After watching Tottenham, It's time to forget finishing third.

This is one of the hardest things a Chelsea fan has to write bearing in mind the relationship between the supporters of both clubs. Chels...

This is one of the hardest things a Chelsea fan has to write bearing in mind the relationship between the supporters of both clubs. Chelsea hate Tottenham and I am sure the feeling is mutual but, this isn't a post to incite hatred and anger towards each other via the comments below but to focus on the football for once. In doing so, I have to hold my hands up and salute what AVB has achieved so far at Tottenham.

After watching YET ANOTHER dire performance from Chelsea last night and another 90 minutes of my life wasted I turned over to ITV and watched Tottenham take on Inter Milan and the difference between their performance to Chelsea's was blatantly obvious = Pace.

Chelsea were laboured, one dimensional last night and paid the price for their performance. Sloppy in possession, often caught out of position, Steaua Bucharest couldn't believe their luck and within five minutes of the game would have realised that this team is a far cry from last seasons European Champions. We can sing it as much as we like but deep down we all know different.

Tottenham on the other hand were the complete opposite. They played with pace, moved the ball forward quickly, pressed high up the pitch to close people down and win the ball back quickly and their movement off the ball was first rate.

I believe in the brand of football we have in the Premier League to be better than anything else, anywhere. Everyone points out the difference being the power and pace of our game. If ALL the Premier League sides that venture into Europe each season focused on their own game and maintained the speed and intensity they are accustomed to each week, they would win more game than they lose as European sides would find it difficult to live with. Last night, Tottenham demonstrated exactly that and AVB has them playing great football.

A year on from his sacking, AVB must look at what's happened to Roberto Di Matteo and see Rafa Benitez sitting there now, ranting at the supporters, losing games he shouldn't, dropping points against sides we shouldn't and speaking of trying to finish inside the top four with a sense of gratification right now.

I am sure he isn't a bitter person at all but what happened last year would have hurt him. He has tried to install the footballing principles he believes in to the players at Tottenham and apart from three or four signings, they are still the players left behind after Redknapp.

The players have bought into his methods and at the moment are reaping the rewards playing as a football team. Across London at Stamford Bridge we look something totally different.

I may take some stick for this from other Chelsea fans but deep down you know what you can see yourselves. Chelsea are quite simply Jekyll and Hyde at the moment as we never know what type of performance or result we are going to get. God help us at United on Sunday!.

It's time to be realistic here as we know Rafa Benitez is staying until the end of the season. Things are not going to get any better and to hold onto fourth place is now the be all and end all of our season. We can forget third place now as it's obvious that's now out of reach.

The thing is, I wouldn't put it past AVB and his Tottenham side to go on and pip Manchester City for second place now which is something we could and should have done this season.

It's depressing this morning being a Chelsea fan and I can only imagine what it's like for the Chelsea fans that travelled to Bucharest last night.

For all of those who turned over to ITV and watched Tottenham, we were left with no doubt who is finishing the season stronger, has momentum and is playing the kind of football you look forward to seeing week in, week out.

It's not Chelsea!.

Carefree & KTBFFH

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  1. After our pathetic 94 mins , I watched Spurs play and in my head I thought they were Chelsea...So I'm going to do that from now on , watch Spurs and think they are Chelsea in my head..I am so depressed I don't know what to say..The players should actually play for the club and the fans.. Forget the manager for now...That passionless half hearted performance last night was a nightmare...I'll have to storm the heavens on Sunday for the FA cup against those turds...

  2. I agree with you 100% mate. I'm just so sad right now. Its so obvious man u are gona give us a thrashing and we'll lose to tottenham too. Rafa is so useless. Only God can save our season now.

  3. I can honestly say with Torres the only striking option up front I do not watch . Thursday nights now is daddy and daughter swimming night I really can not watch another terrible Torres woeful display .
    With what I have seen this season 3rd I think is asking too much and with spurs Liverpool united and Everton still to play I honestly think the way we been playing 5th could be a possibility .

    We started off the season so well even getting compared to Barcelona style flare lovely football i can not put my finger on where it all went so horribly wrong .

  4. i think roman ab is a complete twit and there is alot of bad influences within the squad.... simply chelsea arent playing as a team... they have quality players such as oscar, hazard, lamps, ba etc.. the first 11 should beat anyone... get rid of the old guard and build again.......

