Match Report - Chelsea 2-0 Blackburn

Chelsea line up with the same team that started against Arsenal last week: Cech, Bosingwa, Alex, Terry (c), Cole, Essien, Lampard, Mikel, Ma...

Chelsea line up with the same team that started against Arsenal last week:
Cech, Bosingwa, Alex, Terry (c), Cole, Essien, Lampard, Mikel, Malouda, Anelka & Drogba.

Blackburn kick off with Chelsea kicking towards the Shed End.

49 seconds, Villenueva passes to Pedersen and he cuts inside the Chelsea box left hand side and fires a tame effort straight up into Cech's hands from edge of box.

2nd min, Chelsea have possesion inside Blackburn half and ball played out to Malouda who crosses half blocked and comes to Lampard on the penalty spot just behind his run, he spins and shoots and its blocked by the defender and put out for a Chelsea throw.

Bosingwa picks up the ball on the right and plays the ball out to Anelka wide right he takes a touch and level with the 18 yard box on the right he stands up a cross to the penalty spot and the on rushing Malouda runs onto it, and heads it powerfully in the bottom right hand corner. 1-0 Chelsea great header and great cross.

5th min, Blackburn thrown down their left hand side 10 yards from byline. Long throw comes in and Alex gets a foot to it and clears out of the box. Comes to Grella and he fires high over the bar.

7th min, Blackburn free kick wide left into box and headed clear by Lampard, ball played out wide right to Diouf and he crosses into the box and Ryan Nelson heads well over the bar from 8 yards and that was a free header!

8th min, Ball in midfield played to Lampard by Mikel just inside Chelsea half left of centre. Lampard see's a run down the left by Ashley Cole and plays ball over the top, Cole totally unmarked takes a touch and takes ball into left hand side of box and plays ball back square to Anelka, he side foots a shot from 7 yards and Robinson blocks it with his legs and the ball is cleared.

15th min, Warnock out left hand side 30 yards from goal plays a cross into Pedersen and he is beaten to the ball by Alex but the clearance comes out edge of box to Grella and he sets himself for the shot, shoots and the shot is blocked by Lampard who gets a cross and slides in and makes a great tackle.

17th min, Ball played out wide right to Anelka just inside Blackburn half, he gets away from one man and Givet comes across and makes a slide tackle but ball rebounds back to Anelka and he is free down the right, he looks up and plays the ball square to Lampard 12 yards out, dead centre inside box and Lampard slide foots a shot with his left foot and it comes back of the post and cleared by Blackburn.

17th min, Blackburn possession played wide right and Diouf crosses ball to back post and Samba heads over the bar from 6 yards.

20th min, Blackburn possession broken down on half way line by Cole and he flicks to Lampard who takes ball into Blackburn half left of centre, 25 yards out he plays ball wide left to Anelka who squares it first time to edge of box and Ashley Cole mis-hits it straight at Robinson.

26th min, Bosingwa picks up ball wide right 30 yards out and runs at Warnock, he cuts the ball inside edge of box and Warnock pokes a leg out and pulls it away, Bosingwa goes over and Referee see's the dive and books Bosingwa.

28th min, Drogba picks up ball 10 yards inside Blackburn half and lobs a ball over the top to on rushing Malouda, he takes it first time on his chest under pressure from Andrews, ball bounces down inside box left of centre 12 yards out and as Robinson comes out he flicks the ball with the outside of his left foot over him, ball heading into net but Givet gets back and clears off line.

Ball back out to Chelsea in midfield, ball played by Lampard inside full back to Ashley Cole inside box, under pressure from Diouf Cole goes down 3 yards from byline and nothing is given. Would of been harsh to award a penalty on that one you have to say.

30th min, Ball just inside Chelsea half in right back position for Blackburn. Ball played inside to Pedersen in some space. He strikes it from 30 yards with a slight deflection and Cech gets down to his left hand side and pushes the ball out for a corner which comes to nothing.

39th min, Chelsea camped in Blackburn half and have possession, comes to Essien 35 yards out and he hits one low down easy for Robinson to make the save.

42nd min, Blackburn have possession half way inside Chelsea half, Andrews plays ball out wide left to Pedersen. He controls and plays back to Tugay he cuts inside and shoots from 25 yards and its blocked & deflected wide for a corner.

