men at City to come to Chelsea for his chance and more than likely expects to be more involved this coming season and quite rightly so. Do you tell him he will have a similar role this coming season as we will be bringing in someone with no experience of Premier League football ahead of him in the pecking order?

Another player to look at is someone like Franco Di Santo. Again, another proven goalscorer in the youth team and reserves and is good enough for Blackburn Rovers to take in on loan for the season and now possibly Bolton looking to sign him, so why not give him a go. He has played in the Prem, has ability to which there is no question and is another option we have rather than spend money that we maybe just do not need to do.

There are two players in Sturridge and Di Santo who maybe should be given more involvement in the first team and given their chances more often in a Chelsea shirt. Surely the players they are in and around day in day out can have a positive influence on them and they can learn from the likes of Drogba and Anelka. For example, look at this past season, we have won games by scoring 7 or more goals four times this season. Sturridge came on and contributed with a goal on one of them. These are typical examples of games where one or the other can be given a go once we are 3-0 up to show what they can do leading the line in the place of Drogba and Anelka or am I being unrealistic?

There is one thing that remains for Chelsea and thats Champions League success. You can argue that we do need strength in depth within the squad as we look to compete on all fronts again next season but the focus will very much be on doing better in europe's top football competition next season. Would you rely on Di Santo or Sturridge to play a part in that competition as backup to Didier and Nico?. If you do then you run the risk of being forced to play them in the latter stages if one of the other two face an injury or a ban and this could be costly for the club. It could work out well and they could settle into European football like ducks to water but then again they could flop.

This is where the decision is being made in the offices of Stamford Bridge at the moment and the numerous factors involved in making that decision I have described above.

However the question remains, Do we spend 70m on Torres? If we do and we win the Champions League its money well spent. If we don't and we do not make progress in the competition what would it mean to Abramovich and Chelsea?.

Let's see what happens in the coming weeks.


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  1. Thanks for the great article. Some things for you to consider. All your points are well taken but I believe they are too grounded or focused on our next season. I believe Torres is a player (if purchased) is for the long term future of Chelsea and too be blunt would be Drogba’s replacement, not next season, but soon after. You then from within Chelsea’s ranks (Sturridge etc) find the replacement for Anelka. By having Torres you ensure that Anelka’s replacement has far less spot light on him. So in fact Torres enables youth to advance quicker in squad (hope I am making sense). This is a powerful thing that Torres can offer. So to sum up – what we need is a proven Premiership goal scorer (potentially Torres) and then someone from within Chelsea to replace our current but aging front pair. This all said 70 million!!!!
    On a slightly different matter, when the guys were in the tunnel about to walk onto the Anfeild pitch, did anyone else notice that Torres and Ancelloti were having a quiet chat. When I saw the exchange, I have to say I thought there was something up.

  2. Im a livrpool fan but torres would be a great signing lets face it drogba aint getting any younger, so to buy one of the worlds best strikers at his peak with his best years ahead of him well thats priceless and worth any amount of money, Chelsea isn't the type of club to buy potential you need established world class talent will always be like that with the money tou have.

  3. Chelsea are in dreamland if they think they signing Torres

  4. I say no, Chelsea should not spend 70 million on Torres. Yes, he can score goals, but he's injury prone and is similar to Drogba. And he isn't that young, he's 26-27. That's too much money to spend on someone not named Messi. And as for our young backup strikers, Kalou is above Sturridge & Di Santo, not to mention KaKuta, who Carlo said will join the 1st team rank, next season. We won the double last season, and ran into the man who should still be our manager, last season in the CL. Last season wasn't a failure, no need to shake too much up. I say we pay 40 mil for Aguero, a younger talented player, differentnt type than Drogba. The only way I see Chelsea buying Torres, as a good idea, is if they sell Anelka. And everyone knows Liverpool is cash strapped & Torres wants to leave, so we give them less than 70 mil and they'll have to take it. No club wants an unhappy player, same reason Arsenal will eventually let Cesc go to Barca, you can't keep a player that doesn't want to be kept, it effects the whole team. And it really depends on what formation will be played next season. If its a 4-3-3, can Torres play of the right with Anelks on the left, Drogs up the middle? But then that will lead to choices from Lamps, Essien, Mikel, Malouda etc for 3 midfield spots. I'm asuming Ballack & Deco leave this summer. Bottom line to me is 70 million is TOO much for a 26 yr old player who can't stay fit a whole , even a half of an EPL season.

  5. @Wiked1, ok point taken but you are suggesting 40m on Aguero. What if he is a flop in the Premier League as just because he scores goals in Spain does that mean he will score in the Premier League? Wouldn't you choose Premier League Experience over someone from abroad?

  6. Chelseadaft regarding Aguero ultimately it's a judgement call of the buyer whether or not a player from the continent will hit or miss in the Premier League. Firmly in his favour Augero has a lot of stings to his bow speed, guile, vision, finish, unpredictability, a superb short passer and an outstanding dribbler. He can go and get the ball and bring it in and he can break up set defences which is handy when we play teams who sit right back. I think he brings more than Torres and I think he'll be a handfull in the Premier League if he can stand up to the more rigorous defences. If it comes down to Aguero for 40mil or Torres for 70mil it's no contest for mine.




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