  5. Oh my...are we now in envy of Spurs? We had AVB and we sacked him because our players or some of them could/would not adjust to his playing methods. He had plans to completely rid of the deadwood,gangsters and "legends" but player power flexed its muscle and we lost the best manager we have had for a while.
    We continue to blame Rafa for our problems...not the players. I was glad he decided to go for the two legends yesterday and dispite the penalty we were very poor. Many fans think that with those two on the pitch other teams will play poorly or be in awe of them so we will win games.LOL. We have no pace, poor passing skills, no passion, players that have a sense of entitlement and not an "I must always do my best" attitude. Alot of overpriced, overpayed show ponies and some deadwood with big egoes.
    I like the Spurs players they are hard workers who hunger and yearn to do well. I do not envy them because they DESERVE their success. They don't think about self but the team overall. Summer can't come soon enough so that changes can be made. Rafa is going...stop harping on that Chelsea fans. Open your eyes and stop the blind praise of the players on the pitch. Support them on match day but don't look past third faults.

  6. March 2013 at 10:44

    wouldnt worry too much. Yes you make some valid points about pace but look at the value of your squad compared to ours. You'll recover and get 3rd no doubt in my mind. Im a realist of a spurs fan and if you could offer me 4th now, i'd bite your hand off, with our fixtures we could still finish 5th easily.

  7. I really wish this was the case but the truth is we have a lot of tough matches ahead and have suffered at the end of the season in the past. It wouldn't surprise me to see any one of chelsea, arsenal, or spurs miss out on fourth place. With 10 games left and inevitable changes of form it could be a virtual lottery.

  8. we have been very poor truth be told. The only player who could have made an impact was Mata but the gaffer decided to leave him on the bench. God knows what will happen on sunday.

  9. I honestly don't mean this as my first comment may sound guys.

    This article was a pleasure to read. Not because of Chelsea's current bad form or the loss last night. But because of the honesty and belief it's been written with. I'm one of those rare (I think) football supporters who, when its a european game, will always support the British (yes even Scottish football, and I hate that normally) teams. Yes that includes Arsenal and Chelsea. I love the premier league, i therefore support it fully.

    I don't necessarily think my beloved Spurs will finish third, we have the tougher run in I feel, but I do think you are right to question if it'll be you or Arsenal finishing inside the top four, given your current form. On paper Chelsea should be there as pointed out but on grass right now, it's a very different story. You lot must be gutted.

    All I can say is, spare a thought for Spurs fans, we've spent decades of being nearly men. I think, at last, there's a glimmer of hope and belief in the team that will take us on. For how long, that depends on our rivals I feel, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

  10. A Very honest and refreshing comment from a true football man. We are going to learn a harsh fact on Sunday energy in some teams has become the new 12 man. I know on Sunday Liverpool Gerrsrd and co will exploit our 3 game in 8 days. This is all down to TV Sky being the worse offenders using football like a soap opera sat sat evening Sun twice Monday. This builds pressure every week Drinks and supplements should be banned because they are being abused. Its not Chelsea i am scared of its the ones behind Arsenal Liverpool Everton supplemeted Work rate This increses towfold When Bale Lennon come calling it goes higer we have beat it by Bale roaming and that was because of a striker crisis

  11. We are In real trouble this season! I hate the manger but the players have to take some responsablity now! I can not believe we are actually seeing a spurs team better than ours! But it's true! If we cling on to 4th it will be amazing coz we are really poor!!!! ... I even think Liverpool have the momentum to over take us! And thats another point, we should never have let Brendan Rodgers leave the club!!!!! What has happened to our beloved Chelsea? All Chelsea fans need to hope and pray we make the champions lge coz we are in big trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Surely 5th is an improvement on last seadon's 6th and the management and team should be congratulated on their progress?

    Sounds more like the fans have a sense of entitlement rather than the players.

  13. It will be interesting to see how the second leg goes with the loss of Bale.

  14. Spurs have been playing some outstanding football over the last few seasons and now it seems after appointing a manager who is not only a great scout with lots of tactical potential...spurs will fight for the top 4 (if not the very league) as long as you let AVB build a squad and work with the academy.

