Academy Highlights: U18's defeat to Southampton

Last Saturday the U18's fell to back to back defeats at the hands of Southampton. Manager Viveash made 7 changes from the team that l...

Last Saturday the U18's fell to back to back defeats at the hands of Southampton. Manager Viveash made 7 changes from the team that lost to West Ham last week. Collins was in goal with a back 4 of Tomori, Brady, Clarke-Salter and DaSilva. The midfield was Houghton, Colkett and Palmer with the forward line of Cole, Mitchell and Kandi.

Chelsea started the game well creating some good chances with Reece Mitchell coming close with a header and Charlie Colkett screwing a decent opportunity wide but the good start wouldn't last for long and Southampton started to assert themselves and the game would become more even. With chances few and far between the deadlock would get broken by Southampton just before the break as they found space on the edge of the Chelsea box and a quick lay off and shot saw the ball fly past Collins.

Charly Musonda came on at the start of the second half for Clarke-Salter and it would of course be a change that would give Chelsea some impetus and they would start positive with Palmer driving forward and Mitchell earning a free kick that turned out a bit soft from Colkett. But Chelsea would find themselves further behind as some scrappy football around the Chelsea box saw Chelsea unable to clear and Southampton lifted the ball over the back 4 to an on running player who would volley again past Collins.

It would then be Chelsea's chance to score after Kasey Palmer was fouled in the box and Charlie Colkett would step up to take the penalty and score that penalty to bring Chelsea once again within touching distance of Southampton. Chelsea would then push for the equaliser with Kasey Palmer having 2 good chances put not testing the keeper enough. Top scorer Solanke would then come very close to scoring from a corner only being kept out by a defender hitting it onto the post and then somehow stopping it from going over the line.

Mitchell and then Musonda would both have chances to score but again could not get the contact on the shot that was needed and Chelsea ended up losing the game 2 -1 and will have felt that they should have at least got something out of the game. Highlights of the game are here:

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  1. the fans cannot support things they disagree with! We are not slaves or robots programmed to agree with every decision made! The biggest problem is the silence and I for one have gotten fed up with it and am taking a break from CFC after 40+ years. I refuse to be nothing!!!

  2. Like Ronaldo did after a couple of seasons in the Premier League, Hazard has gotten used to the physicality. It also sounds like he's putting in the extra effort, I heard during the commentary that he spent extra time practising finishing inside the box of late, and this is exactly what I wanted to hear.

  3. I really like Chelsea,but their kits is in spur color

  4. I agree with Mike. I don't know what Jose sees in Rooney that he can't get from other people. If he comes to Chelseafc,he will be getting the same if not more than the 250,000 Pounds he is earning at United. At 29,he is not worth that.

  5. I do not think Rooney will move now and to wait for a year or two does mean we are buying or overpaying a player nearing the end of his career. The tremendous energy Rooney uses up each game will not be possible in 2 or 3 years time. He will slow down and not be as effective. I think we should splash the cash on a proven goal scoring striker now.

  6. rooney is a big nono for Chelsea, going on 29 and past his best-we dont need another old man-it would madness to sign him next season.

  7. Enough transfer rumours flying around to do my head in! I think that without a goal scoring striker we will make the top 4 but not win Premiership or European Cup, although almost every striking option will be now Euro Cup tied?
    I read so much criticism of our attackers that it their selfishness that prevents our strikers from scoring but if almost every chance created is missed by one of our striking three options then I forgive them for trying to finish the moves themselves

  8. If chelsea sign no player now,it will affect the team. Our strikers are not scoring goals,we need someone who can come in and do that for us. I know we can't get a top striker but we should go for someone who is better than Eto and ba when it comes to goal scoring. We still have Lukaku who we should be expecting to come in after this season and take the main striking role.

    Eto and Ba should be released at the end of the season and the new striker we buy now plus Torres plus Lukaku should be our main strikers.

  9. Sorry Mikel for missing the Africa Best Player. Better luck next year. You should not let this affect you,let it improve you and your game.

  10. I read that and I can see it happening. Check out my post a couple of days ago on Rooney.

  11. Interesting article in the Telegraph regarding Jose waiting for Rooney in the summer.
    What are your thoughts Daft??

  12. Ramires has a completely different skill set to the others you mention and neither Oscar nor Willian are natural replacements for him. However, both needed to be on the pitch and the substitutions proved correct. Try not to let your love for Mata and dislike of Mourinho cloud your judgement.

  13. Mata had every right to be pissed. He was working fantastic with Hazard with the tiki-taka connection and look to score but Schurrle wasn't in the game and Chelsea's mid always work with 3 midfielders so if 1 is off, both fail and thats why both Mata and Hazard found it difficult to get the final touch and score. EG: If Hazard has a bad game, then Oscar and Mata won't be effective. Mourinho did have to bring in Oscar and Willian but not subbing Mata, Schurrle and Ramires both had terrible games(Ramires in fact) and I was shocked Ramy wasn't subbed. If Mata knew he wasn't in the game, then he wouldn't complain but he was furious knowing he had a good game and was subbed 7 mins after the 2nd half. Even the fans/commentators were shocked. Mata has been professional when being interviewed about his chances and today if I was him, no matter if both subs did score and win the game I would also be pissed. The only one that actually isn't selfish and can work with our strikers and he's treated poorly by Mr.Manager

  14. Is it really because of the game? Besides, I think JM should have withdrawn hazard instead of him.

  15. I haven't seen the game as yet, But was the defence more balanced without Ivanovic?

  16. Another big win.. i can hear ,, sound,..maybe?

  17. Chelsea haters...we dont care what you guys why bother us

  18. Yet City have now added clicking away, to already having clicked at home.
    But by all means, keep waiting for Chelski to click...

  19. Cech
    De Bruyne-Mata-Hazard

    Subs: Schwarzer, Bertrand, Schurrle, Willian, Ba, Oscar, Essien.

  20. Up Chelsea! #KTBFFH

  21. All that matters is what goes into the record books!

  22. I wish all of you a prosperous new year :-) #KTBFFH

  23. Good win over Man were outplayed.....fluke goal at the end.

  24. Cech

    Azpi, Cahill, Terry, Cole
    Ramires, Mikel
    Schrulle, Mata, Hazard

    Schwarzer, Kalas, Essien, KDB, Oscar, Willian, Ba

    Go to 4-4-2 2nd half if it not going to plan

  25. just think what will happen if the refs stop to click for u

  26. play cole not azapilaqueta

  27. TarunFloydHasselbaink9 February 2014 at 10:49

    We need to totally overhaul our attack..
    Eto'o is crap..i would sell him on ebay if i could..
    yeah he scored in the game..but he should have had another one to his name when hazard set him off with just the keeper to beat..
    Even in the game against swansea he should have had a couple..
    And the madness regarding the suarez incident..well that was silly and unecessary..and it WAS a penalty..
    our attack has been piss sorry but thats the truth..its frustrating..
    with the kind of service they get from oscar and hazard and mata..we should be clear on the top of the pile..
    Torres..sadly its time to call it off now..all of us blues faithful have stuck by him and always wanted him to do well..
    The club has brought in an amazing wealth of talent..changed managers (including bringing the most despised one at the bridge)..let players go who have scored more individually then our front 3..
    enough is enough..
    He loves atleti and atleti loves him..maybe we could use him as make weight to get costa..
    As for Ba..i would like to see him play more..he is better than the other 2..
    i really hope we get costa or lewandowski (though that is not happening)
    and the 48m for higuain..??
    Not worth the hefty price tag will ruin him..and dont we have a wonderful history in that regard..!
    Lets hope we get costa and bring the title home..
    KTBFFH and wish you all a happy new year..!!

  28. one things for sure Oscar is the best #10 for the system we're playing and Cahill, what a buy he was - for what was it? 10 million, 7? it was low compared to what he's bringing.

  29. TarunFloydHasselbaink9 February 2014 at 10:49

    Yeah Oscar has turned it on this season..and the sliding tackles are just breath taking..Yo would never have expected that..!!
    He's top notch..
    though its come at the price of Mata's Confidence..We all would agree Mata's confidence has taken a hit and he is not the same player we saw for the past 2 seeasons..
    our Midfield is very overcrowded and the smart thing to do now is selling a player or 2 (right now i dont think anyone appart from KDB will be sold)
    Now is the right time we make use of our depth..and Rotate the players..with games to come thick and fast...

