Match Report : Barcelona 2nd Leg

C helsea line up as follows: Cech, Bosingwa, Alex, Terry (C), Cole, Ballack, Essien, Lampard, Malouda & Anelka. Barcelona line up as fol...

Chelsea line up as follows: Cech, Bosingwa, Alex, Terry (C), Cole, Ballack, Essien, Lampard, Malouda & Anelka.

Barcelona line up as follows: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Toure, Abidal, Busquets, Iniesta, Keita, Xavi, Messi & Eto'o.

Barcelona kick off towards Matthew Harding end.

2nd min, Xavi out left to Eto'o and he cuts inside and fires a tame effort well wide from 25 yards.

**Eto'o is playing wide left, Iniesta wide right and Messi through the middle**

7 minutes into this one and Barcelona dominating possession already.

9th min, GOAL CHELSEA.
Cech long kick downfield from back pass from Terry and Drogba wins the header and heads it to Malouda wide left hand side. Malouda carries to near byline outside left hand side of Barca box. Plays back to Lampard left corner edge of box, back to Cole who cuts back outside and feeds Lampard edge of box again. His cross is blocked and ball deflected high in the air, Essien comes onto it and under pressure hits it on the volley left footed and ball flies into net off the under side of the crossbar and gives Valdes no chance! 1-0 Chelsea.

16th min. Its been all Barcelona again since the goal. Commentator states " I can't believe Barcelona won't score if the rest of the game carries on like this"

17th min, Ball comes to Lampard on halfway and he plays in Malouda down left again, he carries ball to Byline and plays back square to Lampard who shoots high and well well wide from the left corner of the box.

20th min, Anelka fouls Iniesta 35 yards out left of centre of pitch. Dani Alves strikes the free kick 5 yards wide and its easy for Cech to see off wide.

22nd min, Lampard plays ball over top to onrushing Drogba and he Valdes comes off his line and beats Drogba to ball and clears. Drogba would of been 1-on-1 with the Keeper there.

23rd min (1st Chelsea Penalty claim)
Cech clears another back pass and it heads wide left to byline. Malouda takes a wonderful touch and controls the ball. Takes Alves with him to byline and cuts back on himself on edge of box. Tries to get past Alves who pulls him back inside box and FREE KICK is only given and not a penalty. Replays show the pull back was in the box and should of been a pen.

Drogba takes free kick which is 5 yards from byline on left edge of box. Fires it hard and low round the wall and Valdes dives to his right and clears the ball off his knee for a corner.

Corner comes in and JT wins the header but it goes just over Alex's head rushing in on goal for the second header and the ball goes wide.

26th min (2nd Chelsea Penalty Claim)
Lampard plays another ball over Barca back four to Drogba who takes a touch and brings the ball down on the right hand egde of box. He heads diagonally inside the box, Abidal comes across him and first pulls his shirt back and then sticks out his left leg, Drogba goes down as he loses his control of the ball under the pressure from Abidal and ref gives nothing again!!

28 mins gone and Possession is Chelsea 31% Barcelona 69%.

29th min, Messi skips past three tackles and plays ball into Xavi who then finds Iniesta wide left now, he shoots well wide from left hand corner of box. No problem again for Cech.

**Iniesta now on left wing, Messi on right wing and Eto'o through the middle.

30th min, Alves booked for tackle on Cole.

30th min, Lampard catches Keita's elbow in the mouth and needs attention for a split lip.

36th min, Barca possession again, Messi wide left edge of box tries a cross come shot which is half blocked and Terry caught in two minds as it goes over his head. Cech comes off his line and catches the ball low down before Eto'o comes into attack it from the back post.

37th min, Messi gets past Cole wide right and plays a ball into the near post area, Cech out and smothers the ball once again before Eto'o can get there.

43rd min. Stat appears on screen. Chelsea total completed passes in first half so far 98 and have a 65% pass completion rate. Barcelona total completed passes in first half so far 254 with 84% completion rate. Tells its own story of the half.

**3 minutes added time at end of half**

45 +3rd min, Barcelona corner half cleared and comes out to Xavi who tries to volley towards goal from left of centre of pitch outside box, that shot is blocked but comes back to him and he shoots well wide.


2nd Half no changes from either side. Chelsea attacking the Matthew Harding this half.

46th min, Iniesta fouled by Bosingwa. Free kick Barca 25 yards out left hand side of pitch outside box. Xavi plays to Iniesta who has broken free from his marker as everyone expects a high ball into box, he lays it off first time outside box right down the middle and Alves hits high well well and into the Upper Tier of the Shed End as he is put under pressure straight away.

52nd min, Malouda picks up ball wide left and cuts ball inside to Anelka between two midfielders. Anelka takes a touch towards outside of box and as he is closed down by Abidal who has left Drogba unmarked at back of box, Anelka knocks it past Abidal to Drogba. He takes a touch inside box right of centre of the box and has Pique comes back across him to make the tackle he takes a touch back on himself to his left foot, Pique beaten so Valdes comes off his line, Drogba doesn't strike it clean with his left and Valdes blocks his shot with his knee from ten yards. Didier you should of scored that one!