    Its a shame Chelsea fans and the board only see short term results and as much as it hurts all Chelsea fans to say it...spurs are definitely better for now

  15. Rafa went wrong. I don't mean that in a spiteful way or anything, but what he did was take a team that had already gelled together and was maybe a little naive in defence..and he told the players to play his style of football.

    It didnt work from the start, from that very first game against Manchester City it was clear that this 'new' more compact, chelsea just was was not working. He has since stuck to his methods and although we have been scoring and conceding less goals than before...the style of football and the flair has just disappeared.

    Our only hope is that when he leaves we are presented with a manager who can field a dynamic attacking team and help grow players rather than turn oscar or mata into wingers ...a manager picked for the players and not the other way around.

  16. As long as Bale doesn't get injured...most of the games left are winnable for Spurs.

    Finishing 5th is quite unlikely for you, maybe 4th depending on whether or not Benitez learns from his mistakes and actually thinks of a gameplan

  17. That will happen as soon as Terry's contract expires at the end of next season. Until then you can expect a rough transition period (hopefully with Lampard and some other deadwood moved on at the end of this season).

    In 2 seasons time it will be a completely new Chelsea built around Luiz/Mata/Oscar/Hazard

  18. AVB has learned from his mistakes at Chelsea, Spurs wont lose by a 3 goal margin

  19. You right, and that is why I think, we should let some extra time to Rafa to get the CFU understand his idea

  20. "Our only hope is that when he leaves we are presented with a manager who can field a dynamic attacking team and help grow players" mean like AVB...that brilliant, forward thinking, young, dynamic, tactical genius (genius maybe used too loosely there...but still excellent) whom you sacked last year...good job Chelsea, keep up the fantastic work...

  21. Glad to see some rationality. You must have the patience of Job putting up with some of your fellow supporters and the Abramovich circus. I'm so glad to see spurs finally coming good and despite losing Modric. However, given last year and lasagnegate it would be just typical if we finished fourth behind Chelsea and failed to qualify for next years Champions League due to a bizarre Arsenal comeback to win it this year.

  22. their form is undoubtedly better but its results,not performances that matter. I strongly believe that they will draw a fair amount of games between now and the end of the pl season and I think we can pip them to 3rd by winning games we don't deserve to

  23. Congratulations to all of you!!!

    Some very brave comment here unlike what you will find here:
    Read and pity.

  24. the demise of chelsea is down to the chairman,AVB brief was to get rid of the deadwood, Jt didnt like it threw his toys out the pram and with the backing of other senior players refused to play for the manager,the coward of a chairman backed the players instead of AVB, well now spurs have him, chelsea are starting to see what they missed,spurs know what we have, the fans, players show him the respect he deserves, if chelsea dont make top four they only have themselves to blame.

  25. I disagree, Dawson at the start of the season wasnt needed due to the glaring fact he has not enough pace to play a high line, however he has adapted and we have a better record with him in the team than without, so a top interational player can adapt playing style, its just a question of attitude - there are two types of people in this world, can't do or won't do. You can teach the can't do but people who wont do just let others around them down

  26. Chelsea hate us? Do they? As we say to wet sham,we only have one real rival.I hear the spammers are looking for a rival,perhaps you can try hating each other:)

  27. You are really delusional. AVB is playing the high line at Spurs. He is loved by Spurs players. Just look how Bale went to hug him after the goal. It is your John Terry, Lampard etc.. who thinks they are above the Manager! Yes, they have won a few trophies until the world best Manager, but it doesn't mean you are the best player in the world. It is Abramovic fault for accepting such ridicule from JT and Lampard. AVB came with a vision and idiots like Terry could not see it. Now whip!!!

  28. You are perfectly right. Get rid of Terry, Lampard, Cole in the summer. They are the has been winning trophies under the world best manager. They got LUCKY last season to win CL, really lucky, Messy hitting the post 3 times!
    If Roman don't get rid of Terry & Co., then accept the faith. Jose went bcoz of Roman, then Anchelotti won the league and still left due to players ego, AVB the same. Di Mateo got lucky! You lost 3 world class managers! What's next?

  29. well said...still would not have him back,,,he got left a good side[[again ]],and wth Bale on a hot streak,,they are playing well,,,,when bale was out.they wer,nt so hot,,come back in a few moonths and lets see where they are...