  30. I have moaned enough about our performances, this was Chelsea as I want to see them every week. Forget the "expert" ex Liverpool commentators about possible penalties, they are so biased it is almost criminal. It still does not cover up however that to win the league WE NEED TO BUY A GOAL SCORING STRIKER

  31. First and fourmost,what a great game from start to finish,,by both side,s,,,all 22/28,player,s should be congratulated,,,most CFC fans have been waiting for a performance like this,all season,,,we,ve seen it in patches,,but not for the whole game,,,it,s hard to pick any one player out,,but agree with CD,that,Cahill had a great game,,Hazza,,William,,,if I had to pick any,would be up there,,,but for me it,s JM,,who must take the credit for this display,,,,got the balance of the side,and the subs,,spot on for me,,,as well as the sideline antic,s,,,we have to give it to the special one,,the magic,,which we were beginning to think,was fading,is still there,,,pundit,s as usual are moaning about this foul,that foul,,etc etc,,,but for me,,we see most of this week in week out in the prem,,,,some are given,some not,,and we had our share yesterday,that were not given,,,ie the constant knee in the back,by Skirtel,went unseen,,,I hope we continue in this way for the rest of this season,,but it is CFC,we are talking about,,so who know,s,,,,,I still think ,it,s gonna be Man City,,CFC,,,Arsenal,,who are going to slug it out,in what order the finish is,,,,anyone,s guess,,,just hope it,s us...KTBFFH

  32. don't forget that mata was main chelsea man during rafa and the previous manager era.

  33. I agree with Mr Chelsea. What has Mata done with the chances given. Let us be sincere to ourselves, everytime JM has included Mata can we say for certain dt he brings somtin we do not have in other players? Mata is good. Oscar is better. Simple!

  34. lfc fan here and i think your right with your assessment cissokho is an accident waiting to happen ,still think we will end joses record today

  35. You are a deluded fan. Talking about Jose benching mata isn't right? Apart from the Tottenham game what did mata do when given the opportunity? Infact we have lost games even when is playing. We support Club not Players. Is he the only good player that has been benched?

  36. Enrique and Flanagan are absent, Cissokho will start at left back. I'm clueless?

  37. your a silly lilttle man. I hope your plan doesnt go out of the window when you realize that their 3rd choice LB isnt playing and we have no pace upfront or in midfield. Think about it. Oh and Sakho weaker than Skrtel? Mate your clueless.

  38. Definitely true but old boy Johnson can be exploited by Hazard also. We need to keep spaces tight in front of our own back four in order to prevent the one-two's Liverpool have been playing recently. A lot of energy is required and we need to name a physically strong midfield to boss the game along the lines of the Arsenal game. A must win game!

  39. haha.. well try to analyse the match without putting bias. if you are a chelsea fan you will be more likely to predict in your team favor, well if you have seen jose tactics this season he is still searching for the best starting 11 for his team, benched a player like Mata with an excused of lack defensive display...
    as both team played on Thursday chelsea who played against arsenal on monday, physical level will be a concern. liverpool have not lost in 6 match against chelsea, lets hope for the best.

  40. Of course they can win it. They looked quality against Citeh who are as good as it gets. They managed okay without Suarez at the start of the season and have been superb of late. On their day Citeh and Liverpool will beat anyone. Arsenal are looking consistent and, to be honest, if Manure, Everton and/or Spuds gain momentum then I fear for us grabbing fourth spot.

  41. No they can't. Even Jose himself just said it to praise liverpool and their coach so that they can feel happy. But if not Jose knows, liverpool fans, players, can't win the Epl but they can challenge for the top four. So i think Jose just said it to praise Liverpool. No disrespect to liverpool you will finish in the Top four this season.

  42. OK, take Suarez out of your team and you aren't anywhere near the top four. Who have you beaten lately? Anyone in the top four? Your next 4 games will define your season.

    It's a marathon not a sprint. You can't win the Premier League at Christmas.

    Let's see where we are in May!

  43. this is bsaed on the fact that liverpool will lose these two fixtures, IF Liverpool can take something from the City match and I believe records are for breaking, Chelsea still have to beat both Arsenal & Liverpool so be careful watch you wish for!

  44. Funny how you keep saying that, is it because you have no HISTORY to keep banging on about?

    Why not try actually giving a decent retort to comments rather than quoting crap all the time.


  45. I think Chelsea will finish above Liverpool, you have a better squad, but IMO City are better equipped, but the arrogance is breath taking. One game at a time people!!!

    And I bet you will be scoring more goals once the check book is brought out. That's what mouranus does, he can't do what Benitez did for you so has to buy success. It's amazing to think what Benitez achieved in such a short period of time at Chelsea - he would have guaranteed you the PL and CL this season had you kept him, I would put my house on that. Arsenal will beat you on Monday and you'll be 3 points behind LFC still !!!

  46. We will see come end of the season. I will say this, we are stop start and not playing as well as we could and were level on points with you before you played yesterday.

    Just wait until we really start playing and scoring goals for fun!

  47. Bore off with that one - how on earth was I reliving anything with that post? That's quite an ignorant retort, reminiscent of what mouranus would say to be honest and it gets really boring now.

    I think you'll find that City are creating the new histories in the PL, not Chelsea anymore. As for Liverpool I'll keep my powder dry till May when the honours get dished out. That's what you should be doing rather than making bold predictions. You probably did that before the stoke game and look what happened. I must admit that result made me spit in my pants a bit

    Humility son, that's what Chelsea sadly lack in spades, and that's why most people think Chelsea are a bunch of c****

  48. Given just how leaky Chelsea are Liverpool will still fancy their chances, could be a cracker of a game, ditto City game for that matter.

  49. This is hilarious. Chelsea are struggling to even score at the moment and are shipping goals. Arsenal will give you a massive fight and Swansea are no mugs. Any weakness and Suarez will exploit it. You point out the absence of Gerrard but he is past it and most Liverpool fans recognise this. The fact is Liverpool are scoring bags of goals and have the best player in the premier league. You should be worried,

  50. 19 goals in 12 games now, plus 5 assists.

  51. "Creating History, not reliving it!"

  52. "Creating History, not reliving it!"

  53. rememeber when Liverpool beat Chelsea in 1986 with a kenny Dalglish goal to win the league that was the old chelsea , kerry dixon , pat nevin, seems its all about who has the most money now the glory is gone.

  54. I see your point, but you're talking as if you have the 3 points in the bag - dangerous. Spurs did that and then looked what happened....

    Besides, you're also talking like Swansea will be a cake walk as well - dear oh dear!
    Your manager is really average, the quintessential cheque book manager if ever I've seen one. Unless he can spend a shed load of money, he fails. What excuse I wonder will he have next - you've got Ba, Torres, etoo and mata and he can't get the best out of them- poor, poor manager IMO and he has already said Chelsea might not get a trophy this season - rolling out the excuses early doors as he does. Put it this way, it proves beyond doubt how much better Benitez is - and you missed a trick by not extending him and going for mouranus .... Amateurs!!!

    We'll see what happens on 29th, either way I think you can safely say that Chelsea will not win the league this season, and look forward to arsenal spanking you on Monday. Trust me, they will do you 3 or 4 nil, your defence is shite as is your manager

  55. Its the toughest fixture! 2 best squad in the EPL with excellent home record, hopefully we get something out of it.

  56. Suarez loves pressure ,also liverpool are away from home so wouldn't be to botherd about weather we have got the pace to last in the title race, and also liverpool are playing a lot better football than Chelsea , but if you want to make Chelsea favorites that's fine by us liverpool fans!

  57. Judging from the conversations I've had with other fans it seems a lot of people are thinking along similar lines, it's an opinion that's becoming more popular in relation to recent events as well.

    Even though the press are busy creaming their jocks over Ozil I still think Mata is the best number 10 in the League and one of the best in Europe, so it's quite ridiculous that Mourinho has him parked on the bench much of the time.

    All I'm waiting for is the 'Cult of Mourinho' to turn up and say we're all wrong, like he's some sort of deity. Probably the same sort of people that say you can't question the manager but all they did was question the likes of Scolari, Villas-Boas, Bentiez etc etc

  58. Mastermind has spoken : "To be a team that plays very good football is an important step. To be a team that plays good football and wins a lot of matches is a more difficult step"

    I have to agree on that..its difficult as it is specially when media and pundits are after you...its the most difficult.

    Hope to see good defensive work there, anyone here wont mind a 0-1 result in our favour.

