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I am asking the question to you all because he hasn't been sacked and it's as simple as that. I was expecting Roman to pull the trigger like many of you after watching Chelsea's decline once again this season but it hasn't happened and like I said, I will be honest I AM surprised.

I for one am jubilant at the news that there was a MASSIVE training ground bust up in front of Roman Abramovich between AVB, his staff and the players because to me, that's exactly what we needed.

I was reading a report in The Telegraph and a quote from this particular article reads:
Villas-Boas was so incensed by Chelsea's lacklustre performance that he called his players in on Sunday to the club's training ground to dish out some home truths.

However, the Portuguese was not prepared for the players' response, as the old guard gave as good as they got and laid into their manager, criticising his tactics and team selections and making it clear he is slowly losing the respect of the dressing room.
Listen don't get me wrong here, I am all for having respect and discipline within the squad but something had to be done and for this to happen in front of Abramovich is just what I wanted to hear.

Not because I want the manager out, it's because we need to clear the air between the manager and the players to move forward, Roman needs to be hands on with the players and his man in charge to find out what's going wrong and to help everyone move forward.

Right now, Chelsea are at their lowest point and need everyone to pull together. AVB needs to up his game and so do the players as AVB is NOT the only one to blame here.

The thing is, being a manager you HAVE TO BE a man manager. I just really hope that after what's been said on Sunday will have a major impact on the players and our manager in a positive way.

AVB your paid to manage this club and maybe Sunday was tough to take. It's time to listen, to prepare for a climb back up the table WORKING WITH YOUR PLAYERS.

If you are unable to do that, I expect to see someone else in charge very quickly. I hope it doesn't come to this once again, but it's time for you and EVERYONE to step up for our club and what we expect of you!.

Can he do it after all that has happened between him and the players on Sunday?


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