Juan Mata another casualty of the "Mourinho way!".

First and foremost, who are we to question Jose Mourinho's judgement? One of the most successful managers in the game, decorate...

First and foremost, who are we to question Jose Mourinho's judgement? One of the most successful managers in the game, decorated everywhere he has been and the man we asked to return!

In a recent interview (featured here) Jose Mourinho spoke with the BBC's "Football Focus" programme and stated the following:

"What I want my players to understand first of all is I work for the club and not for them. The club is more important than them, the team is more important than them and the moment they understand that, now yes, it's time to build a relation with them individually. 

The ones that understand straight away that the team and the club are more important than them? They become the ones!"

Now I am not one to say that Juan Mata has in anyway demonstrated anything other than what Mourinho has said, but there was obviously a problem. Mourinho states openly above how he works and what he expects from his players and Juan Mata is about to be sold to Man United! It's not rocket science!

When asked about the Mata situation this season and asked whether or not he could adapt the system we play to fit Mata into the side, he responded by saying:

"There are fantastic players but sometimes these players are fantastic to a certain system, playing a certain way and less fantastic in a different way of playing, a different model of play. 

He is an unbelievable player, a fantastic boy and is trying to adapt. He is doing his best to adapt. He had some fine periods with us but he needs a little bit more to go in the direction we want to go. 

To have Mata feeling I am on the bench and I don't play one single minute is hard. I like him very much, the club like him very much and we believe has a big role to play with us. We don't want him to go!"

Much has been said about The Mourinho Way but it's been there to see from day one. I was watching Chelsea TV the other day and they featured the Man Utd v Chelsea League Cup semi final second leg 2004-2005. The first leg finished 0-0 at the Bridge and Chelsea travelled to Old Trafford and won 2-1 on the night.

During the game Chelsea played their 4-3-3 formation with Robben, Drogba and Duff as the front three. Now throughout the game, the stint that Robbie and Duffer put into the game was immense both with and without the ball and both played a huge part in the win that day.

Now, it's the same situation. He demands and work ethic for the TEAM. As he said above, the team comes first and foremost.

Now the ongoing situation this season hasn't just been with Mata but also with Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard. He oversees the group collective and always talks of his players together and for him to talk of these incidents indicates the fact that they are not playing ball or being part of what he wants.

Much has been made of Eden Hazard and his "reported" attitude to training when Mourinho first arrived. Then Hazard had the episode missing training and was punished by Mourinho and sat in the stands for a game.

Since then and I think you can all agree, Hazard has stepped up a level and is becoming an even better player than he was in his first season here. Just last week Hazard responded to reports that PSG were interested in offering silly money for his services in the summer by saying "there is no better place to learn other than Chelsea!" We can safely say that Hazard has turned things around and bought into The Mourinho Way.

Another to come under the microscope this season was Kevin De Bruyne. Now I haven't featured the KDB interview with the Belgian press after he left Chelsea last week but you can search for it on the net yourselves, he has had a pop at Mourinho which comes as no surprise.

Mourinho slated his performance against Swindon in the League Cup earlier in the season openly to the press. He challenged KDB and everyone else to raise their game and chose to do it in public. Whether that is to test the character and mentality of his players I am not so sure but the fact that KDB has left the club is your answer according to the manager.

So a combined figure of around £54m for the sale of Mata and KDB isn't bad business at all considering they have both hardly featured this season. Based on their purchase price, we would have made a profit of around £24m in the space of two years.

So why on earth would Mourinho decide he could live without "El Mago (The Magician)" Juan Mata? Who does Mourinho see as his replacement?

Looking at our current squad, Oscar is the main man at Chelsea. Still very young and under the guidance of Mourinho to get better and better, Chelsea have a potential World Class player in the side. Don't get me wrong, Oscar is a class act but is by far the finished article at the moment.

It's Oscar's willingness to work off the ball that initially won Mourinho's affection. It's seems he was more than happy to embrace The Mourinho Way and we have seen the result on the pitch.

Willian has come into his own in recent months. He has taken time to settle down and get used to life in the Premier League but now he has, he has been different class. You'll note his work ethic of late. He too has bought into The Mourinho Way!

I see Willian as a potential number ten if Oscar gets injured. A present out wide and doing a fine job, Willian would be more than happy to step inside to dictate play from central midfield.

