DROGBA: A disgrace to fantastic but it can't be ignored.

I have left it for a day or so to enjoy the title celebrations as we all are, but the events surrounding our first penalty award simply ca...

Football - Chelsea v Wigan Athletic Barclays Premier League

I have left it for a day or so to enjoy the title celebrations as we all are, but the events surrounding our first penalty award simply cannot be ignored.

I have to say it now and I am sure alot of other Chelsea fans or even the majority of us thought that Didier Drogba's temper tantrum after Frank Lampard grabbed the ball and insisted on taking the first penalty of the game to put us 2-0 up was a disgrace!.

There is simply no other way of explaining his attitude at the time. He was like a spoilt baby. It was embarrassing watching events unfold and became more about him the man and his selfish attitude to win the golden boot rather than put the team first.

Carlo Ancelotti, when asked on Friday in his pre-match press conference, if we were awarded a penalty who would take it simply replied "No change, Frank Lampard as normal!" so knowing that why did Didier sulk and have a face on him like a slapped arse!?.

When Lampard picked the ball up we could see Didier move towards him and Lampard say something to him. It turns out on the TV replays you can lip-read Frank saying to him "Wait until the game is won!". That's when Didier turns to the bench to look for consolation which he doesn't get and then walks off towards the half way line. Lampard as a result scores the pen.

Football - Chelsea v Wigan Athletic Barclays Premier League

What stood out for me was the fact that even Lampard knew how much of a strop on Didier had. He cut short his usual goal celebrations to go and find Drogba. At the same time the likes of Kalou, Ballack and Ivanovic had words with Didier before Lampard got there. Once he reached Drogba the tv replays show that he had the ump and you can again lip-read Lampard this time still explaining himself and saying "You will probably get a chance to score later in the game!". We were 2-0 up at home and the oppo were now down to 10-men so surely Drogba could see that he would get chances in the game.

He resulting attitude for the rest of the first half was scandlous and pathetic. He strolled about the pitch with a sulk on, not interested at all and believe it or not at that stage with Ancelotti gesturing to him and shouting at him from the side of the pitch, I was wondering if he would re-appear for the second half.

John Terry was seen to have his customary "pop" at Drogba as we waited for a corner to come across, and this is something we have all seen happen before.

Just before half time Didier showed his frustration to us all by grabbing the ball just inside half way and hitting a shot well wide of goal from about 35 yards out with three players ahead of him. He had not got his way, had been had a go at by Lampard, Ancelotti and Terry and felt as though things were going against him.

So as the half-time whistle went and he ran off the pitch I am happy to admit i thought he should of been punished for his attitude towards his team mates and I stand by what I have said ... he was a disgrace.

This was the recently voted "Chelsea player of the year" as voted by the fans and speaking at the awards said "the team comes first on Sunday". It was no surprise why some fans out there booed him in the first half when they saw what was happening right in front of them.

It turns out Ancelotti told Didier to "shut-up" at half time and the rest of the team made sure he came out in the second half in the right attitude and we all know what happened.

Chelsea celebrate Didier Drogba's hat trick Barclays Premiership. Chelsea v Wigan. 09.05.1

Didier obviously realised he made himself look a complete idiot and embarrassed himself and everyone else. He came out with a point to prove and with re-newed focus and my god did he make a point.

He was on fire. His acrobatic overhead kick that lead to his goal was sublime. His header was fantastic rising majestically at the far post to head home. He was hungry and on form and when he is like that no-one can stop him.

As we all know he scored a hat-trick including a penalty that Lampard stepped aside allowing Didier to take. He could of even scored four in the game.

Didier said afterwards in the on-pitch interview to Skysports that "I made a mistake and the team was right" so at least he made a mense with an explanation that, i'm sure his conscience forced him to make. For me though I brought a sour feeling to a game where it should of been 100% celebration. Don't get me wrong we celebrated like the rest of you, but I still can't believe this ever happened.

Football - Chelsea v FC Barcelona UEFA Champions League Semi Final Second Leg

Didier Drogba Chelsea 2007/08

The thing is no one at Chelsea needs reminding. With Didier Drogba you get what you get. In some of our big games in the past something has happened that involves him as the two images above will prove.