    Please Mr.Manager, select the best possible 11 who gel, pass and aren't SELFISH :/


  59. when others Manager working good tactics for their team JM construct media speech! from the begin of the season i watch chelsea Match with High blood pressure Pills, before introduce a pattern to play you must understand that did i have a player to that? JM made a mistake buy a player that does not inform { Etto] just play another player like BA or Torres

  60. I repeat there is a deadlock in our team no matter who plays
    The deadlock which i am talking about is :


    Dunno which one is true.

    Also yes, we need unselfish players and selfish strikers in our squad

    Unselfish : Those who cross, pass forward.
    Selfish : Hazard,Willian and Oscar

    Best 11 :

    Azpi-----ANY 2 of Iva/terry/Cahill/Luiz---Cole
    ------------Mikel (Yes MIKEL)---Ramires--------
    Schurrle------------Mata--------------KDB / Hazard (if he crosses)

    Subs : Mark, Oscar, Lamps , Willian, Ba

    With Torres and Mata in free role, no defending role whatsoever.

    Dont know what...a bit delusional at the moment :( ... Worst Win record at the moment in Roman Era :(


  61. Forget whether our strikers are good/not good, we need to build defensively from the back. We are conceding too many stupid goals, especially from set pieces.

    The best we have played in recent games was in the second half against Southampton when we reverted to a 4 - 4 - 2. We moved the ball more directly, instead of playing tippy-tappy in front of their (well organized defence).

    Willian just passes the ball back - does not pose a threat to organised defences.

    Cech looks vulnerable - does not want to come out, and I think that is affecting the confidence of the defence (especially at set pieces).


    Azi Ivan Cahill Cole

    Ramires Luiz

    Hazard Oscar

    Torres Mata

  62. I think Jose knows only 6-7 players who deserve a run of matches if they're not injured. Cech, Ivanovich, Terry, Ramires, Azpi, Hazard and Oscar are pretty much the main players. I'll start from the back four, now we've seen him switching among Luiz and Cahill and Terry at the CB positions, but still I think he prefers Terry over anyone for big matches and its reasonable. In the defending midfield, we usually see 2 players, usually its Ramires with Mikel/Lampard/Essien, I think the choice between the three is more of a tactical one, whichever suits the situation best . But still Jose has a choice between Essien and Mikel, I don't know which one he prefers though, but right now both seem to be in a decent form so I wouldn't really worry about which one Jose picks. The attacking midfield is tricky, so many players, all of them are good but each one of them brings something different to the table. KDB hasn't really impressed yet, but Jose still has Schurrle, Willian and Mata. That's a really hard choice to make, add Hazard and Oscar to the mix and it becomes even harder. But you'd think someone like Jose would be able to manage this, and I'd say he has, I don't think the attacking midfield is a big problem, maybe they don't feed the strikers enough but they have got the talent to make up for that by scoring themselves. I just think they need to be more efficient in front of the goal. If the striker is in a better position, no doubt they should try to feed the striker. But I think the problem here is about chemistry between players, they don't know when the striker wants the ball because they keep getting shuffled around and as do the strikers, so there's not much coordination going on. This can be fixed by choosing a fixed squad so that they can develop their chemistry. But then, the flip side is that we have a young squad with great potential, the rotation ensures that any player who plays good gets a chance to build upon their last performance and become better which is what Jose came to the club for, he came here to build a squad that destroys teams. I think they need to fix the chemistry problem on the training ground, its going to take time but the end result will be worth it. We should stay patient, I believe this squad will get better under Jose. KTBFFH

  63. I don't believe that squad rotation is the problem .It is how Mourhino is using the players ,.Our squad is suited to 4-4-3 as its default option ,. Instead of focusing on the rare chances our strikers get and then miss you have to look deeper and think how they are being supported ,and all the tracking back they have to do ..
    For instance when the ball is on the right I want to see Hazard right inside the area with Torres . De Bruyne should be in a mid 3
    And think what are liverpool doing for suarez that we are not doing for Torres etc ..
    The problem lies with Mourhino ..If Benitez was coach with these posts he would have been hammered without mercy ..Dare I say it ,but with a squad like we have Mourhino is out oh his depth and narrow comfort zone .

  64. In my opinion, we need a defender, a midfielder and a striker.

    Defence - Personally, I think our two best centre backs are Ivanovic and Terry, but Mourinho is convinced for some reason or another that Iva is a RB. While he is reliable and can do a job there, he can't cross to save his life. Any modern day full back needs that in their locker! Luiz I have tried giving the benefit of the doubt on numerous occasions, but the guy is just not a defender!

    Midfield - We have no class in midfield, You have Rami who is our engine box to box man and think he is fantastic, but we need someone playing next to him that has the ability to start a move, spot a killer ball and be able to execute it. As much as I love Frank, he just can't do this, fantastic at getting in the box at the right time and nicking a few goals for us, but we simply need a deep lying playmaker in that position.

    Striker - Now I don't think I really need to go in depth on this one to be honest! Ba mid table player at best! Eto'o simply not who he was and Torres unfortunately career ruined just before he came to Chelsea due to injury. We need a world class front man and it is as simple as that!

    I honestly believe if we got a player in each of these positions, it would simply enhance our attacking style and get results. The key one for me is that midfield man I think we need. As I said, someone who can spot a pass and start a move, someone in the mould of Xavi, Pirlo etc.

  65. In the Chelsea squad I see like a dilemma. We need Hazard and at the same time, he is the one who never play Torres.
    I think He's got a big head and the Manager needs to talk to him in order to focus his energy or put him on the bench for a while.
    Another poor performance we have currently is Petr Cech. So, the starting Eleven for me would be:
    Swartzer , Azpi, Cahill, JT, Cole, Ramires, Luiz, Oscar, Mata, Ba and Torres. (4-3-3).

  66. Best 11 in my opinion:

    Cech - Azpi, Cole, Terry, Luiz - Lampard, Ramires - Mazacar - Torres

  67. certainly the number of times they were in better places to score than our shooting midfielders is MORE than they missing presentable chances...

  68. I do think that by now Jose should know his best 15 or does he think ALL the squad are not up to the job?
    I agree that the "providers" to the strikers are not giving them full service and appear selfish BUT after seeing chance after chance missed by all 3 strikers I cannot blame the providers for giving up and trying themselves. Such a waste of opportunity after opportunity.

  69. And how many times have we seen Torres, Ba and Eto'o played through on goal and miss very presentable chances?

  70. Lindsay Skipworth9 February 2014 at 10:50

    I believe we should play 433. It's good enough defensively and in attacking.

    LW will be hazard which will work well because it means he doesn't have to get back like he has been doing in the 4231. He will be playing as a left winger which is his best position for him and what he is best at.
    Striker: Torres because he is good as a lonesome striker and has been the better of the performers this year.
    RW will be mata. This was where he used to play when he was at Valencia . As it has been expressed by Mourinho and the media, mata does not get back enough to help out the defence, so playing as a RW means that he doesn't have to get back because it is not required.
    Now to the midfield
    The centre midfield will be the more attacking one out of the three, oscar will be the player. He will be great there because he has proven that he can get back and support the defensive midfielders but can also play as a great CAM. The two players next to him are more defensive, I think ramires and lampard. The 433 means that ramires can still make his runs up the field because there is cover in the back with lampard and oscar tracking back. Lampard can play as his genuine box to box style. To the defence now. LB cole cbs luiz and terry and finally RB as ivanovic.
    This formation will suit chelsea because all the players in the starting line up are playing the roles they are used to and are best at. It will still keep the counter attacking style too.

  71. If we can get him for £20m on maximum 150k wages, Id accept, otherwise leave him at Man Utd, I feel Rooney wants to play for Chelsea but as some1 already stated, they under no pressure to sell, and Rooney will have to give everything either way as its WC year!

  72. -----------------------cech----------------------------

    I have been saying for months that if we want to have the perfect winning combination, then luiz needs to be moved to midfield.. he can pass better than any of our CMs (yes including lampard) he is more positive minded and can score screamers. He would give us that enforcing attitude to be able to win to put pressure on the ball early that way it would be easier for our attacking trio to do their job.
    Torres might not Score alot of goals, but he has a fantastic chemistry with Mata. he assisted a lot of matas goals last season. torres know to interchange with this team better than Eto. Eto is also a good option to have.
    Also with Luiz, iva, Cahill, terry and Torres in the team, we would be a huge threat from corners set pieces..
    I really wished Mou looked at this blog and could see this opinion lol.

