Jose's at it already! But does he have a point?

Ahead of our Champions League tie with Inter Milan at the San Siro a week tomorrow Jose's is being Jose' and has started to stoke th...

Ahead of our Champions League tie with Inter Milan at the San Siro a week tomorrow Jose's is being Jose' and has started to stoke the fires ahead of the tie. This of course is to be expected and let's face it we all want to hear what he has to say when it comes to his press conferences.

He said:
"You should have stuck with me if you wanted to win more titlesChelsea have suffered in the last two years, and it's no coincidence that their decline happened after I left. We had a unique relationship as a manager, players and fans, and when you break that, it's not easy to fix. They've had a lot of coaches since and maybe some didn't have the mentality for the club. Maybe they tried to change too much of what we put in place. I knew there was no time for a long-term plan with the owner they have at Stamford Bridge. You must win the title in your first season or say bye-bye. I gave them what they needed but I always knew it wasn't a job that would last forever. Maybe they would've been better off sticking with me than changing manager when they did."

Its got me thinking straight away that he has a point and Jose is right. At the end of the day he was sacked as Roman craved for attacking winning football. Jose provided that in our first season and to a degree in our second season but it was the third season / beginning of the fourth that was his downfall as Jose liked us to kill games off and hold onto a 1-0 or 2-0 win. 

I always remember at the time thinking we should really go for broke and murder these teams 3 maybe 4-0 like we did in the first season. We didn't and played in a cautious style at times and that cost him his job. 

But if you look at it and the way it has all panned out you have to ask the question, "Would we of won more titles?". I believe we would of done. Granted at times it wasn't pretty but Jose has always had a winning formula which he has taken onto Inter (Ok Milan have never really recovered from the scandal that rocked them a few years ago and Inter have gone from strength to strength) but the mentality he installs in his players inspires them and has taken them to the title once more in his first season and he is sitting clear at the top of Serie A in his second season. 

Look at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger. He inherited a strong team that were defensively solid and worked from that base through the midfield and attack. He won the league a few times with that formula but since then as the likes of Pires, Henry, Ljungberg have left he hasn't been close to the same success. He has opted more so (to me anyway) on flooding his midfield with technically gifted and attack minded players. Players with craft and flair and despite what we say out loud they do play fantastic football against the lesser sides in the League and in the Champions League. When it comes to the crunch they take a beating like they have in the last few weeks from United and ourselves. 

Jose always made sure we had a strong base to work from. Look at his back five in the first two seasons. It was Cech, Ferreira, Carvalho, Terry and Bridge. They hardly changed apart from Del Horno in the second season but we had a strong basis. Jose knew that if our attacks broke down he could rely on our defence to do the job. So if he went a goal up or two he would make sure we stayed strong and didn't slip up at the back. He made sure we were solid throughout the side and maintained our shape and maybe our performances did suffer, but we still won games and trophies. 

Let's face it we all know that Avram Grant did a good job when he came in to pick up the pieces. Scolari just didn't cut it and it wasn't really till Hiddink came into town that we started to play the way Roman has craved. 

So in answer to Jose's statement I agree, I think we would of won more titles. But we are now back on track under Ancelotti. Ok he is far more reserved that Jose is but it seems for the majority of the time so far he has got the job done and we are scoring goals but imagine where we could of been if Jose had stayed!


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  1. As a Chelsea supporter for over 40 years I agree with Jose wholeheartedly - it was the biggest mistake the club has made in my time. I haven't been back to Stamford Bridge since 20th Sept 2007 as a one man silent protest (for what it's worth). Roman has more money than most small countries but when it comes to football, not a clue - summed up by his efforts to push the ball home with his arms when we get near the goal. The rest of us are tryng to kick it, Roman! Once Inter sneak past us in typical Jose style, Roman can re-visit his 'beautiful football' philosophy and re-evaluate it.

  2. Jack fair point but I still think we have the quality to beat Inter Milan over two games especially as we have them at home in the second leg. It will be no means be a difficult challenge and I am sure Jose will make sure its a tough one.

  3. Arrogantio became bigger than the club. His own team - i.e. once some of Ranieri's began to leave, produced some of the direst football seen at SB for many years. I thank him for persuading Ranieri's players to win the league - I do not miss him one iota.

  4. Mark said Jose persuaded Ranieri's players to win the league - how to devalue the greatest achievement in Chelsea's history! A virtual unknown comes to a new league and country, re-shapes the team, instils the players and fans with a winning mentality, and you try to make it look like he did nothing other than ask the players politely to win? It is you who is arrogant, Mark!




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