  30. It's rather devilish - but "I'd love it, just love it" if JT became your manager and like every Chelsea manager, initially wins a few games. Justice, vengeance and all those silly yet pleasurable traits would play out for the 'lesser' clubs to feast on

  31. I want to suck his knob

  32. Chelsea ceased being a football club years ago as everyone knows, but they win trophy after trophy. It's difficult to know what Chelsea fans want because the team is the result of hopeless mismanagement of the football side by someone - Abramovich - who hasn't got a clue about football. If you want a team that cares then you need to get rid of Abramovich, but that is not something that will happen because the club will die. So take you pick - a soulless excuse for a football club with overpaid players who couldn't care less, watched by supporters drunk on success (because most have only been going since Chelsea became successful as the support was diabolical before that) who boo the manager and various players and will leave if the team struggle OR ...... a proper club, with proper fans building something the right way with players who wear the badge with pride. When you support a football club rather than a rich man's toy you understand what it is like to be fighting together, to feel one of the team, to feel you mean something (even if you don't!). Chelsea can have what they've got with pleasure, I want a football club and I've got one.

  33. this is nonsense --- whatever he's done at spurs and i like their style -- at chelsea he was entirely the author of his own downfall-- of course the press blame our older players as they're lazy and they want to cripple us -- AVB was totally unrealistic at chelsea -- a manager uses what he's got -- at spurs he has players much more attuned to his style, at chelsea he spent his entire time trying to turn diamonds into coal -- recall the arsenal game we got beat 5-1 why because he insisted on playing a high line - was that Jt's fault? no Jt gave his best like he always does. He went out knowing it wasn't his game and tried anyway --it was AVB's fault for trying to make players do what they couldn't --- his man management skills were awful -- i get sick and tired of chelsea fans who fall for everything the press says -- its enough we have to listen and read their lies without us falling for it ourselves. What ever happened at spurs his time at chelsea was a disaster entirely of his own making.

  34. Was serious...remember we sucked AVB and see what he's doing with "less" or at least equally skilled players at Tot'ham...

  35. And the comments were going so well! Was just reading in awe at a string of intelligent comments with no name calling between Spurs and Chelsea fans, and then this guy goes and ruins it! Chelsea's financial situation has got nothing to do with the fans. If a multi-billionaire took over Spurs in the summer and spent 500 million on players are you saying that you will stop supporting Spurs and find a new team without as much financial investment? Of course not! I am a life long Spurs fan, and like most, feel it is unfair that Chelsea and then Man City bought a league title, but it happened. And that is not the fan's fault! Of course there will be a fair amount of Chelsea fans who became fans once all the money came in, but I very much doubt they care enough about their club to comment places like this. I am very happy with how our club is run. Long may it continue. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go back to disliking Chelsea again! :) COYS

  36. won a few trophies - Sam they've won more trophies than spurs liverpool arsenal and city combined!!! I trust lamps and Terry to know more about english football than a first year avb who used to be a scout. He seems to have got better at spurs so what

  37. every team who wins the champs league get lucky -- thats the nature of the beast but what would spurs know about that -- we had of plenty of bad luck plenty of times last year we had some luck so what

  38. how can a team win as many trophies as chelsea have and be mismanaged -- the task is winning trophies -- thats all a football club is meant to do ultimately -win -- its professional sport man not biggles!

  39. you and lots of other people don't grasp what roman's project is and how its to be achieved and until you do i'm sorry to say this comment is worthless.

  40. A very good read and for the most part an excellent debate carried out in the right spirit. As a Spurs fan I feel quite sorry for Chelsea. The club is Ambramovitch's toy and although with that has come trophies, it has also brought ridicule. From a conveyor belt of managers to players confronting refs to singing lewd songs during a minute's silence at Wembley to Cole shooting an apprentice to kicking ball boys it has been one PR disaster after another. And to think the Russian only bought the club as a PR exercise to ensure that Putin would not pursue him. The billionaire who showed Roman how to make his money is now in a Russian jail. Would Spurs fans like a similar sugar daddy? This has been debated many times on the forum I visit and the overwhelming opinion is no, certainly not one who wants to have such hands-on, day to day involvement. Of course it is sweet to win trophies. But there is much satisfaction in running your club properly - on business lines - as the FFP rules dictate and still achieving modest success. Football is about trophies but it is primarily an entertainment. Spurs have a great tradition of producing, developing or buying charismatic players from Mackay to Gilzean and Greaves to Chivers to Hoddle to Gazza to Ginola and now Bale. I am proud of my club and certainly not envious of the riches of Chelsea and Manchester City.