  73. It all sounds good so far, Jose is an expert at preparing his teams, I am really looking forward to the season

  74. I appreciate your response, and I know I haven't won any CL's nor a single professional game in my life - I'm simply saying that there's some worrying trends, which no one can deny, and that need to be examined and solved by the manager. We haven't been able to come out and destroy lesser teams like we should be able to, and like we have in the past. We RARELY lose 2 games in a row, and it's frustrating to see us having such difficulties killing off teams when we've got so much talent at our disposal.

  75. Spot on. Rafa must be laughing now. His team is top of the Italian League with a perfect 100% record and they just beat Dortmond in the Champions League. We had ill treated and underrated Rafa.

  76. That is an absolutely terrible photoshop, the Mirror should be ashamed, looks like a seven year old did it.

  77. You've got what you asked for. You wanted The Preening Peacock back and you got him. Your diatribes against the manager last season were loud and clear and now you have the man you wanted. So nothing is wrong, is it? It's all exactly as you wanted it. Listen to his egg stories and be satisfied.

  78. You don't get it, do you Daft? You're not going to see anything close to what you've written. Mourinho has a set vision of what he wants. He's got in his head that players like Mata, Azpi and Torres do not fit in that vision. Hence why Torres can play a great game against Bayern and still be benched and dropped for the next two games. Why a fantastic player like Mata is being treated like a leper while Eto'o comes in straight away, starts and plays 90 minutes. Now if you applied Mourinho's own words about earning the starting spot, would the examples I have given back what has been said?

    All these fantasy lineups with the Spaniards and Luiz starting--the reality is Mourinho cannot stomach the thought of starting a certain 4 or 5 players together. Sure Mata and Torres have been dropped and benched but has anyone noticed they have hardly played together? It's like Mourinho is determined to not play them together...

  79. Quite simply: ALL of the above.

    And I'll ad to that that the mental toughness they've shown in the recent past is also missing. There's needs to be new leadership inside the squad. John Terry won't be around forever. Someone needs to step up and fill his leadership shoes.

  80. That something with regard,s to W.Rooney is going on at M.U,at the moment,there can be no doubt,,,,but it,s just,,, a load of media waffle,at the moment,,,,,,nothing new in that,,, they have to fill the page,s and the airtime with something,,,,,,if he doe,s go,,the JM factor will play a big part,as to if he come,s,to CFC,,,,,,the £20,25 mill you mention,is in opinion way off,,,going by the recent over inflated deal,s,,,,he will cost a lot more than that,,,I would like to see him at CFC,as I ,think he would fit in well here,and being a Brit make,s a change,,,hope the player plus deal,s I,m hearing are not true,,,,having said that there are a few I would offer,,,just to be rid off them....

  81. Agree with every word.
    Mourinho wants laborers, not artists. Only HE can be the star.

  82. Gbadebo_SabiEvery!9 February 2014 at 10:50

    We all have issues whether individually or collectively. If he can provide us with positive results without playing Mata, then that's fine but if there is no guarantee for results then play him.

  83. Mou have astonishing believe in Oscar than in Mata (as numbwr 10). No question about that. And to change this, it'll definitely take a miracle to make that happen (since Mou is adamant).

  84. I have been saying it for two seasons Mata needs to dribble less and pass to the striker faster , he needs to feed strikers more than trying to score for himself or by himself , he needs to be more defensively minded in the opponent 3rd half . That is why Jose wanted Rooney he is 1000 times better than Mata ,he works harder off the ball on the ball he would feed Van Persie 60 ,70 meters away . Mata would never do that . now i am not saying Mata is not good but he is not the best 10 we have oscar easily cant be rid of the ball he will win it back he is better at the center . Unfortunately for Matta all the big games we played in the last two seasons he was always a minus like Ozil !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mourinho has obviously been watching Chelsea 's matches our midfielders are our greatest problem . THEY NEED TO PASS MORE AND ON TIME TO OUR STRIKERSI have been saying it for two seasons Mata needs to dribble less and pass to the striker faster , he needs to feed strikers more than trying to score for himself or by himself , he needs to be more defensively minded in the opponent 3rd half . That is why Jose wanted Rooney he is 1000 times better than Mata ,he works harder off the ball on the ball he would feed Van Persie 60 ,70 meters away . Mata would never do that . now i am not saying Mata is not good but he is not the best 10 we have oscar easily cant be rid of the ball he will win it back he is better at the center . Unfortunately for Matta all the big games we played in the last two seasons he was always a minus like Ozil !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mourinho has obviously been watching Chelsea 's matches our midfielders are our greatest problem . THEY NEED TO PASS MORE AND ON TIME TO OUR STRIKERSI have been saying it for two seasons Mata needs to dribble less and pass to the striker faster , he needs to feed strikers more than trying to score for himself or by himself , he needs to be more defensively minded in the opponent 3rd half . That is why Jose wanted Rooney he is 1000 times better than Mata ,he works harder off the ball on the ball he would feed Van Persie 60 ,70 meters away . Mata would never do that . now i am not saying Mata is not good but he is not the best 10 we have oscar easily cant be rid of the ball he will win it back he is better at the center . Unfortunately for Matta all the big games we played in the last two seasons he was always a minus like Ozil !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mourinho has obviously been watching Chelsea 's matches our midfielders are our greatest problem . THEY NEED TO PASS MORE AND ON TIME TO OUR STRIKERSloooojjjI have been saying it for two seasons Mata needs to dribble less and pass to the striker faster , he needs to feed strikers more than trying to score for himself or by himself , he needs to be more defensively minded in the opponent 3rd half . That is why Jose wanted Rooney he is 1000 times better than Mata ,he works harder off the ball on the ball he would feed Van Persie 60 ,70 meters away . Mata would never do that . now i am not saying Mata is not good but he is not the best 10 we have oscar easily cant be rid of the ball he will win it back he is better at the center . Unfortunately for Matta all the big games we played in the last two seasons he was always a minus like Ozil !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mourinho has obviously been watching Chelsea 's matches our midfielders are our greatest problem . THEY NEED TO PASS MORE AND ON TIME TO OUR STRIKERSijihhg

  85. Gbadebo_SabiEvery!9 February 2014 at 10:50

    Good article. I predicted Mata's ordeal in this blog. Moving forward; its a new season, Oscar shd be a great No. 10 bcos He is 2-leg player, has more intensity and is seen most of the time in games than Mata. I predicted that Oscar or Willian will be our future No. 10. Let's see what happens.....

  86. wtf is Bertrand doing there?

  87. i am certian of win if chelsea plays with this lineups
    azpi cahill terry cole
    ramires/essien lampard
    oscar mata hazard

  88. Exactly. He's getting so predictable. It's all about The Mourinho Show. Against Fulham, if Chelsea hasn't scored within thirty minutes, watch him grab attention to himself by hauling off a couple of players early, to show how "decisive" he is.

  89. Mou should shut up and device a strat to play both players at once, he's The Special One, aint he? KTBFFH!!!!!

  90. He doesn't need to turn into yet another laborer to suit Mourinho, any more than Robben needed to become an exhausted semi-fullback to suit the Preening Peacock's whims.
    Robben left, as Mata should do. There are any number of top clubs that will snap him up and play him as he should be played.

  91. I think Jose needs some manners , needs to show some respect to Juan Mata ...he was the engine behind Chelsea's wheels last season...take away his contributions and no way would we be in the CL....any other right minded manager would sell their soul to have Mata in their squad & play him everyday of the week and twice on Sunday....not Jose....too paranoid bout Matas contacts within the spainish team.....infuriating to look at Jose so smug & pius bout how things have to change , no 10 has to change , .maybe Jose should look to himself for the changes that are required ...we CANNOT lose v Fulham

  92. I do chuckle at some comments about supporting the team no matter if you disagree with Mourinho and such. How it's best to support the team and not put them under the pressure. LOL, wonder if they were saying the same when Benitez was getting pilloried by his team's 'supporters'.

    I'm beginning to believe in karma.

    BTW, for all the criticism, Chelsea have too much (if imbalanced) talent to drop out of sight. Mourinho will pick up points. Hell, Fulham could be in for a tonking today but at the end of the day, this team isn't built to dominate. It doesn't help that the manager has been given ingredients to make seafood stew but insists on making a leaden pizza dough instead. In any case, it will probably work out to 3rd in the league and a minor pot along the line. Which is what Benetiz squeezed out of the team--without summer training and big signings. Somehow though, Mourinho will make sure everyone believes it a miraculous managerial achievement.

    Let's all talk about the Mata controversy and his shortcomings rather the worst PL and CL start in the Roman era by a manager, eh?

