Liverpool fans. It's time to face facts!.

Image source: Sorry Liverpool fans but it's time you lot faced facts. Torres would never have left the club if you hadn...

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Sorry Liverpool fans but it's time you lot faced facts. Torres would never have left the club if you hadn't been a side in decline for the last two seasons and it's as simple as that!.

He isn't a local lad i.e Gerrard and Carragher so why on earth would he feel like any loyalty to a club that promised him Champions League football and a sustained title challenge each season?. He has seen the club in turmoil, selling their best players and replacing them with players who would struggle to walk into a mid table side and seen his chance of any kind of silverware slip away.

All I am hearing and reading about is how he has let Liverpool and it's supporters down but to be honest your club has let him down. Do you honestly hand on heart and deep down believe he would be playing for us if you had built on your second place finish a couple of seasons ago? Of course not!.

Fernando Torres scored 18 goals in 22 starts in the Premier League and 4 goals in 8 starts in Europe last season. It was his goals in the Premier League that bloody helped you lot qualify for the Europa League and let's face it, if you didn't have him last season, it could have been a whole lot worse.

I am sorry but it's there in black and white. I challenge you, the Liverpool fans reading this, to think about last season and what's happened in this and really with your footballing brains and not just your passion for the club you hold in your hearts, think about what I have stated already on here and tell me otherwise. He even gave you lot another chance by staying six months this season for christ's sake but nothing changed.

I am reading he is now a "Chelsea rent boy!", have seen the shocking pictures of your fans burning his shirt outside the ground on Monday night, read numerous articles posted on blogs and websites slating him for moving to a rich man's folley from the "family" he had at Liverpool.

I appreciate that it's in your blood probably more so than most in England and some of the lengths you fans go to, but can you honestly look on the pictures and footage of Torres' shirt being burned and feel better about the situation and about yourselves?.

It's easy for you lot to pick up on what Torres said last night talking to Chelsea TV. The key points that have rilled you lot have been:
I felt from last summer that I need to do a step forward in my career and for my ambition as a footballer. I am joining a team that is at the top level, there is not another level after Chelsea. I am joining with players like Chelsea have. I am joining with big names like Terry, Lampard, Drogba and Anelka and I can be part of this great team.

The Champions League is a big ambition and all the footballers want to play in it, it is a very important competition. But also Chelsea have the chance every season to win all the trophies that they play for, so when you have the chance to play in a team like this you cannot say no.
Looking at that, what has he done wrong?. He has stated the facts. He is saying that Chelsea are at the top level and have a chance EVERY SEASON to win all the trophies they play for. Sorry but at the moment, Liverpool do not and have not for a while now.

Fernando Torres has given three and a half good years at your club. So much so that he also spoke about Liverpool in that interview but it seems that the majority of your blinkered websites and reports have missed it or simply chose to ignore it. He spoke of Liverpool and said:
"I only have good words about Liverpool. They made me a top player and gave me the chance to play at the top level. I will never say anything bad about Liverpool, I have been very happy there, but now the history is different and I am playing for Chelsea".
Some day maybe, some of you will be grateful for the goals he scored, especially last season. I have to say I am sure Torres will not expect a warm welcome ever from Liverpool fans so their reactions will come as no surprise.

Torres is a professional football player who is in the game to win things. The simple fact remains. Liverpool are a long long way off from winning anything at the moment with the squad you have left an Anfield and that was even before Torres left to join us. Dalglish is a major step in the right direction and I personally believe Mourinho could be on his way to you in the summer.

From now on, Torres wants to be a part of a team and a squad that can and hopefully will offer him the chance to add to his European Championship and World Cup medals with Spain and fair play to him for doing so and for having the balls to move to Chelsea when he did.

We all know that players come and go in football and someday he will leave Stamford Bridge. For the time he is with us we will support him, cheer him on and sing his song as hopefully he can inspire Chelsea with his goals to the Champions League and Premier League glory in the time he is at the club.

You lot bang on about your history more often than we all like hearing but I guess, and I will state another fact on here, at the moment it's all you lot have got to cling onto.

It's signings like Fernando Torres and what he brings to the table that (hopefully) will continue to write OUR history.

Time for the Liverpool fans to wake up to the facts and to reality and move on and get behind someone like Suarez who will probably score more goals for you lot than Torres did anyway in time. Or will you continue to live in the past and look forward to days like Sunday at the Bridge to have a chance to ridicule and castigate someone who has played an important part especially last season in your recent past?.

I really really hope the people that were pictured burning that Torres shirt sit and watch the game wherever they will be on Sunday and I really hope that they see Torres score his first goal for our club. I really hope it kicks those people in the teeth simply by doing what Torres is paid to do.

Wake up, deal with it and move on!.

He was a red but now he's BLUE Torres, Torres,
He left the Kop, he loves the SHED, Torres, Torres,
He used to go out on the rob, but now he's got a proper job,
Fernando Torres, CHELSEA'S number 9!

They thought he'd always be a red – Torres! Torres!
You'll never walk alone he said - Torres! Torres!
They bought the lad from sunny Spain,
He scored a few then grew a brain
Fernando Torres – Chelsea's new number nine!




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