55th min, (3rd Chelsea Penalty shout)
Lampard again plays to Drogba who spins Toure and takes ball into left hand side of the box, Toure and Drogba six of one and half a dozen of the other and Toure slides in and takes the ball and Drogba. Drogba goes down and nothing given. But to be honest he did take the ball first, then Drogba so can understand why that one wasn't given.

60th min, Messi to Iniesta wide left, Iniesta's cross is half blocked and comes to Keita 10 yards out behind him, he spins and volleys ball high over the bar.

64th min, Messi picks up the ball and dribbles across 18 yard line from right to left and shoots just over the bar.

65th min. ABIDAL SENT OFF.
Cech free kick halfway inside Chelsea half upto Drogba who wins header but takes a bang for his troubles and ball follows through to Anelka who has gambled on the header. Abidal comes across him as Anelka is though with the ball towards edge of box and Anelka goes down as Toure comes across on the cover. Ref gives a free kick to Chelsea and a straight Red Card to Abidal which i have to say looks harsh.
(Drogba now limping about and can't run properly)

Free kick taken by Lampard is tame and he hits it wide left.

Chelsea begin to sit deeper now since Barca playing with 10 men??? Don't know why as we should be imposing our game on them now. Commentator even agrees with me "Let's see if Chelsea now boss the game as they have the extra man"

70th min, Lampard shoots from outside box which is deflected and takes power off it and its easy for Valdes.

CHELSEA SUB: Drogba off - Belletti comes on.

73rd min. Essien booked for a foul on Iniesta.

76th min, Messi collects ball 35 yards out and skips between Alex and Terry. Alex brings him down and gets booked which means he will now miss the final if we get through.

Alves takes the free kick and again fires over the bar.

78th min,(4th Chelsea Penalty shout)
Anelka played in and takes ball into left hand side of centre of the box, Toure comes across and Anelka goes down, nothing given.

79th min, Alves cross is half cleared and comes to Pique 20 yards out and he wins the ball after a half heart tackle by Chelsea 20 yards out dead centre of pitch. Pique fires in a shot well wide to left hand side.

**Chelsea sitting more and more deeper as the half goes on**

81st min, (5th Chelsea Penalty shout)
Cech plays ball upfield and Malouda wins the header on the left half way inside Barca half above Alves, he heads into the path of Anelka inbetween Toure and Pique. Just inside Barca half Anelka can see Pique come across to him to block him off so he flicks the ball past Pique who is facing up to him side on with his left side of his body facing Anelka. As the ball is flicked past Pique it clearly strikes his right hand sticking out behind him and diverts the ball away from Anelka in the opposite direction and Pique clears the ball. Nothing given again by the referee!. STONE WALL PENALTY WITHOUT QUESTION.

84th min, BARCELONA SUB. Busquets off and Bojan on as Barca chase the game.

90th min, 4 mins added time at end of game as Eto'o is booked for a tackle on Belletti.

91st min, ball played upto Belletti who touchs the ball past Keita first time and he takes the ball towards goal right of centre of the pitch, Belletti looks up and shoots wide left from outside the box.

Alves is played in down right hand side and swings in a deep cross which is cleared (flick header away behind him) by Terry, comes down over Eto'os head inside left side of box and he tries to control it first time but miscontrols it, comes to Essien who misshits a left foot clearance straight to Messi left edge of box and he is closed down by Alex, Essien and Bosingwa so he plays it square into the D outside the Chelsea box to Iniesta and he shoots first time high into the top corner of the Chelsea net. 1-1. Cech no chance.

94th min, Chelsea corner. (6th and most blatent Chelsea Penalty shout)

(BARCA SUB: Iniesta off for Gudjohnssen) corner comes in as Cech jumps for it, ball comes out to Ballack who hits it on the volley as he is being closed down by Eto'o who jumps in the air as he spins in the air to block it. The ball strikes Eto'os arm full on in front of the referee inside the box and nothing given. Ballack furious as he chases the ref down the pitch and is getting into his face to complain. Ballack booked and will miss final if we score another goal at the end.

96th min BARCA SUB Eto'o off and Sylvinho on. Foul on Cole just inside Chelsea half wide left. Free kick taken high into Barca box and is cleared and thats it the whistle blows on tonights game and Chelsea's Champions League hopes for this season.

Terry, Lampard and Drogba are furious with the referee and Drogba even more so that the others, being restrained from the referee as he is shown a yellow card after the whistle. As the referree leaves the pitch he is still trying to get at him and is eventually stopped but then turns to the TV camera's and shouts "this is a disgrace! This is a f**king Disgrace" which i am sure will land him in big trouble now with UEFA. But he is totally right!

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