  93. If Jose has a problem with Mata, I wonder what he thinks of the way Eden Hazard has been playing lately. Yes, we got the win against Fulham, and a win is a win and all that, but I don't believe for a minute that we can get wins against solid competition playing the way we did.

    If Jose has a master plan, just as AVB had a project, I'm not quite seeing a clear view of what the finished product is intended to look like. Maybe I missed the meeting where Jose rolled out the presentation drawings amid much fanfare. I'll be honest, I was probably watching a NASCAR race when that happened.

    But I think I can see a bit of the Happy One's points about Mata, since it applies to most of our midfield as well. We're not a physically imposing team. We get dislodged from the ball when we have it, and with few exceptions, we're not as imposing enough when the opponent has the ball. Someone mentioned a comparison of Mata vs Rooney in that regard. But are diminutive, but Rooney imposes himself on the game.

    Maybe Mata is more of a AVB kind of guy and if he can't follow the script, maybe Tootenham (pun intended) will come calling.

    Anyway....congrats to John Obi for scoring his first freakin' goal today, THAT was AWESOME!!


  94. I am beginning to feel disillusioned with Jose. He openly criticized his players and this will cause disharmony in the team. His " slow ball to Eto'o " criticism of Schurrie is bad enough. Now, he is blaming Mata for the loss to Everton and Basel. I hope our season don't turn into a horror show.

  95. willian looks like a shaun wright philips part 2 to me

  96. Mata is not and never was a number 10, only the so called footeball experts dont see that. I remember when he moved Joe Cole to the wing many people didnt think was a good idea. Mata is a winger and Oscar is better as number 10. Number 10 job is to feed the strikes and defend in the opponent 3rd half instead of only wanting to score.

  97. Gbadebo_SabiEvery!9 February 2014 at 10:51


  98. sorry about my previous post i didnt see it on my system admin can delete it ......I have been saying it for two seasons Mata needs to dribble less and pass to the striker faster , he needs to feed strikers more than trying to score for himself or by himself , he needs to be more defensively minded in the opponent 3rd half . That is why Jose wanted Rooney he is 1000 times better than Mata ,he works harder off the ball on the ball he would feed Van Persie 60 ,70 meters away . Mata would never do that . now i am not saying Mata is not good but he is not the best 10 we have oscar easily cant be rid of the ball he will win it back he is better at the center . Unfortunately for Matta all the big games we played in the last two seasons he was always a minus like Ozil !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mourinho has obviously been watching Chelsea 's matches our midfielders are our greatest problem . THEY NEED TO PASS MORE AND ON TIME TO OUR STRIKERS

  99. Yeah, this is insane - Mata not playing and Mourinho's serious misunderstanding of Chelsea's current situation are two reasons that Chelsea has been playing so terribly so far this season.

  100. Charles Aladesiun9 February 2014 at 10:51

    Chelseafc without Mata is shit. I was so sorry for the team yesterday playing clueless football.I can't point tomany clear chance from us in the first half.I don't know why Mr Jose can't see this.Mata is our best creative player including Luiz. If he can't use Mata,he should try and push Luiz to the midfield as well.He is a player who is never afraid to move the ball forward.His moving forward gave us the goal against Basel and there had been many instances like that.

    At present,no one can fill the shoe of Mata when it comes to creating chances. Mourinho should let Mata play the way he want.He is not build to defend against players like Yaya Toures of this world.Mata isn't strong enough to mark. He is like Messi. You can't expect him to be defending like a defender.

    We should know and accept it that Mata weakness is helping the team to defend and we should do something to make sure that doesn't affect the team.

    Mr Jose,whenever you don't include Mata,you and your team are shit.

    I love you Jose and will always will even if you relegate our team but i hate the fact that you are too stubborn to make necessary changes when it is needed.

    I have no reason disbelief what people are saying that you planned on avenging the way you were treated in Spain on Mata and his other Spanish counterparts.

    i wonder why you haven't used Azpilicueta all these why and it is clear that Torres need to be starting matches ahead of new Eto.

    A player just came in and you throw him into the team straight away.Torres tried against Bayern and he score a wonderful goal.He almost score again yesterday if not for the brilliance of the Fulham goal keeper.

    Eto need to sit down and learn from Torres. Eto is not Drogba and will never be.

    Had it been you have been starting Mata,he would have given the chance that Eto needed to score to him.He is the only one who can do that.

    Oscar may be a good player but he is not that creative as Mata. We are playing shit and this need to change on time.

    I hope you listen to our cries before it is too late. I want you to succeed this time at Chelseafc. Please don't let your stubbornness affect that.

  101. Love Oscar quick feet on him

  102. I agree with the blog, but I've got a question. Are you suggeting that as long as Chelsea move the ball quicker in that 4-2-3-1 formation, all will be alright? I still don't understand why we don't try a new formation...4-3-3 or even 4-4-2 would work better in my opinion...has Roman straight-jacketed the team's formation?

  103. Oscar's a real find -- still think he needs to bulk up a little bit - he's getting pushed off the ball a lot --- still for his first year he's have been excellent

  104. Cech





  105. i love this guy Oscar, he will be a great player soon

  106. taxi for Benitez

  107. Didn't look like we wanted to win tonight. Pathetic.

  108. This chelsea players are bunch of garbage, they are no different with high school team

  109. Absolutely woeful performance. You're spot on. So second-rate and we were second best in everything. Although I have come to expect these performances this season and no doubt the same will happen on Sunday. Oh what a great time it is to be a Chelsea supporter.

  110. Agree 100% with you.

  111. Thank God,i changed my mind when i was about to move out and watch the match.I am not surprise that the team lost today,playing rubbish game.Until Rafael is sacked,this is what we should be expecting.At this moment,i can't vouch for Chelseafc to be the team to win any match they are involved in.I will always see them as the team to lose.This will at least stopped me or prevent me from feeling extremely bad when they lose.

    Come Sunday,Man U is going to give them hell.There will be no hiding place for Chelseafc so far that Pig,Rafael isn't sacked.

    He is so dull,that he is no longer trying Luiz in the holding 4 role.The guy plays good football in that role.He's gone blind again to see that.

  112. From the BBC website:

    'Steaua were spurred on by a vociferous 55,000 crowd, which booed every Chelsea touch and loudly roared their own team on.'

    Further, they report Chelsea players were targeted by 'laser pens'. Completely obnoxious/vile behaviour in my book / what an unsporting bunch of ****s / vermin these Romanians are/ win at ALL costs. I hope Chelsea knock their teeth out on the replay !

  113. i felt a sleep watching yesterday match...It was so pathetic boring, passion less
    match... For me torres not getting past one defender sums up his chelsea
    career.. Lampard needs to move. He is too slow and rubbish.. Except
    penalty or deflected goal he doesnt contribute anything to team.Adding
    to that his useless longball to torres and not holding ball when we need
    to have possession sums up his days are over for chelsea.... Also i
    think we'll struggle to get better Left back than Cole.. Bertand is just
    a hype nothing more..Mid-table player at best..


  114. How to lose a football match?
    1. Play Lampard and Mikel as defensive pivot.
    2. Torres as striker.

  115. I believe Mata will make a huge difference to Man U with 2 terrific goal scoring strikers to feed. I agree our 2 acquisitions are good buys, especially Matic, but, but ,but I will never feel we have a complete team until we have a regular, reliable goal scorer at striker. We see our present 3 scoring on occasions but we cannot rely on them most of the time to take advantage of the many chances they receive from our 3 stars feeding them. It makes them look selfish because they try to score themselves because they see so many chances they create wasted.

  116. i dunno what most you guys are crapping on about fair enough matta was chelsea best player for 2 seasons but did chelsea win the title? no did matta help chelsea win the title in a way that persie did for manchester united?no he didnt so guys what the hell are you gonna do with chelsea best player of 2 seasons or 200 seasons awards if your team didnt or aint doing well?makes sense?just like jose said it aint about players its about the club. it aint about just one individual player to be winning best player awards its about the whole team whole club and there performances,plus matta was different under a different manager and different style of play and jose is different if he thinks mattas dont fit in his style of play then hes the boss after all to make all the decisions and keeping matta on the bench in every game is like strolling around the streets with 37million bucks in cash in a suit am sure none of us are stupid enough to do rather spend it or invest it full stop exactly what jose did full stop. no respect to matta but i think his time at chelsea was long over under Mourinho now the club got money to buy players that suit more into Jose style of play such as high attacking and high defending.end of the story chapter closed bring on the next Topic.

  117. Matic is world class. Better than Ramirez and Mikel in that position. Chelseafc made the right decision getting him and i hope he stays in the club till the day he bid active football goodbye.