  41. In response to the hard of understanding. At no stage did I say the financial situation had anything to do with the fans. I simply questioned what they want. Chelsea have had trophies beyond their wildest dreams because of one man - Abramovich. Yet they are slagging off the manager and some players - appointed by him and signed by him. So what do they want. They either take the current situation where overpaid players couldn't care less, hate the manager and the club is undermined by senior players or they oust Abramovich. And if a multi billionaire arrived at Tottenham I would not stop supporting them, but it would also cease to be a football club and become a rich man's toy where the fans had no say in anything. When Tottenham have cup games that do not sell out, fans who don't come very often get tickets. I have no problem with that, except if the team are drawing at half time some of them start booing because they only come when the club are doing well. So all I am saying is that Chelsea is mismanaged. As someone has pumped £1,000,000,000 into the club the Academy should be producing players - it isn't. They should have a settled management structure; they should have more than 1 striker (I am not counting Torres) and the best one should not be out on loan; they should have sorted out the senior players who undermine the manager (and got rid of AVB); they should be at least challenging for the league; they should have sorted out the problems with the ground; they should be making money (they said they would be breaking even years ago!). So yes they are mismanaged on and off the field AND there is a richer club above them in the table. So back to my point. Stop whinging about the club OR get rid of Abramovich because he can and will do whatever he wants.

  42. So tell us poor ignorant fools. What is Roman's 'project'? How will it be achieved? For us looking in, we see a team that is under performing; a club who doesn't own their ground; an Academy that does not produce any players and a club losing millions and massively in debt. Help us out buddha.

  43. Another Spurs fan here. A very fair and reasonable article. Well done. I, personally, am not getting carried away, Too many false dawns. When we've done two or three successive top four finishes then I'll be convinced.

    I just wanted to pick up on a point you made in there about Spurs fans hating Chelsea. I, personally, have never hated Chelsea. If there is a club to hate it will only ever been Arsenal.

    I think the dislike of Chelsea from some Spurs fans is not so much the club itself, but rather the behaviour of your chairman, players and some of your fans. Ever since Abramovich arrived your club has been buying success. But the chairman has become more and more impatient and wants immediate trophies. If he doesn't get it the manager is gone with five minutes. Abramovich has a swagger about him that just because he is extremely wealthy he can do what he wants and get what he wants. But he has created a situation where managerial instability is the norm, player egos rise to compensate and expensive talents are btought and relagted to the bench. His impatience has resulted in a lack of structure and meaningful direction. His failure to learn from the past means now that players are joining Chelsea more for wages than anything else, and half the remaining quality managers out there won't touch the club with a bargepole because they don't think they'll have a chance to do anything. Historically I think Abramovich will be judged as being bad for Chelsea,and English football in general, irrespective of the trophy wins

    Some fans also give your club a bad name. From the impatient new breed of "insta-fans" picked up during Roman's tenure, to the subset of racist fans who think it's amusing to travel to matches making gas chamber hissing noises (which, as a Jew, is very offensive to learn of), But then can you blame the fans when the likes of John Terry get away with out and out racism and other immoral behaviours, and still get to ply their trade week in week out without a shred of credible punishment? Perhaps not.

    These are the sorts of things that breed resentment and dislike. Chelsea isn't the problem. It's rotten elements associated with Chelsea that are causing rot for the club itself and normal Chelsea fans as much as football in general.

  44. Big Mel i've described what I think Roman's project is a lot on this blog, as recently as twice last week. I can't tell everyone individually, sorry but i've got a life. People have to do a bit of creative thinking for themselves. You won't find it in the press or hear it on talk sport, people have to use their memory and insight to work it out. Its not too difficult. He's a hint think Liverpool before 1960 and ask yourself how they became a football powerhouse then look at Roman and figure how he's doing it -- fundamentally they are the same projects though Liverpool did it by accident as much as anything which was right for the 60's, 70's and 80's but which can only be done nowadays by financial input and concrete planning. Its also true that 2 of your main assertions: deep in debt, non producing academy, simply aren't right.