43rd min SUB BLACKBURN. Nelson off - Doran on.



Chelsea kick off towards the Matthew Harding Stand.

46th min, From kick off Chelsea possession finds its way inside Blackburn half and played up to Lampard edge of box dead centre, he flicks it first time back past him and takes Andrews out of play. Ball comes to Malouda who hits it first time from left hand corner of the box and its high over the bar.

47th min, Khizanishvili has ball left of centre just on half way and plays ball over top to Warnock who takes a touch to bring it down, he is now inside Chelsea box wide left, he takes a second touch too far ahead of him and Cech comes out and saves at his feet.

49th min, Blackburn shut down Chelsea possession inside box and ball played out to right back position for Andrews, his clearance is blocked by Cole and Malouda picks up ball just outside box wide left 10 yards from byline. He plays into Drogba just inside him, he flicks ball back to Essien on penalty spot who swings at it and misses ball completley. Lampard follows up and under pressure from Warnock shoots high over the bar.


52nd min, Mikel picks up ball dead centre 35 yards out and plays into Lampard just inside Blackburn box, first touch lets him down and ball goes behind him, but under no pressure wide right of box he spins and takes ball towards byline, he fires a cross in across goal and Malouda slides in but can only direct ball back across goal to Robinson rather than into the net.

57th min, Essien has ball 30 yards from goal dead centre and plays ball out to the Chelsea right hand side to Drogba. He plays a cross in across goal and Cole is coming onto it back post, just as he tries to get clear of the defender, Andrews tugs on his shirt, Cole goes down again and ball runs out for a goal kick and nothing given. Replay shows definate tug on his shirt.

58th min, GOAL CHELSEA.
Ball played out wide to Ashley Cole and he is level with 18 yard box, He crosses into box and Malouda swings at ball and misses it. Comes to Drogba right of centre and first time plays it back square to Anelka. He hits it first time under pressure from two defenders and the ball hits the bottom left hand corner. 2-0 Chelsea.

60th min, Bosingwa 35 yards from goal wide right plays into Anelka 25 yards out dead centre. He tries to play in Drogba between centre half and fullback and its blocked, half cleared by Blackburn. Ball deflects to just left of penalty spot and Lampard beats the sliding tackle, and is on left corner of 6 yard box. Robinson comes out, Lampard hesitates and tries to knock it past him but Robinson gets a hand to it and forces Lampard wide. He tried to cross and overhits it. Lamps you should of hit it once you beat the defender and should of scored that one!

61st min Anelka has ball 30 yards out dead centre, flicks ball wide right to Bosingwa who plays it back square to Anelka and he takes a touch 20 yards out and shoots and its blocked for a corner by Blackburn. Corner comes to nothing.


67th min, Anelka has ball wide right and cuts inside into Blackburn box 14 yards from goal he goes to shoot and dummys, then plays square and Drogba shoots high over the bar from 14 yards dead centre.


72nd min, Terry plays ball upto Drogba who mis controls just inside Blackburn half and the ball rebounds out wide to Anelka. He carries the ball forward to edge of box and hits on wide right hand side of box across goal and it goes a foot wide past the post.

75th min, Warnock crosses wide left and half cleared by Chelsea comes out wide right to McCarthy who plays square to Tugay and he hits one down low and Cech gets low down to his right and makes the save.

79th min. Corner to Chelsea wide left. Lampard takes it and Drogba unmarked and under no pressure just infront of near post heads well high and wide.

83rd min. Drogba picks up ball just inside Blackburn half wide right and flicks ball past
Khizanishvili and he makes no attempt to play the ball and blocks off Drogba's run and Khizanishvili is booked.

83rd min, Cole has ball 35 yards out wide left, plays inside to Lampard and as tackle comes in he flicks the ball out to his right hand side and Essien hits it from 25 yards and Robinson dives to his right and makes the save and palms it wide right and clear of goal.

85th min, ball played out wide left to Warnock who is inside Chelsea box and he fires in a cross shot and its blocked clear by Cech. Ball comes back out to Blackburn and played back out to the left hand side this time to Diouf. He cuts inside into box 6 yards from byline wide left and curls one high towards the far post and curls just wide.


2 Mins added on time at end of half.

92nd min ball played into Anelka just inside Blackburn box wide right, he fires at goal and Robinson blocks clear off his line.


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