Jose Mourinho was charged yesterday by the FA for improper conduct in relation to the game at Villa Park last Saturday evening. Although ...

Jose Mourinho was charged yesterday by the FA for improper conduct in relation to the game at Villa Park last Saturday evening. Although he will not face a touchline ban for his sending off, he has been charged for re-entering the field of play and will more than likely face a fine of around £8,000 - £12,000.

Now, it's good news that he will not face a touchline ban first and foremost because at this stage of the season, that is something we could do without.

As for the actual charge? I am confused because how many people were on the pitch after the Ramires tackle? Did we not see the Villa bench up and on the pitch? Did we not see Paul Lambert on the pitch alongside Mourinho trying to calm things down? So why has our man been singled out by the FA?

The answer to the question relates to after everything had calmed down. Mourinho came off the pitch with everyone else, back to the bench and then Ramires received the red card from Chris Foy. At that moment, Mourinho was talking with the fourth official and then went over (along the touchline) to speak to Referee Foy. He asked to speak with him, he didn't respond, so he walked onto the pitch to try and speak to him and that's when he decided to send him off and the FA fine him. It was that moment right there!

What a joke! I can't believe it to be honest and if you ask me, the FA must be thinking to themselves well Chris Foy has put us in this position and I guess we had better do something to show that we back his decision so we will come up with this charge! What bollocks!

If we look at the incident again, the game had not re-started. There were Chelsea players trying to speak to the Ref about his decision to send Ramires off. Mourinho standing on the sideline, gestures to Foy to have a quick word and he ignores him (again while the game has not re-started) so he walks two, maybe three paces to speak with him.

What an absolute nonsense from Foy and the FA here. If anything, maybe Chris Foy should take a look at other Referee's who would have agreed to speak to Mourinho at that moment to calm the situation down and then get on with the game rather than have to deal with all this crap days later.

As I said, at least he hasn't been given a touchline ban!

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