  45. I think you will come to find it's you spouting the non-sense... I hate to condemn a view, but yours is worthy of it chap. Sure AVB is a different manager from the one at chelsea... infact he's a different manager from the man who signed for spurs in may, and different from the one in November. See, AVB shares a special quality with dare I say it 'SAF'. He changes. Why - because he want's to win. It's called evolving, and it might be his strongest strength and why he has had so much success at such a young age. He learns fast. JT, Lamps and who ever else rose up against Mourinho, scolari, AVB and G-d knows who else are the ones who cannot embrace change. Those players are the 'past'. You rode them for a magical night against Bayern (I actually cheered that even though it knocked us out of CL), but they are a cancer. It's quite Ironic that the pace at which AVB evolves would almost have been a perfect fit at you guys - but instead we managed to snare him. Many things were not right at the start of the season - but... he had the players, and he changed what he needed to. He also did not have any selfish pricks trying to ram rod him out of the club because he dared to installed a fresh breed of 'tactics', or heaven forbid - teach JT how to defend differently. Let's see how Spurs fair Sunday, and then through the season. What I am sure of is that unless the change AVB intended (at Chelsea) is not seen through - you guys will be blaming another 'media story' or 'crap manager' this time next year.

  46. I was really unconvinced about signing AVB at WHL. It took me until December before I realized that what he was doing required time for it to take effect. I do wonder what AVB might have achieved at Chelski had they given him time rather than pull the trigger first and ask question later.

    Everyone says that Chelsea were lucky in the champ league final, although credit is due that they got themselves there, but maybe now looking back it might be accepted that it was done off the back of the work that AVB put in place. Di matteo just continued on AVB's work, and in the summer undid everything to implement his own vision, and failed according to your chairmen.

    Chelsea need stability, just like Spurs do. A manager who is in it for the long term. I feel Spurs might have just got that with AVB, and we have a board who will allow it to happen, where as Chelsea appear to still be seeking that elusive manager. I think you've had the right manager on several occassions, but your board is so bad, that anyone would be insane to try and manage the club under the Russian owner.

    Keep in mind the season is not over, and when you look at the remaining games, Spurs have the hardest run to the end of the season between Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs. We all play the same teams, but we are hitting a Liverpool team that is now on form, it doesn't get any easier with Man City and Swansea and Everton still to come.

    Spurs will again be an unknown quantity in the champs league next year (if we get in) and that's often a benefit.

  47. The difference is that big properly run clubs like manure have strength in the board and have the willngness to give a manager the run of the team. Chelsea dont have the bottle to install a man like SAF who has the balls to make the big decisions. As soon as AVB tried to do this, the old guard just dropped the ball and the pressure went straight onto AVB. You will only get better when JT, Lamps and the other gangsters who are head of player power at Chelsea are moved on. SAF has had the balls to say to Beckham, Keane and the like to move on and is probably about to do the same to Rooney. These are legend players but he has the balls to make those decisions that are for the best of the continuity of success for Manure. The blind faith that the chelsea supporters have for the player power gangsters is a major part of the problem. Good luck in any case from a spurs supporter but actually a lover of football in general

  48. Take Bale away and Tottenham are mid table, oh and it was us that devoloped Greaves and it was us who made Hoddle England manager ! You have also had your 'Sugar' daddy !!

  49. How is it possible that Chelsea made Hoddle the England manager? You are deluded. Surely, it is his style of play and the ideas he learnt being a Tottenham player all his life, that he imposed on Chelsea, which then led to his move to England manager. Sorry I was not aware Hoddle plied his trade at Chelsea most of his life. Jog on Neil.

  50. Jake Livermore should be a karate expert because all he seems to do when he comes on the pitch is kick the opponent when they pass him, which is most of the time, and ends up giving needless free kicks in dangerous areas. He should be playing in the Championship at best and I am a Spurs fan. A liability to say the least. Anyone who disputes this should watch him when he plays.

