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Chelsea 2-2 Southampton: Benitez is to blame AGAIN!

More points dropped at Stamford Bridge and more cries of "We don't want you here" to Rafa Benitez after last nights game had finished. Chelsea had been counting on our game in hand to make up points on Manchester City and extend our lead over Tottenham in fourth but once again didn't make it count.

After the game, Rafa Benitez said:
"We should have won. On Tuesday, I said we have to be more clinical. We didn't take our chances. We gave them hope they could score, and they did. At half-time I said we needed a third goal, that we couldn't afford to make mistakes and let them have a goal. All we had to do was manage the game. But we didn't do that."
Now I personally have MAJOR issues with what he has said here. I do agree with the fact that we should have won the game, that is without question. The latter is beyond me.

He says that we should have taken our chances. What chances? You tell me apart from a half chance that Demba Ba had in the second half from a ball over the top from Mata that he volleyed over the bar, what other clear cut chances were there apart from the goals?

Frank Lampard put a shot wide in the first half but to be fair was being closed down and put under pressure so not clear cut for me. Demba ba's chest and volley wasn't clear cut. Lampard had a free kick in the second half that went close but didn't test the keeper and in the first half, a half hearted attempt by Oscar and Hazard combined brought us a corner.

Chelsea had THREE attempts out of 18 on target and it isn't good enough, especially at home.

He says that we needed a third goal and told the players that at half time? Why would you do that? Why can't you tell the players to keep doing what they are doing, to keep it tight and keep our shape without the ball? Why on earth does Chelsea need a third goal at home to Southampton before they feel comfortable? Why couldn't we manage the game, see it out and take three points?

Think back to the game. How many saves did either Goalkeeper have to make apart from pick the ball up out of the net twice? Chelsea didn't create enough clear cut chances and get themselves into good positions enough and it cost us again.

Forget all this bollocks about being under pressure at Stamford Bridge from the fans. It's bullshit. Chelsea were 2-0 up and comfortable but because of the idiot who is STILL in charge of our football teams half time advice, team selection and substitution, we dropped points.

Oscar is not a wide player so why does this idiot persist in playing him out there when Marko Marin who is a natural wide player is sitting on the bench? If John Terry is fit enough to be named on the bench, start him. Finally, when things haven't gone our way against QPR, Swansea and last night, he is STILL making the wrong substitutions.

Why bring Torres on and play him wide when Marko Marin is on the bench and why take off Lampard? The change to make was a straight swap Oscar for Marin. Can anyone else see that or is it just me? The blokes an idiot!.

As for Southampton? What a fantastic result for them. They played as a team, worked hard in their own half as a unit and had players who had one chance in the game and both of them took it. Lambert had all the time in the world under no pressure to place a header back across goal and into the far corner and Jason Puncheon who had the better of Ashley Cole for most of the game, scored a wonder strike after being allowed time and space to take a touch first, then volley the ball into the corner.

After being beaten at St Mary's the other week and to be fair, battered by Chelsea. This performance from them was a mature, organised performance and credit to them for taking a point back to the South Coast.

As for Chelsea under Benitez? Jekyll and Hyde from one game to the next.

I am NOT looking forward to the Arsenal coming here on Sunday!
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Carefree & KTBFFH!


Anonymous said...

support the team. in good or bad. otherwise shall keep in the manager reshuffles. dont call the coach an idiot

shafiqsazalli said...

I think i feel u mr CD.we all chelsea fans are being so emotional right now seeing our team in wreck.but y dont u as the official blog of cfc try to unite all cfc fans behind the team(and RB too) for one or two games at home.lets see then whether its true he toxic atmosphere at home is the cause of our team's malaise.maybe u should try posting an article rallying all cfc fans to stop booing n see how it goes.n if things still dont change,then we send him to the gallows!

Anonymous said...

This article has been written with a though in mind (Hatred of Benitez) and then been backed up with wild accusations, incorrect thoughts and needless insults.

I think was Benitez has said at half time is spot on. From the sounds of this article you seem to have underestimated a Southampton team that has now lost just 2 in 12. Thinking it is an easy game.
So of course you need to score a third goal in that situation. Any team there would have to.
And you need to keep you players grounded. Hence him telling the players to keep it tight at the back.

Perhaps you should take a leaf out of Southampton fans and back the player and manager though thick and thin. Saints have gone from 8 loses in 10, to 2 in 12, because of supporters backing

Wos Yank said...

Theres only two idiots involved that I can tell. Roman for thinking torres would come good if got rid of drogba, didnt replace him. Sacked di mstteo to bring rafa in to get torres going. Meanwhile, assuming tall along that he could buy pep. The other is the author of this crap piece of blogging. Your suggestion for a half time speech is to just keep doing the same and keep it tight? First off...the 2 goal lead was fortunate at half. We did not play well enough to deserve being up 2. Secondly, the game changed when southhampton bought on their top goal scorer. As for chances...you act like we had none....thats insane. Two free kicks in the second half, the ba volley, torres miss and a good amount of half chances and squandered opportunities to get the ball in or shots off.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Blogger!!!!! Why don't you rally round the team? How much will you contibute to hiring a new gaffer? When RDM was fumbling,can't remember you writing craps about him,or did you? Are we supposed to support Rafa or the team? You are only being sentimental and emotional here. Come to think of it,why do we always excel away and come to the Bridge to fumble? Am sure you are one of the Boo boys,GO GET A LIFE,BLOGGER!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

some respect please. Rafa is not an idiot aftall his wish is to help d team win matches jst as d wish of d fans.

Anonymous said...

He's not an idiot,and nothing shows that he's an idiot,blame our players dcus saying we needed one more goal doesn't mean you should play without defending your half,they are professional players and should v' known earlier that those long balls they were lobbing inn of late would have help us when Ba was leading the front line,and that's his favourate passes.Mr? the word idiot is too harsh,Why? if we had gotten the 3points nothing would have been said if not blueeeees but as we v' lost points fingers have started pointing.It's our team let's rally behind it what ever results,loosing those trophies,matchs or points can't our end and we will fight untill we get wha we want.

Nathan Smith said...

Lamard missed chances. Oscar missed a chance, Ba missed a chance. We have to be more clinical

Anonymous said...

Rafa benitez is a good coach,don't know what mr blogger is talkin about..

Anonymous said...

lolol rafa benitez a good coach?!? gotta agree w/ cd here. our beloved fat spanish waiter has made very questionable decisions. oscar is a CAM a CENTRAL attacking mid. why have him on the wing? why leave terry on the bench? get our captain out there when theres a lead to defend. what bout marin?
against QPR: as a manager you cant pick a team for chelse without mata and hazard with torres up top...
swansea: bit unlucky, but still very strange subs.
call me a boo boy, a hater whatev u want but benitez is a bloody poor coach.

Anonymous said...

I think the writer of this post is sick, get a life and support your team and manager. I wonder how chelsea will win at home with all this booing.

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