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Chelsea 1-0 West Brom - Your reactions?

Chelsea beat West Brom at Stamford Bridge 1-0 this afternoon with a goal in the first half from Demba Ba. It was a much needed three points and puts pressure back on Tottenham (who drop below us to fourth as a result) ahead of the North London derby tomorrow against the Arsenal.

Now I am stuck at work on shift and couldn't get to the game today so rather than read other reports I would like to hand this thread over to YOU the Chelsea fan reading this to give your reaction to the game, the three points and the atmosphere at the Bridge this afternoon.

So come on Chelsea fans, post away and tell answer me this question:
What is your reaction to Chelsea beating West Brom 1-0 this afternoon? 
Carefree & KTBFFH

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Purushartha Singh said...

throughout the game, something did not feel right. flashes of brilliance here and there from the creative trio and rami but otherwise, the team felt lost
in all honesty we were lucky west brom did not play well or this game could have ended the season for chelsea.
ba was isolated and did well for his first goal but too quiet for my liking
sad to see lamps miss another chance
not a good day for oscar, denied by three good saves by an inspirational keeper
luiz was good with passing but left the defence open a couple of times
should have ended on a greater margin if we played well.
my question, mikel slows down play, fine.
but when we were playing at the beginning of the season with mazacar wrecking havoc, no one complained about that, why cant we rotate the squad and let lamps rest a couple of matches. he has played way too many matches. i completely agree that lampard and mikel in cdm position is a no but we have to try and rest ramires and lampard and let mikel and oscar and luiz have a go at it. i wouldnt mind ake either. they will play better if you rest them for a while. also this was a perfect oppertunit for marin to play. he adds that wideness and swiftness.

Blueboy7 said...

CD, I know we have healthy difference of opinion occassionally but, just on a non Chelsea matter, why the significant change to the blog layout / operation?

I guess most of the regular users are used to ( and like ) the previous set up. Could this be why, unusually, there has only been one comment in 15 hours?

Your blog, your choice, but is it too late to press the undo button?

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