  118. This guy was bought just to come and replace Mata by sitting in the bench just as Mata did. Who is he going to bench in the team. Chelseafc are fond of buying people who scores against them. Torres,William,Merreiles etc. I am sure,they will one day bid for Hernandez of Man U.

    Chelseafc don't need this Mohammed guy. We have players outside,Moses,Traore,Marin etc. What is the club going to do about them. I expect the club to buy a striker and not another midfielder.

    Salah,you have made a big mistake. Is he better than kelvin Debruyne ? Or Schurle that sits on the bench ? Chelseafc will just kill his career and sell him off.

    Mata will always hurt Chelseafc.

  119. 13-6 shots, 4-1 on target and Arsene thinks they deserved a goal? I honestly don't understand the English press or this stuck mentality where because of 1-2 seasons of playing defending football almost 10 years ago they are labelled and there is no...

  120. Did we lose the game? We took a point away at United and took a point from Arsenal and Tottenham. All away games and we sit two points off the top of the league with these teams to play at Stamford Bridge..

    Get real mate seriously.

  121. The same tactic against Man United. We will see if it is the same that will be used against Liverpool. What a boring match.

  122. dunno what u've got against Mikel

  123. The whole match was a complete fucked. Arsenal did not substitute a single player and Jose came with a defending approach. His wrong substitution almost cost him the match. I wonder why he remove Hazard. He did that and the Chelseafc attack became worse.

  124. This is the most boring game in a decade. What a disappointment.

  125. So what happens if Jose get's the team selection right and we win the game?

  126. Great.I will be the happiest man in the world if he does that. But the fact is,Ivanovic will surely start instead of Azpi playing that right back. This is one of the area i think the coach need to change. He should see that we are conceding goals from that area and his attacking too is nothing to write home about.

    Azpi is a far better player,we saw that against Sunderland. If not for his injury in that match,we may have scored second goal and the goal we conceded may not happen. The guy is good defensively and in attacking as well. That is the right person to play that role.

    If Chelseafc win,i will be happy but we are not gunning for win against Arsenal alone,we need to be winning matches after matches. Not win today and lose next two matches. Chesleafc is my life and it breaks my heart seeing them loosing.

  127. I am behind the team 100 percent. Chelseafc is my life but the truth must be told. The team is not good enough for me to say,they will be able to beat Arsenal. We will all see what will happen in the next four hours. This is the worst Chelseafc start and i am not happy with that. The truth must be told.

    We are loosing here and there.Right now,any team can beat us.

    This is a fact. I will always wish them luck.That is what i can only do for now. I can't beat my chest and say,Chelseafc will beat any team at the moment.

  128. I can't see arsenal losing. They no they must step up to the plate tonight. I'm going 4-1 to the gunners. Ramsey, Podolski, Giroud and ozil to score.

  129. If Mikel starts, we're fooked.

  130. And i thought your game plan was to kick ozil off the park.. lol.

  131. Two or three goal victory? I don't think either team will win it by 3 goals and if one does it certainly wont be the team in Blue! 1-1 or a narrow 2-1 win for Arsenal! Come on ye Gooners!!!

  132. What is wrong with you? We were joint second before this weekend SECOND! Get a grip and get behind the team tonight! If we win, we go joint TOP at Christmas!

  133. Just get out there and perform ! You think it is that easy ? This is Arsenal we are talking about.

    I believe Chelseafc is not fit enough to beat Arsenal. We can only get something out of the match if Jose select the best players. Ivanovic should never be played in that right position. Arsenal will have a field day with him there,belief me.
    The guy is too slow and overlap too much and forget to track back. Most of the goals Chelseafc conceded are from his side. I wonder why Jose doesn't see this.

    Luiz isn't good as a defender.He sometimes forget himself. Check the set pieces.Ivanovic is also guilty of this. Both often forget themselves at times when defending set pieces. Opponent easily lost them to nod the ball and score.

    Luiz should be playing beside Mikel. As for Cahill,he is better in that position than Luiz. I love the way he throw himself at shots. Luiz doesn't do that.

    Chelseafc will suffer if Luiz is played there. Cahill and Terry partnership is far better.

    Lampard needs to come on at a later stage and not to defend but attack. He had been scoring most of our goals many years back.He still have it in him. Our strikers might not be scoring but let Lampard have that attacking role and he will be doing it for us. I love his runs which our strikers are failing to do.

    Let him come on at a later stage and play attacking role. Mikel and Ramires should played along side each other. Jose need Mikel in this match. Anything short of that,is a mistake.

    Hazard,Shurrle Oscar or Mata should play behind the striker which should be Torres. For God's sake Schurrle is playing well for the team. Whenever he start,we will be leading but the moment he is out,we concede goals.

    Schurlle should be starting and finishing matches. If anyone needs to be substituted,it shouldn't be him.

    This is not a game for Ba and Eto,Those two are useless as a striker right now. Torres is far better than them. Let him start and finish the match as well unless we are leading with at least three goals should he be substituted.

    Chesleac doesn't stand a chance against Arsenal if Jose continue to use the same shit players and formation he used in our past matches. William should not start,including Kelvin. The guy had lost form and that is Jose's fault. The guy should leave the club.

  134. Well,i support the fact that,Jose is the best man for this job.If he is sacked now,i don't know who else the club can hired that is not employed and having the same qualification like Jose. I believe he will get his ass together and Chelseafc will once again become the most fearsome club in England.

    I just hope he reads what fans wants from him and make changes as at due. he should not be too stubborn. In the case of Ivanovic,he needs to rest. Azpi can play that right back better.It shouldn't be Ivan all the way. Eto and Ba should be coming into matches only when we are winning and not when we need goals.Those two can't offer much for the team. Lampard too should be coming from the bench.

    Jose should also be open to new ideas like trying Luiz in the midfield role. He was great in that role during Benitez era.

    I really wish Jose is able to solve the problem the club is facing right now on time before it is too late. I can't guarantee the club can win any match now.Even Arsenal,what i think is,Arsenal will win the match. Chelseafc will only need miracle to win the match.

    Jose,get your ass together.

  135. I am sorry for you all and I wish you all good luck but I do not share your optimism. The players we have presently are not mediocre, how many of them do not play for their respective national teams? Mourinho needs to re-create himself and if he is living under the illusion that his style and tactics from his previous stay will work, I personally await when he will run out of excuses. If we lose to Arsenal or even play a draw then we will begin to see our proper position in the league.

  136. I hope he really proved what he said #ktbffh

  137. If you leave the emotive comment out, the fact is the jury is still out. Qualification for the Champions League is no certainty with other teams achieving good steady performances. Chelsea will have a lot to do over the next few months and there seems to a lack of something at the moment. Yes we are hanging on in the top 6 or 7 clubs but do not look certain for a top 4 place this season which will affect our chances to buy a top performer or two.

  138. This confirms a lot of what I've been saying for a while. Mourinho was not hired to win the title this year. He was hired to mold this group of young players into a team that will become a dynasty. He has to do this while easing out the old guard, but not using the drastic methods AVB tried. Lamps, Ash, JT, all have a part to play in ensuring we qualify for the Champions league during the transition. The VanGinkel injury has caused a problem in the DM role, and our strikers are impotent. However I don't think Roman will open his cheque book until the summer.

  139. I totally agree with what has been said,Jose is the best man to take us forward

  140. I'm all over this comment, well said sir

  141. Oh, I just absolutely despise mouranus with a passion - he disgusts me to be honest, a really horrible arrogant human being who leaves nothing but a trail of destruction behind him a la inter Milan and Real Madrid!

    And I hate this pathetic clamour for him like he's some sort of a god. Hex not, he's just a useless c*** with zero humility, and who is being found out for what he really is ... A cheque book manager and one trick pony. Whist makes it worse is the way you chavs fawn over him,, it really is pathetic. He is "nothing special" not the "special one". , wake up and smell the coffee, you f*cked letting Rafa go ... Amateurs, look at the way he treats Mata, a very special player who is being discarded for what reason? Thank god he's not playing him though, I reckon you'd be in first place otherwise!

  142. LIVERPOOL had not beaten TOTTENHAM at White Hart Lane for over 17 years look at what happened AVB is gone hopefully MOURINHO stays in th sake of normalty.

  143. best player in the world...

  144. why are you so mad at mourinho? Every successful club spends money... There is nothing wrong in being optimistic for your team.. i dont think any chelsea fan thinks that we will just beat liverpool or arsenal.. this is the EPL any team can beat any team...
    I understand your point about acting like we have won the games areadly but surely your manner in addressing the situation makes you no different from the c***s u are talking about..