Now in light of the Mata move, there is more speculation that Chelsea will renew their interest in Wayne Rooney but are also being linked with a summer move for Ross Barkley of Everton and in this window Mohamed Salah of FC Basel who like Hernandez of United, always seems to score against us!

I am not 100% convinced with Barkley and see a move for Salah as one that I believe would suit our style. As I have stated above, signing Salah would enable Mourinho to bring Willian inside.

One thing the manager has here is options. We have a number of players who can fill different roles within the framework of the team. The manager is also able to change our formation and adapt the players to the new formation during a game.

Chelsea make no rash, ridiculous decisions here and you have to imagine they would have thought long and hard about letting Juan Mata go. If anything, Mourinho would have said to the player he would only allow him to leave if he requested to leave. It's seems that is the case in this instance.

One thing is for sure and it's important to remember. Chelsea Football Club have a plan, they have targets for the short and long term. Jose Mourinho has been given a working project and there are important steps to take along the way.

What we are seeing now is a demonstration of the club backing their manager 100% and that's important and such a good thing to see. What more can a manager ask but to have the people who have trusted him with their club demonstrate their faith in him!

It's about time those people that are venting their anger over Mata and the decision to sell him did the same!

Trust in Jose Mourinho and trust in Chelsea!

Carefree & KTBFFH!

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  1. totally agree -- look where we are this year and where we were last and the year before

    1. and that is mata's fault ??
      How Sad that our own fans have turned against him !!
      Bloody disgarace all of you..!!
      The guy who assisted in both Fa cup and champions league finals.. who was here for 2 seasons and was the best one for both..
      Fo you have any Respect and love for the Loyal players ??
      look at RVPs loyalty for arsenal and How Rooney goes about with his future at OT..
      How Bale ditched Spurs after commiting to them..
      he has given his all for this club and has been brilliant..Just because he wont track back people are calling willian better than him and Mata is lazy etc etc
      What the hell is that about..You want a 9-0-1 formation do you??
      Never after zola and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink have i seen such a humble player..
      Disgusting !!

    2. Thank you @taruncfc

    3. I actually agree with that guy... just because he had two good season with us, it does not prove him as the best from our squad... maybe we can call him lucky bastard... the reason why we stuck at the middle, at we play individual and not as a team, start from him... he is a midfielder, not a striker... he should be behind the striker, not in front of the striker... have you remember there is one game where he keep dribbling all the time and we do not have even one single shot... he is the reason why we cannot spread our midfield anymore... he should distribute the ball, not keep the ball and try to score himself... he is a shame to us actually and when he make the decision to go to the shit club, that show his level of game and his mindset.....

    4. I support CHELSEA not 'MATA,CF' I know he's been brilliant for us over the last two Year's
      But It's not the end JUST the beginning of Mourinho's new Empire.
      All the fan's that's moaning about the transfer haven't got a Clue What Mourinho's Thinking.
      'Barkley' Cavani 'Rooney' Or any Top Class Player COULD be here with in the Next Couple of Days.
      Players come and go but Chelsea will always be there for you so stay BLUE and TRUE,,

    5. Chelsea player of the year for two consecutive years and "maybe we can call him lucky bastard"??! Maybe we can call you stupid, ungrateful, plastic bastard.. and the rest of your text we should call- 'pile of .... '

    6. supported chelsea coming up to 20 years now, before abramovich was even thinking of chelsea.
      you dont know jack shit! so stop crying and moaning
      Maybe we can call you stupid, ungrateful, plastic bastard because you are crying over
      Number 7 player for manchester united mata - 'pile of .... '

  2. After 22 Premier League games in the previous two seasons with Mata almost always in the team we were 13 points behind the leaders. This season after 22 Premier League games with Mata largely on the bench we are only 2 points behind the leaders. Jose KNOWS what he is doing.

    1. Are you blaming Mata now for being 13 points behind the leaders last two seasons ? I can't believe this is happening.

      Chelsea is going to regret ever selling Mata,believe me. He is going to be a huge signing for Man U and will destroy Chelsea whenever they play each other. He will want to prove to Jose that he made a big blunder selling him.

