Torres on way to Chelsea in a £70m deal??.

Rumours are rife this morning with the news that Chelsea are looking to catch the money men at Manchester City cold to beat them to the si...

Football - Birmingham City v Liverpool Barclays Premier League

Rumours are rife this morning with the news that Chelsea are looking to catch the money men at Manchester City cold to beat them to the signing of Fernando Torres.

Its no secret that Torres is disappointed like all Liverpool players and fans with their form in the Premier League this season. With Champions League football a distant memory next season, with the future of Rafa Benitez up in the air and also the future of Liverpool in doubt in the hands of their American owners it could be the time for Torres to move on as he looks for honours.

Ok, Manchester City have the money but are still not yet a title winning side. As it stands today they sit fourth behind Spurs with their game taking place tonight which will have a big influence on the fourth place finish on Sunday. So its being reported that Torres will look to move to a side fighting for the title and Champions League.

Rumours are rumours, we all know that, but its believed that preliminary discussions have taken place and Roman Abramovich has been encouraged enough by the outcome of those discussions that he has given Carlo Ancelotti the green light to splash the cash.

I am sure like all Liverpool fans believe that if Liverpool were in the top four and had built upon their 2nd place finish last season then him moving would never be an option. However, their poorest season in the Premier League has put the club in a dangerous position. If Torres goes, will it spark an exodus from Liverpool?

One thing is for sure, in a Liverpool shirt Torres is a pain the arse and we all know the Torres song. Put him in a Chelsea shirt and if he comes we know he can score goals and I'm sure we'll love him too!


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  1. Why go to a club without any history, tradition or dignity??? And who have the most plastic fans in the Premier League.

  2. How many more times Liverpool fans do you keep harping on about "History"? I suppose these days and in recent times its all you have got to cling to!

    Just remember you have to win things and be successful in competitions in order to create your own history. Thats what we are trying to do now, to create our own history and traditions whereas you lot are relying upon your own from years and years ago!

    At least you can create it in the Europa League next season. WITHOUT TORRES AND GERRARD.

    Come up with a different line as its getting boring now.

  3. dont rattle on about your history. we are about to save your precious history.
    ps. you are now officially history

  4. Why would he go to a twobob club like Chelsea who were nobodies untill the Russian Pimp turned them into abuch of fucking rentboys. Get back to the championship you nobody cunts! WITHOUT MONEY YOU'D BE NO WHERE

  5. So what happens if a Russian billionaire comes in for Liverpool to save the club from "The Americans" what are you going to do then??

  6. Take back whats rightfully ours. we set the standards others just imitate.

  7. With a billionaires money? So what happens to Liverpool's traditions do they go out the window so long as you can save guard the clubs future and out of the massive debts you are in?....exactly and thats all that happened to Chelsea.

    So you can keep calling Chelsea fans rentboys and the like, but if someone comes and buys Liverpool and ploughs money into the club to try and take you back to winning the league, will you moan then? Call yourselves rent boys?

  8. Like I said IT IS about the money and nothing else you your team would not be challenging for anything without the money. for the recent past Liverpool have been challenging the like of Chelsea the Mancs on a budget of diverse proportions and yet still competing still coming second in the leagUe and still beating chelsea. it seems all chelsea can do is spend money. whilst for liverpool its al about home the home grown talent. where as even lampard was bought from westham. SO LIKE I SAID CHELSEA WOULD BE NOTHING WITH OUT THE MONEY !

  9. Sorry mate but you just lost all respect from me as a true Liverpool fan after that comment. Tell me your home grown players in your squad. El-Zar?

    Also, let me point out to you that in Rafa's time at the club he has spent approx £260m on over 60 players who have come and gone..

    And we are the money men eh?

  10. If torres joins chelsea the he'd better keep on your classy captain and his missus. Bunch of fucking chavs !

  11. If Torres does leave us I think he will go abroad. He is making noises about how physical the UK game is and has expressed a desire to play in Italy.
    We need to totally rebuild our squad now as bad buys and under investment have left us in a mid table position.
    We cannot play on our history, those days our gone.
    What we can do is take advantage of our massive world wide fanbase and start marketing the club properly.

  12. A LFC fan that talks sense for once! At least he knows you can't keep on relying on your history!

    Time to move on like Torres!

  13. DREAM morons!!!!!


  14. does that stand for you'll never win anything???

  15. As a Liverpool fan i would be in bits if Torres left us but we have got to face facts. He came to UK in the hope of winning silver unfortunately he came to us at the bottom of our dip, we got them stupid fucking yanks, the fat spanish waiter and too many part timers on the team. Granted we have still got a decent skeleton team (Stevie G, Carragher, Agger and the mighty Reina) but we need more meat on the bones. Maybe if we can get big money for Torres we can start building on our current base.

  16. All you liverpool fans are blind. Why would Torres want to stay at a barely above average club when he could join a team of super stars where he would feel more comfortable, and become an even better player, and most importantly he could ACTUALLY lift the premier league title something i can guarentee would never happen at liverpool. Stop living in the past and sort your excuse of a team out if you want to qualify for the europa league next season (if your lucky) CHELSEA TILL I DIE!!!

  17. by the way you dont need to tell us about history.
    how many champions league chelski has???
    come on get real chelski fans


  18. Torres is in anfield because of Benites so i dont think there is any chance for u to get him,

    ps thank you for supporting liverpool by saying we have better players than chelski hahahahaha

  19. divjak9_ChelseaFC9 June 2010 at 11:30

    if Chelsea sign Torres it would be perfect for his development as he is still a young player. With Chelsea he will be lifting trophies unlike Failpool. YNWA!! (Youll Never Win Anything)

  20. liverpool fans - if anything you should want torres at chelsea so we can stop your 'precious' league record being taken away from you.

    chelsea may have the money, but it's there to make history, just like we have this season, and undoubtably the best is yet to come!




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