  145. Hopefully other teams will be waiting for chelsea to start scoring goals for fun not my LIVERPOOL

  146. 4-3-3
    Iva Cahill Terry Azpi
    Willian Lampard
    Mata Ba Hazard

  147. Cech
    Azpi, Luiz, Terry, Cole
    Oscar, Mikel, Lampard
    Willian, Torres, Hazard
    Schwarzer, Ivan, Cahill, Mata, Schrulle, Ba, Essien

  148. Well articulated write up! But one point that we seem to be at disparity is the aspect of our midefield been selfish. What we must understand is that, the problem is not our midfield, but the conversion rate of our strikers has been terrible. Etoo for instance, in the match against Swansea had not less than 3 opportunities provided him by the midfield to score but couldn't. Same happens in our games with Ba & Torres. And the fact is there for all to see, if not for the goals coming from our midfield, if we were to rely on our strikers, we would probably be 10th on the EPL table.

  149. Hello Arsenal Fan, I hope we weren't watching different matches last night! We dominated the game. Arsenal were left wanting when we attacked. Chelsea's defense was in control, all the time. Let's begin with the terms you have used here to describe Chelsea's play - 'Negative Football' and 'Anti-Football'. Tell me one place where it has been mentioned that football has to be played a certain way. Does the definition of football say that it has to be free-flowing? Football is a tactical battle these days. You play using the strongest qualities of the team. Chelsea's strongest point is their resilient defending and stifling opponents and counter-attacking. And we employed it. Period. It was Arsenal who were the home side here. It was up to them to take the game to Chelsea. With all this pride you take in 'playing football the arsenal way', what did you have to show until 80-odd minutes (probably more)? To the neutral Chelsea might not be exciting to watch, hell, as a Chelsea fan it sometimes frustrates me too! Which brings me to your question about whats missing. Our strikers can't score. FACT. They are hardly ever in the game. We play with 10 players most of the time. Moreover, our midfield, while it is strong and capable, is not the most imaginative. We miss someone like a Yaya Toure or a Luka Modric, if you will. Hence the vision in the CM positions is lacking. Just because we have three gifted AM players, we cannot play an expansive game. They don't have a creative CM to feed-off of and no striker to feed to. Look at the teams you mentioned playing 'proper football'. Arsenal lost 8-2 and 6-3 to United and City. Spurs lost 5-0 at home to a rampant Liverpool. United lost 4-1 to City. Wouldn't you agree a more pragmatic approach could have limited the damage or probably nullified it? It is not just about passing and attacking all the time. The Manager has to think about how the other team is going to play and prepare his team for it. Jose did that. Arsene didn't. He has played against Chelsea so many times and still hasn't found a way to unlock them. What we Chelsea fans find annoying (and funny too, depending on the stakes) is that Arsenal seem to only pass and do nothing else. 20 passes and then a goal kick! Arsenal are exciting to watch, I'll give you that!! But Chelsea are certainly way, way more effective. And it is this effective football that carries us to exciting season finales and gets us trophies.So here's a new term to work on - Effective Football!

  150. I don't think anyone would give john terry flak after watching that.

  151. If we compare chelsea games,i think we played very well in teams of tactical point of view.we limit their attack(in first half they didn't have shots on target).in football is not about running but what you do with the ball.we are conceading alot of goals.Any good manager first priority is to stop that(which we did very well).another factor which everyone knows(strikers).in that department we are very much behind.i think jose is spot on.we are 2points behind the leaders???? and yet our strikes are not performing!!!!!.

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  153. Sean, u must also admit dt wat u call -ve football was a well balanced game whr ur only shot at target came few mind to d end. And we had 4 good shots at target. Cmon, u just didnt come to d party. Simple!

  154. Glad you liked it. Just had to vent my anger. Getting so upset watching football on telly sometimes where commentators/pundits are totally overlooking all the finer nuances in football.
    Happy Holiday

  155. No offense mate, but you must be over 40 yrs..
    Anyways Merry Xmas

  156. if you happen to be over 50, then no doubt you can't like the Dutch-way of playing. I repeat no offense intended

  157. Ever since most football pundits started their wank fest to Uefalonas football style, it seems that almost everybody only value ball possesion and unending passing as a meassure of good football. What happened to the appreciation for well adapted tactics to specific matches, appreciation for good midfielding and defensive skills? Chelsea is not a club and will never be a club that will run around like attack is the only worthwhile thing in football (remember the high-line AVB catastrophies?). We're in for the passion for our club and to win trophies, not to please here-today-gone-tomorrow pundits.

  158. I agreed with you on this.Chelseafc parked bus. Jose went to Emirate with the so intention of defending all through and counter attack . Others may be happy with this tactics but i don't think Chelseafc should be playing like this with the kind of players the club is having. The club that should be playing this way is Liverpool.

    Lot of clubs cannot boost of the quality of players we have on the bench not to talk of those starting matches. Jose isn't someone to be playing attacking football,he is someone who is hired just to win cup and not play exciting football.

    Well,we should be expecting the same tactics against Liverpool. I agree by the way,that he was wrong removing Hazard. Jose is loosing that magic substitution. That almost cost him.

    I can't fathom why William is starting matches now ahead of Schurlle and Mata. Is it because of his defending which it isn't even good enough.

    My advice to Mata is to leave the club. Jose as the manager,players like Hazard,Mata,Oscar,Schurlle will never flourish. They have to be defending and attacking at the same time,this is killing their potentials.

    Jose should go for players like Lampard,Ballack,Drogba etc. Those are the kind of players that suite his style.

  159. I know youwill be happy with that extremely boring match. I know for sure,the owner did not soend so much money to see the team play that way.

    Lot of clubs cannot boost of the quality of players we have on the bench not to talk of those starting matches. Jose isn't someone to be playing attacking football,he is someone who is hired just to win cup and not play exciting football.

  160. From the way our attacking mids especially Hazard ,holding on to the ball, even Suarez won't score many goals in this set up. Hazard always try to beat a few defenders and cut inside instead of a quick pass to find the striker.

  161. This is d best comment av read on this blog so far. U are so on point. Pundits wld always be pundits. If Chelsea lost dt Match they wld be d first to say JM has lost hos defence. Well said Danablue. You just won a fan...

  162. yes I know they had better possession, I was just addressing Wenger's claim for a deserved goal. Possession doesn't do much good if you can't finish your attacks. Though they did have a penalty, which I honestly think wasn't awarded because Walcott went for the dive much sooner then being touched by Wilian. His mistake, shame on him

  163. and your point is?

  164. TarunFloydHasselbaink9 February 2014 at 10:52

    I was happy with the performance..Defence looked solid for a change !!
    Finally a clean sheet..
    a point at the emirates is usually less than what we usually go for..but considering how they have played this season and the fact that they're joint top..i'd be satisfied..
    Now we just need to get solid as a unit and take it to Liverpool..

  165. For their defense, they had 60% overall ball possession and we had only 40%!!!
    But at the end I think we deserved 3 points much more than them.

  166. Maybe we "parked the bus" but am somewhat relieved we drew with the former league leaders at their ground. I thought we made more chances than Arsenal but maybe the newspaper critics can count better than me! No matter what Jose thinks as an expert I still say we need a goal scoring striker and need Mata more than Willian!!

  167. Arsenal fan here - I think most of the points you've made above are fair enough. Personally, I thought the Mikel challenge could've been a red on another day, but I certainly didn't think it was a certainty. I wasn't that annoyed when he didn't get punished. I was more annoyed at the Walcott peno though - that was stone wall. That being said, I thought the draw was a fair result. I think the most annoying thing for Arsenal fans is we see the team you've got, the players at your disposal....and you play negatively. Why? City wouldn't....United never did....we never do.....even Spurs don't. So why Chelsea, after spending all these millions on great players do you turn up looking for a nil nil? (no matter what Jose says). It's anti-football, and a type of football your owner clearly isn't happy why does Jose insist on it? Is it an admission that you can't win away from home playing attacking football, and that actually he's not a good enough manager to get the win playing an open and expansive game? You've got the players to win like what's missing?

  168. Why not ? They are serious contender for the title and i believe they can win it.

    Though,right now only Suarez is doing all the goal scoring,i think if he get injured,the team will still win matches. I see them making the top four if they are unable to win the league.

    As for tomorrow,Chelseafc needs to be very careful. I can't say Chelseafc will win. I will only pray they do.