If Didier loses his head, loses his focus in a game (normally a big game) then he can be the biggest liability of all. I know I keep harping on about it but Sunday was just the tip of the iceberg as far as Drogba is concerned and I know some people are saying maybe, just maybe, he could be on his way this summer.

I for one do not believe Drogba will be. If the stories break from world cup press conferences with supposed "quotes" from Drogba stating that he isn't happy at Chelsea and its time to move on, we will not be surprised as its par for the course with Drogba.

The thing is what Didier brings to he table is second to none in my view. When he wants it, when he is hungry and when he plays well there is no defender in world football who would love to play against him. He is unstoppable and again there is no one better and no one i'd rather have leading the line for Chelsea.

Its just a shame that it took a bollocking from Ancelotti and the players at half time to make him realise what he has done and what he needs to do in the biggest game of all this season.

I still can't get my head around it and never will but I guess that's the thing, Drogba is Drogba!.


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  1. We all make mistakes and behave like small kids. Difference between being a good person is that you admit your mistakes and move on. Thats what Drogba did and i am not angry at him at all... I do find it pretty annoying that ppl slate him like he was the worst idiot on this world. Have you never made a mistake or behaved like you shouldnt?

  2. he is only human.The good thing is he admitted that he commited mistake.

  3. @Josef

    I understand your point, but with the World watching and knowing it was the game that could win the team the Premier League title back still is a disgrace in the first half.

    Like I said, he made up for it in the second but it should never of happened in the first place!

  4. I agree that he was a disgrace in the first half but he picked him self up where some ppl wouldnt because of their pride. I would even go as far like hailing him for doing that. Shouldnt have happened in the first place but it did and he responded like a grown man...

  5. i felt the same he was behaving like a child!

  6. ok lets get real
    what are thee chances of Chelsea losing to a 10 man Wigan? thats below zero.
    it was 1-0 at that moment, so it doesnt matter if it was drogba or lampard, the game was over.
    And since drogba had the best reason to take it, it's just silly that lampard didnt let him. Indeed, the reaction of drogba was not right either, but understandable

  7. Frank should have said to him "you were`nt around in Moscow when we needed you to take a penalty ... why let you take this one now !" ...

  8. Lampard and Drogba had spoken earlier in the week and Lampard told Drogba if there was a penalty he could take it. So really Frank was the one being a dick in this situation.

  9. Leave Didier alone - we love him - he drives us mad, he makes us hate him and then bam he scores and scores and scores - and we win the league he is THE DROG!!

  10. It was absolutely embarrassing but that is DD

    We love him but he is an absolute child and that just proved it if anyone thought otherwise

    He wants titles but he also wants himself to have success more than anything

    If we had won 1-0 and Frank had missed that goal, you think DD would be happy? Doubtful

  11. Drogba had an agreement with Frank, otherwise Frank wouldn't have admitted he'd let Drogba take the next one, and whatever Ancelotti said was for the benefit of the press. The circumstances of the game would dictate if he took a penalty or not.

    How Frank could think the Golden Boot winner for the entire Premiership was going to miss a penalty against Wigan's semi-retired 3rd-pick keeper or that it would make a difference to the PL winners against a Wigan side with an abysmal away record when playing with all 11 men, let alone 10, I don't know. Drogba has scored penalties in the semis of the ACN and for his countr many a time. Frank's behaviour beggared belief in truth, especially when considering Drogba had unselfishly laid on the pass that led to winning the penalty in the first place.

    Try not to forget as well, Drogba went on to lay on excellent chances for other forwards, that they missed, in the remainder of the half, so while he was clearly unhappy, it didn't actually affect his game.

    He got his goal eventually with determined play with his overhead kick, then up and ready for the cross that he headed in, went on to make the pass that led to Cole's penalty, which he took, then was still hungry for more to follow up JC's parried shot.

    You complain about tantrums, but Drogba got his head right sufficient to score a perfect hat-trick with head, right and left. Meanwhile, the true tantrum is displayed on this and many other website by people who are still moaning days later and can't get over it.

    There's nothing wrong with Drogba, but I have to ask "What's wrong with you lot?".

    You guys really need to look at YOURselves long before questioning the best forward we've had since Greaves.




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