    2. Did I say I was blaming Mata? NO! I said Jose knows what he's doing and I've given facts to back this up. Please learn to read before you comment. I don't believe we will regret it, £37m for a player who is very technically gifted and has produced great moments in his two and a half years with Chelsea but isn't that versatile positionally and does not work as hard defensively as others.

    3. Jus suddenly ppl are questioning mata work rate,soon they wil have wat to say abt oscar,mou have sold our best player and he will regret doing so

    4. This isn't a "just suddenly questioning his work rate" for me as I've had concerns before, especially last season when at times our midfield was flooded more times than it should have been.

  3. Fair to report whatever you want, it is your blog anyway!
    But Mata has worked for this Club and he deserves respect at least. I am only happy for one thing, he eventually managed to get out before being frustrated long time (Like was Chevchenko)! Guys know that when Mou doesn't want you, you eventually go out.
    I am now sure on following points:
    1- Luiz and Ramires will leave
    2- Mourinho won't last more than three seasons (actually he will get sacked in the 3rd one)
    3- I wll finish the remaining season unhappy because of Moronho

    1. And how has the blogger disrespected him? He has only stated the obvious facts. And the fact that you can't even spell the names of the players you are talking about just goes to show you are clueless!

    2. I challenge you to show me whose name, among above mentioned players, was misspelled?

    3. mate it's Shevchenko..not chevchenko..
      anyway..disgusted still..
      Willian was bought just to mock spurs..
      If you can give away 32mils to buy a player just so your piss poor neighbouring team doesnt get him..cant you resist selling your 2 time POY to manu..??
      Manu missing out on top 4 would be priceless..
      a downward spiral for them then..but by giving them mata..we enhanced their chances of a top4 tremendously..
      And Mata alone has the potential to drag them in the top 4 spots..

    4. Both spelling are okay, Chevchenko being more correct considering that our native language is more close to Russian than English

    5. Some fans needs to chill out about this Transfer.
      Mourinho is starting to put a new team Together
      If chelsea or Mourinho thniks mata dose not fit into the NEW team
      Then Its Better for him to go than have a talent
      Like mata sitting on the Bench, .WORLD CUP.

  4. I think the people crying foul over Mata are mostly our opponents and the media of course (wonder if they aint one and the same) Mata is good but the team has been built around him for two seasons. A team's deficiencies is as good as the anchor's. We have scored more goals and gathered more points than we had last 2 seasons.Mata had his chances this season and he didnt do too well just because he isnt the anchor we used to have. By selling Mata to MU we have strengthened our grip on the title. The Mourinho Way.....The Only Way

  5. Time will hopefully tell us that mourihno was right. but at the moment this seems ridiculous. I have been a staunch mourihno supporter from day one and this is the first time i have felt like hitting him a slap. even if he was willing to part with mata WHY would he sanction any move to strengthen man u? why not send him off to the continent somewhere instead? especially in light of united refusing to sell rooney to chelsea. i am disgusted. he never even gave mata a proper chance.

  6. For the remainder of this season, Chelsea has nothing to worry about Mata coming back to hurt them. Probably in coming season, however if he was not a Chelsea player in the first place would Chelsea refuse play United because they have Mata after all they still play Barca, get on with it

  7. Fantastic article. totally agreed. believe in Jose.believe in Chelsea.

  8. Obviously missing the most relevant point; it was never about selling MATA but selling to the mancs... which should NEVER have been an option! CFC just directly strenghtened a rival/ opponent... a decision that'll most likely come back to haunt CFC! they (manutd) may be down now, but they'll be back next season & seasons ahead... How does the club feel fans should react when MATA lines up against CFC in a red jersey??? These are the issues that should've been taken into consideration before letting him go. I just feel Jose has a personal vendetta against MATA (right from when he came back to CFC), nothing more or less... City or utd would never grant CFC such a favour! those running the club need to get their acts together

  9. Teams re better wen media scrutiny re avoided over team selection, every player wants to play but only 11 can.we luv u mata but its time to leave.

