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Willian Could Be Just the Answer Chelsea Fans Have Been Hoping For.

A move to acquire Willian could get fans fighting over Chelsea football tickets again. Chelsea MUST do something to trump Manchester United this year. Currently sitting 11 points behind Manchester United in the Premier League, Chelsea could benefit greatly from the Brazilian midfielder. Perhaps, a little offensive boost from the likes of Willian could give Chelsea the momentum they need to push past arch rival Manchester United once and for all.

Willian was integral in getting his current club FC Shakhtar Donetsk to the late stages of the UEFA Champions League, and most are confident he could do the same for Chelsea. After all, we witnessed his skills when he helped Shakhtar edge out the Blues by giving up less goals in Group E. Willian has been implemental to his team’s success, scoring four goals and serving up two assists in Champions League Play. Chelsea fans witnessed his scoring prowess first hand, as he scored two of those goals against Chelsea in the 3-2 loss.

Chelsea fans cannot suffer another disappointment like they experienced in the Champions League. Fans at Stamford Bridge are begging for a change and understand a move must be made to better their chances this year.

What exactly would it cost to get Willian, and would Chelsea be willing to pay the price? Most insiders believe that
Willian could go for around 20,000,000 pounds. At that price, the Miners would likely pounce on the trade. Though high, the asking price isn’t nearly as high as the asking prices of Balotelli and numerous others. Chelsea would be insane not to pay that price for the attacking skills Willian brings to the table.

A recent poll showed that an overwhelming majority of fans think that acquiring Willian would definitely be the right move for Chelsea. They recognize that his ability to dominate the midfield is just what Chelsea needs to get to the next level. He is recognized for being an attacking midfielder, but Willian has the speed and aggressiveness to succeed on the flank as well. He is a rare breed of football player that can successfully play any attacking position. His offensive flexibility only sweetens the pot for Chelsea.

The few Chelsea fans who might oppose acquiring Willian often cite that his acquisition would slow the development of Piazon, de Bruyne, and Marin, or dispose of players such as the Moses’s. However, they fail to consider Willian’s age and huge upside potential. He is only 24 years old. He will only continue to get better and Chelsea could secure him long-term. One or two dynamic players, like Willian, could make Chelsea a dominant team for at least a few years.

Willian is keeping his options open, but would definitely be interested in coming to the Premier League. In fact, when asked about a possible move to Chelsea in the February issue of FourFourTwo magazine Willian said, “Oh, I want to. I hope so. I hope to move there.”

Chelsea should have jumped at the chance of getting Willian two years ago when they had the chance, but for whatever reason it didn’t work out. This time around, the Blues must try for the trade. If they do, you can go down to Stamford Bridge and once again
see your favourite teams live.


Anonymous said...

Your a new guy right
Dude we have wingers already
And attacking players Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Moses, Marin, De bruyne, Piazon, Mceachran, thorgan Hazard
Aren't they enough

Anonymous said...

Ture that

Nasiru Hassan said...

Pls, add willian 2 our chelsea sguad.

Anonymous said...

God bless you we don't need Willian again, would prefer Felliani the him as we need an aggressive DM who can be supporting Mikel. We have gotten enough attacking midefielders which some are being loaned and are improving there

Anonymous said...

If CFC don't sign Willian then ther is something drasticaly wrong with those running the club ..fantastic player with super skills u can count on to hit the back of the net

Anonymous said...

we dont need willian,bring back de bruyne instead of signing him.we need DM,mikel is not a type of DM chelsea need,i doubt mikel will get a starting place in other team like manu,real madrid,mancity,barca!we need a dm that is both good in going forward n defending.mikel defending(average)offensive(he's a joke rite)he join chelsea 2006 now 2013 how many goal????ZERO000000000.

Anonymous said...

meaning, the end of lampard....i hope we'll not end up like real madrid that buys every good player, in the end nothing much to show for it.

Anonymous said...

It's like reading what a five year old would write for his ill-fated English homework...so bad.

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