Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea : The one that got away

Well got that wrong didnt I ? Don't get me wrong fair play to Man City. They worked hard and grounded out the result even though Shay G...

Well got that wrong didnt I ? Don't get me wrong fair play to Man City. They worked hard and grounded out the result even though Shay Given's penalty save from Lampard's pen went along way to achieving the end result, we never took our chances and we did have some great chances!!

Lampard's pen was the main one. Lamps went for power which is different as he usually places his pens into the corners, but Given dived the right way and made the save. Ivanovic headed over from a corner, Drogba near the end of the game should of scored but shot wide and he also headed wide as we were chasing the game. There were times when City's marking and grappling JT and Drogba in the box should of been punished but on the flip side I guess it happens all the time.

But one thing remains for me and thats my issues with Deco. At times today he played the simple right ball, BUT time and time again he lost the ball, gave it away and let's face it he was bullied out of midfield. Carlo Ancelotti here is a message for you from me Chelseadaft. "TAKE DECO OUT OF THE SIDE FOR GOD SAKE AND PUT JOE COLE THERE". Even when Ancelotti made changes to the side he still kept Joe on the bench and bloody Deco stayed on!!!

We started with the same side as I predicted and started off quite well. We took the lead when a deflected shot from Ivanovic was saved on his line by Given, the ball bounced out to the edge of the box and Anelka hit it hard and low, Given got his hand to it, pushed it onto Adebayor's back and the ball rebounded off of him and into the net.. (shame that for Adebayor eh?)..

City got back into the game when a cross came over from our right hand side and Cech came out and clashed with I think it was Drogba and didn't get a clean punch to the ball. The ball comes out to SWP who drills the ball into the box (now here is the debatable point) the ball flies straight at Micah Richards who puts both arms up together and the ball hits his arms, then reflects off JT to Adebayor who slots it into the corner passed the diving Cech. Should it of been allowed? Not so sure. JT and Chelsea complained but the ref was having none of it.

Their second goal was a free kick from Tevez. Cech did an Almunia and took a step to his right and then the ball went to his left and he couldn't reach it and the ball went into the corner. JT wasn't happy with Cech and looked like he made his feelings known.

After this happened as we are chasing the game Ancelotti took off Carvalho for Belletti, Ballack was replaced by Mikel and then JT had to come off with a knock to his knee.. So Malouda came on. Ivanovic and Essien were at the back in the middle, with Belletti and Cole either side. Mikel was the holding midfielder with Malouda and Lampard either side and bloody Deco behind the front two. We tried to get the killer pass and the final ball and when we did we just couldn't put it in the net today.

Like I said though, City worked hard and pressed us, closed us down and De Jong was like a man possessed to the final whistle. Yes we lost, but based on the chances we had any honest City fan would say we possibly deserved a draw, but you still have to stick it in the net.

Its another away game and three points that has got away. GUTTED!


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  1. Should of kept the same team as last Sunday. Bad decision to change ti.

  2. nah mate - city were the better side - we wanted it more - our work rate was excellent - i still think you lot will be champions, but we wil be hot on your heels hopefullly

  3. got to say you sound a better set of fans in defeat than arsenal ect,and your completely right deco was useless,didnt think we would beat you tonight but i think we maybe just deservedly edged it

  4. Great game though I'd say Chelsea were lucky to keep 11 players on the pitch and the moaning and whinging to the ref should have been punished. The ref pundit said micahs hand ball was ball to hand and the goal was fair and since he pulled his hands and arms within his body I agree, chelseas goal however came from a corner that WAS a goal kick so this made chelseas whinging like girls to the ref all the more irritating. The only disappointment as a city fan is we've cut your lead from the scum, let's hope we beat the scum at home to balance it out for you and best wishes for the title...I hope you win it

  5. we werebetter for 70 minutes (muppet)

  6. I am a City fan and I haven't come on to gloat.

    Of course I want my team to win, but I also come to watch good football.

    I have stood up before and applauded Arsenal, when they snotted us in their undefeated season.

    Anyway, back to topic...firstly can I say that Michael Essien, for me, is the finest player in the Premier League...period.
    I never ever thought I would see ANYONE outshine this guy; but tonight NDJ did. Unbelievable performance by the lad.
    We closed Chelsea down and they didn't like it, that's what won it for us. But what has differed from recent seasons, is that we now have players that can punish teams once the likes of NDJ win the ball, a la Tevez and Sweep.

    Give Anelka space and he will crucify you, hit him hard and close him down and he will disappear, which is what we did.

    Of course Chelsea fans will say that there was this incident and that, but if you are picking out potential controversial incidents, that surely shows that on the night, you were second best, doesn't it?

    I think what it does show to the rest of the Premier League, is that if you don't let Chelsea play, you have a chance...but that's easier said than done!!!

    Don't get me wrong, anyone who finishes above you will be Champions, although I highly doubt it.

    I don't hate United; I actually admire them and I can honestly say that I support them in Europe because I am a proud English Northerner, but this season, they will be a long way runner up to yourselves.

    I actually read a post on one of your forums last week calling for Ancelotti to be sacked! Honestly, you couldn't make it up!
    He was complaining about how robotic your performances were and there was no youth coming through, yada, yada, yada.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, although I don't think you will have any worries raising that League trophy come May.

  7. City fan here, great post with non-biased statement.
    By the way, I think that you guys are going to get the title from the rags anyway. I hope my City can finish 4th.

  8. No disrespect but give your head a shake mate.
    City were well worth the win and if it was'nt for Adebeyors OG then the scoreline would have read 2 nil. Don't claim Lampards missed pen was the be all and end all, had you scored and ended up with a draw you would have extremely fortunate.
    As an aside I still reckon you'll win the league and probably deservedly so.

  9. First two goals were both pretty lucky to be honest.

    Bar the first two goals, the pen for you and the free kick for us i dont recall both keepers having a decent save to make which says alot.

    I think we won the midfield battle today and u are spot on re: de jong and deco.

    A draw maybe have been a fairer result tho i do feel you leaving the pitch with all 11 players was slight fortunate!

    Anyway thats football, good luck for future games as none of us want the rags to finish top! BlueP

  10. Fellow Chelsea fans may wonder why I have decided to publish the comments that are mainly from the City fans, well I like the fact that majority want us to win the league first of all, and they agree with me about Deco.

    I do agree about the keeping 11 men on the pitch. We did seem to lose our heads mind you if it was the other way around wouldn't you lot?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and post comments. Come on Chelsea fans come and do more of the same!

  11. City fan here - quality game today and a great advert for English football...

    Great write up and some excellent comments as well...

    One Chelsea player who I thought was really poor today was Cech, certainly at fault for the free-kick but he seems to have lost confidence and doesn't seem to be as commanding as I have seen before (albeit only watching from a far) and his distribution was really poor

    Whats happened to him - just a bad day or is this something more fundamental ?

  12. We didn't grind anything out we were better, and as for things going un punished you should never have scored anyway it was not a corner!

    We played damn well today and considering we beat for me the best team in Europe at the moment we deserve credit.

  13. City were deserving of their victory and played out of the skins, (any team that hopes to get something out of Chelsea needs to).

    De Jong's performance was immense but the Chelsea midfield of Lampard and particularly Deco disappointed.




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