  169. Cech
    Ivanovic. Luiz. Terry. Azpi.
    Mikel. Lampard.
    Willian. Oscar. Hazard.

  170. No! Willian is better. Coz his work rate is absolutely great. Mata cannot track back and defend like willian when we lose possession and he cannot drive forward when he has the ball. I think Willian is better.

  171. I second your thought. The team will surely miss his tireless work rate. Hope Jose get things right by using the right player.

    If he can reason well,he should try Luiz there.

  172. I agree with Richy here. I don't agree with people saying the midfielders are greedy,it is our strikers that are wasteful in front of goals. Eto is no more the same one we knew in Barcelona.

    Give Eto and Ba the best midfieders,they will still be struggling with goals especially Ba. I think it is time the club let him leave. He had lost form,the team isn't for him.

    If Jose failed to buy any striker coming January,he will be digging his grave.

    As for Costa,i don't see that deal happening now. I think the team should move for a striker that can help the club get something this season. We shouldn't move for any big striker. We have Lukaku. Are we going to let him go too like we let Sturridge because the club did not believe in him ?

    Lukaku had proved himself enough. What more does the club want from him ? If they sell him,he will hurt the club. i wonder why we are buying players that all big team are gunning for and useless them once they are in.

    As for Hugain,paying forty-eight pounds will be a waste of money.. Is he that good to spend that amount on him ?

    Ask me and i think he is not worth more than Ten Million Pounds.

  173. 4 2 1 3
    Ivanovic - Terry- Luiz - Azpi

    Mikel - Lampard


    Hazard/Willian - Torres/Ba - Shurlle/Oscar

  174. What i was thinking but Willian > Mata

  175. He should run far away from the club. If he stay,that will be a huge mistake. Jose won't use him as he should. Leaving on loan now will be okay for him but if he can get a club that will buy him away from Chelsea,that will be far better.

  176. At least we aren't linked with any attacking midfielders...

  177. Oscar goal was crucial for us for 2 reasons.
    1) It was the thing which made difference in overall dull affair
    2)Upon Mata's departure , that sublime free kick was more like a statement from Oscar that we are no less without Mata when it comes to brilliance.Jose's reaction said it all.

  178. I hope Matic turns out to be our midfield enforcer....particulary against ya ya toure...

  179. Im pleased that we,ve signed an exciting prospect. Think he,ll fit in and turn out a top player.

  180. who is talking about messi or walcott here? You must be drunk hector

  181. Fantastic! The skill of Messi and the pace of Walcott!! Awesome player!!!

  182. I think that not everyone wanted a Mourinho return ... Certainly it was something you wanted "Daft"
    The Mourinho way is interesting .In his previous spell he sold Robben and Duff . This time he has sold Mata and let go the hugely talented De Bruyne
    By the end of his last reign the football was dour ,I know because i watched it at 3am live .
    How long has Mourinho stayed at all his clubs ? a maximum of 3 years .. The Mourinho way is also controversial ,like when he poked a Barcelona official in the eye.. No doubt he will bring success but I would have preffered Ancelotti to have been offered a return

  183. Juan,i am yet to come to term that you are gone from Chelseafc. I don't think that i will ever come to term with that. My heart is heavy to know that you are gone. How i wish it's all a dream. I have never felt this way toward any Chelseafc player who left maybe it is because of the way it happened. We were not prepared for this development. I wish you all the best but i can't imagine how things will be when we face you and your team.

  184. I am fed up watching Chelsea game. Its looks as if high school boys were playing against Bucharest. I don't want to blame the coach again for our downfall. the players should be ashamed of themselves, they have no class,no pace,no strength,no skill,no zeal,no commitment and must all they lacks wisdom. I cant put my hard earn money on Chelsea even though we are playing against Colindale high school. For me,i am 150% in support of Rafa taking of Hazard, he looks like garbage on the field, countless wrong passes. I for one believed Hazard does not worth 12m Pounds, he does not play like 35m Pounds players.I know most of your guys wll disagree with me on here but I know what I am seeing. He has only impress me with his 3 first premiership games when he won 3 consecutive time man of the match and since then he is being rubbish, I thought he was going to be the messiah of Chelsea like Ruben or Duff. And for Bertrand, enough for the hype, he is not the type of player for chelsea. I have finally lost hope in the team, not the manager but the players

  185. To be fair to Mourinho, Oscar has been our best player this season. Mata has not really kicked into full gear..Even Hazard is yet to get into form but i guess its because of his defensive abilities that Mou still plays him? or maybe coz we dont have another player like hazard that can move with the ball on his feet. Its just unfortunate that mata and oscar play the same position coz right now oscar is our best player and mou has to be fair and just. I just dont understand why he wont play all three of them.. Schurlle has been good for us. he works hard and he picks great crosses he just needs to work on his finishing.
    Mou said yesterday that he wants mata to prove him wrong.. and that s what mata needs to do.. we know he is our best player, but he has not played like it simple! I trust Mata will get back into form, and Mou will make him the No10 with oscar moving deeper to midfield ( I must say Oscar is really good defensively, he made so many excellent tackles yesterday, he is definitely going to end up as a lampard replacement for us)
    Mata plays on tuesday, I hope he plays well and forces his way back to the line up, coz when mata is inform, we are unstoppable.. and I must say that torres at the moment is a better choice than Eto. He understands the team a lot more, he creates alot of space and chances for our midfielders too.

  186. I agree with you up to a point,but i think you're being too harsh on Hazard. Rafa should have subbed Mikel,because he is a player that doesn't contribute to our attack in any way,he only slows our attacks down.I also believe that Benayoun is not up to the task and if he has to rotate players I'd rather see Malouda in our starting lineup than Benayoun
    Btw,do you know why wasn't Moses included in the match ?

  187. Agree with the your thoughts. I think the three points are a timely confidence boost ahead of a testing fixture as you say against spurs. Whilst the league cup tie against Swindon may seem like a foregone conclusion for some, i believe its an extremely important game. The result is not the issue but rather the performance, because if we can knock off 4-5 goals and further boost our confidence with a commanding performance (i know its Swindon but we haven't nailed a team so far so it will do wonders for morale and belief) then we will be better prepared for spurs. Our youngsters and fringe players are probably going to get the nod against Swindon but i hope we field a stronger side than usual for these fixtures so that eto'o, mata, torres and willian are given a chance to loosen up and get some confidence. The season is a long hard slog and everyone will have their ups and downs. We just happen to be in a rut at the start of the season which may mean we will avoid our customary winter blues that have occured in recent seasons i hope. We have an incredibly generous champions league group and fear no one in england so we just need the weeks and months to tweak and adjust things so that we fire when the trophies come calling in 2014. We have been through much worse and seen it through with less credentialed managers.


  189. We simply have to get rid of him. I'd probably give him somewhere for free.

  190. I'm a massive Torres fan and I hope they sell him for his own good.

  191. We STILL haven't tried playing with 2 strikers on a regular basis. I say keep him and just bring Lukaku back. Torres was doing fine up until he got sent off in the Manure match. That game seemed to trigger all our problems,what followed then was one thing compounding on the next. I think we have expected too much from him mainly because of his price tag, then everytime he didnt deliver he was over criticised,fairly or otherwise it doesn't matter.the constant critisism was counter productive, just like it is with Rafa. Now, like you say, his confidence has gone and we Chelsea and the fans haven't helped one bit. If we stop picking at the scab it might heal !! I have a funny feeling the minute we sell him at a knock down price he'll start banging in goals !!!

  192. what's the saying? the emperor's new clothes ! the man is finished,washed up,1 goal since dec,at brentford,where he had the audacity to shush the crowd !! to the rest of the football world,he is a laughing stock...what irritates me,is chelsea players with less ability,but gave their best,ie jokanovic were slaughtered when their names were read out,and people would even get on hasselbaink's back,look at his scoring record...

  193. As I've written on me own little bloog ( if yer curious..), I hope for the sake of Torres AND the team that the decision to move him on has been made. Torres has never been a fit from day 1. Hopefully he can find a better place for himself.

    I don't mean this is a mean way, and I hate to say it, but Chelsea is almost playing a man down when he's on the pitch.

  194. ''the minute we sell him at a knock down price he'll start banging in goals''

    He will and that's why he must leave.He's not the first striker who hasn't done well at Chelsea.

  195. There hasn't been any I can think of that's gone on to do much better things, Carlton Cole maybe but who else ?

  196. What do you mean he is a reactive manager? If he waits excessively long to make a change then he isn't reactive at all is he?



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