  10. Juan Mata was loved by everyone in Chelsea not just because of his ability as a player, but mainly because of his personality... humble, unassuming, always smiling. He was like our baby and so I understand why so many people feel he has been treated unfairly by Mourinho. But at the end of the day, this is football and when you don't cut it, you get out! And Mata didn't cut it as far as Mourinho was concerned. Many people just want to make it about Mourinho's personal hatred for Mata, but only a monster would hate Mata and whatever you think of Mourinho, he isn't a monster. All the players who love him like a father (mind you there are too many of them to be counted) can not be wrong. Even the ones who hated him initially but later grew to love him after haven encountered him one-on-one (e.g Eto'o, Zlatan, Sneidjer etc) can not also be wrong. As much as we love Mata, selling him to was a good deal on both sides. He finally moves to a club where he will get game time, and we will make a good profit from his transfer. Its a win-win situation. And the end of the day, we are Chelsea fans. Players will come and go, but Chelsea fans we will remain (or at least I will remain).

    1. Clap clap clap. Best comment i've read on this matter (or is it Mata), so far.

  11. Man U will make mata play in WC. Look all the other possible move mata can make? Atletico, they have Arda Turan. Barca? name it your self where mata would play in their squad. so for a big player to move from one BIg club to another big club is a very good call in this WC year. i love chelsea, i love mata playing for chelsea. but in the end, it's all a win win solution, Chelsea make a "big heart" move for letting 2 times player of the year to move on to a big club so he can play in WC. so respect for Mata, and keep faith in the club.

  12. Akinwande.... The anonymous guy you applaud just said it all... He spoke all i had in mind.. He must be a genius.. I am a lover of Good,tactical football and mourinho is my mentor.. The result is there for the world to see, no matter what you. He just keep having the answers you need... Either you are concince or not. He has the sit

  13. I love Mata, he's a top player and a top guy. I wish him well in his future and could see him ending up at Barca in a couple of years as their midfield is getting older. I'm not going to enjoy him playing against us and it's going to be really weird seeing him in that United shirt.

    I trust Jose 100% and believe he will recruit the squad he needs to play in the formation and style that he intends. I believe by selling KBD and Mata as well as Essien going to Milan, and bringing in Matic and Salah has improved the first team as well as freeing up extra funds to buy a top striker in the summer.

    Come on you blues!!!!!

  14. Why is everyone worried about Man Utd being strengthened??? If they didn't buy Mata for £37m they would have spent it on someone else. They will probably spend at least another £100m by the start of next season! At the end of the day, Chelsea need to concentrate on our team and our squad and not worry what other teams are doing. When we face each other next season, they may have Mata, Cavani, Contreau and whoever they decide to invest in but we'll have Jose Mourinho and they might just have David Moyes....... might!!!

  15. I will never come to term with the selling of Mata,no matter what you morons posted here.

    1. AGREE 100% bunch of fanatical mourinho's fanboys (including author), blind and oblivious to the simple truth : MOURINHO FORCED MATA OUT. Deliberately and systematically, it was mourinho's plan all along.

    2. But why keep a player who doesn't suit your style of play? Let Mata leave so he can make Spain's World cup squad. Mata didnt begin his career at CFC did he? As loyal as he was, i trust Mourinho more.. CFC before any player, even our best player.. We're actually challenging for the title, the only top four team to have beaten ManCity, Mourinho's tactics are trustworthy. Supporting a player over the manager makes him bigger than the manager, and in turn the club. Respect to Mata, but Mou knows best

    3. Thanks Charlly007

    4. Abas were you supporting Benitez too? Or you've just shifted since Mourinho comes in?

  16. Someone has to go.

  17. Why wuld jose hate mata n want 2 force him out? Is mata depriving jose of is salary? Hw does mata stand in jose way? Is it bcos he's a spaniard? Azpilicueta too is a spaniard. Football has system, mata may b good in any other system, but not in a high pressing system like jose's. If Nando dnt perfoem well n mata doesnt get d ball in his feet, we play 9 against 11. I luv mata so much dat i am not selfish but wil want to see him play n enjoy football week in week out. It takes only a strong, courageous n largehearted coach 2 do wat Jose just shows he belives he can still win games n indeed titles even if Mata is wt his opponents. Did we not sell Sturidge 2 liverpool? So if mata is in ManU, cant we contain him? If we culd contain Suarez, why being chicken hearted about wat mata can do? Manu were scared of wat rooney wuld bring to chelsea, where ar they now? We are fans, we remain blue, players n coaches move on. Mata myluv, move on n enjoy d game, but always applaud us wen u play us. Friend of d blues U are!



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