  51. Share with us the players that Chelsea have produced from the Academy since Abramovich arrived and explain what happens when he leaves having pumped £1,000,000,000 into the club. I suppose you are naive enough to think he won't want it back. Comparing his 'project' to Liverpool 50 years ago is, without doubt, the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There is no project. A billionaire has spent (in our terms) about 10p buying a football club, which happens to be Chelsea, as his toy and to raise his profile so that he does not suffer the fate of other oligarchs. There is no strategy or planning; there is no continuity of management on or off the field. The board are puppets and do whatever he tells them to do. Your comment above is one of the most pretentious bits of nonsense I have ever read from a deluded 'fan' in all my life. Why do Chelsea 'fans' get so wound up when fans of other clubs question what's going on? Why do they pretend there is some master plan? Without Abramovich Chelsea would be nothing - get over it and just enjoy the fact that with him you will win trophies until he leaves and wants his money back. At least then you can rely on the excellent players coming through the Academy.

  52. Swindon and Chelsea gave Hoddle his management skills to get the England job not Tottenham, how did he learn management skills at Tottenham or are you saying that any good player at Tottenham would make a good manager because they played there, so you jog on pal.

  53. That is certainly a possibility, but out of all the new players we have i would only say that Ba and Hazard are mercenaries that would switch for more money elsewhere. Everyone else out of the newly purchased players is on modest wages by footballing standards.

    The years of paid glory are long gone i think and now its just time to settle into sustainable success if not every year then every few years.

    Quite frankly I am happy with that, its a shame more fans don't share that view.

  54. "In 2 seasons time it will be a completely new Chelsea built around Luiz/Mata/Oscar/Hazard"...if you keep playing the way you're playing currently you'll be lucky to get Champs League...if thats the case do you really think all those top players will be happy plying their trade in the Europa League (at best). In two seasons time if you haven't made any progression from this year there's no way you'll be able to hold onto players like Mata/Oscar etc...good job Chelsea...while the rest of the EPL teams are building for the future you seem to be dismantling yours. Oh well...those 10 years of glory paid for by Roman might be on the slide...maybe time to bring back Dennis Wise and Co (at least they had fight and desire for the cause unlike your current batch of mercenaries).

  55. That is exactly right. The board fell for the fans demands and wrongly sacked AVB. At the end of the day it comes back to spoiled fans who want success year in year out. They want to strut around and scream profanities at other fans instead of holding onto some integrity and staying quiet.

  56. Big mal don't know what you're doing on this board pal but your way out of your depth -- and its showing!

  57. As I thought, you are just another know nothing writing nonsense.

  58.'re a complete deluded really need to take a step back from yourself and have a read through your comments. YOU ARE MAKING A TWAT OF YOURSELF AND EVERY OTHER CHELSEA FAN BY POSTING COMPLETELY UN-INSIGHTFUL AND THOUGHTLESS COMMENTS. Chelsea owe EVERYTHING they have achieved in the last ten years (cause thats how far back your celebrated history goes) to Romans money...simple as that pal. Chelsea are his little play thing...he has no plans in place to ensure the continued success at Chelsea...if his 'My First: Football Club' toy isn't working properly at any point he simply fires everyone and starts long do you think he/Chelsea can keep this up? How many more top managers are left in the world that will be willing to put their reputation on the line for (at best) 12 month in charge of some spoilt brats (not many my know who would have been perfect for you...Pep G...but he decided to go to Germany...yeh thats right...he decided to go to Germany rather than the Premier league and manage the current Champs League winners....thats how much Roman has screwed Chaski over). He's spent in excess of £1bn since he arrived...yet Chelsea ARE in an insane amount of debt (fact) and don't turnover anywhere near the same amount cash as what they spend. How long do you think it'll be until Roman pulls out early like an over excited catholic? He WILL soon come to the realisation of how much cash he's pumped into this ungrateful girlfriend of his and he'll be out of there as quick as he was in there to start with. Once the blood money dries up Chavski are in for a rough you think he'll be able to sell the club to another stupid oil baron with more money than sense or do you think he'll realise he's lumped with a club that has massive debt problems, over-paid mercenaries that don't care about or play for the badge and a bunch of deluded fans who think that because they've had ten years of success you think you're entitled to it forever more...I guarantee you two things...ONE: it ain't gonna last much longer pal...and TWO: you're comments were the dumbest and most stupid I've ever read on any football blog...dumb ass..

  59. SpursRocks - could not have put it better myself. Maybe one day, just one Chelsea fan will admit it's all down to Roman and not keep coming out with all this nonsense about 'projects' that are so secret only they know about them. Man City fans don't come out with this garbage.

  60. Surely it's more about Roman's project and replicating what Liverpool did in the 60s ..... and all the other things that only you know about



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