Right now, it really is the "million dollar question" isn't it as we have seen ...

Right now, it really is the "million dollar question" isn't it as we have seen our season turn from the most promising to quite possibly the worst of recent times.

I want to open this up to as much debate as possible on here because it's something that every single Chelsea fan all over the world will have an opinion on.

Let me start by saying that no opinion is right OR wrong, it's an opinion and I would like as many of you to post YOUR answer to the question even if you have never been to my website before or have ever posted on here.

So what could be the reasons for the disaster this term? Is it Roman and the board? Di Matteo or Rafa Benitez after him? Is is the players? The formation we are playing? The tactics? The playing style? Or, have we just been unlucky?


I am going to have a look at some possible answers to help you come to your opinion:

Roman and the Board.

I for one, will always be grateful for what Roman Abramovich has done for my football club. For the passion he shows for the game and the success he has guided us to in the most successful period in our history. I will always respect the man behind the billions.

However, I do not agree with the decision to sack Roberto Di Matteo as soon as he did this season. Now, that's not to say that I may have changed my opinion as the season moved forward but based on when he was sacked and the nature of his sacking, I cannot agree.

Roman always makes his decisions for the good of the Football Club and made the decision to sack him to move the club forward. We are far worse than we were then in my book.

Roberto Di Matteo.

Robbie is a Legend at this club and was beforehand as a player. He took us to Munich and turned us into European Champions and FA Cup winners in the space of just three months. We could never thank him enough.

However, our league performance was dire and I guess he would point the finger at the focus at the time being the two cup competitions.

Did RDM make mistakes with the team and tactics this season? Did he throw Oscar in too early? Was he too attack minded? Are you of the opinion that in effect he was a lucky manager like some people are out there and that he would be found out eventually with the UEFA Super Cup against Atletico being the perfect example?

Rafa Benitez.

I am not a fan personally of Rafa Benitez and never will be. His appointment was scandalous and if anything a real kick in the teeth for those supporters who felt offended by comments he made during his time as Liverpool manager.

At the time he was appointed, I was surprised because lets be honest here, when he was sacked at Liverpool, he had been because of the right mess he had made of the squad there. Compared to the one he initially took over and maybe for the first season of his tenure, the squad he left them with was shocking.

Benitez is a manager that has thrived in the past when he has inherited a good squad of players. Given the chance to build his own squad, forget about it!.

Chelsea performances under Benitez have been "Jekyll and Hyde" to say the least. Winning games comfortably away and then struggling at home.

The major issue I HAVE with Benitez is that he is too slow to react to the situation that is going on right in front of his and my eyes. Take last night for example. Chelsea chasing the game being 2-0 down and for most of the play in the first half, we do not really create any major chances.

He should have either made an attacking change at half time or after fifteen minutes of the second half to try and influence the game from the bench. He doesn't and when he does he replaces Ivanovic who is a goal threat from set plays and corners and brings on David Luiz in the same position! Torres then comes on for Oscar and plays out wide and Bertrand comes on for Cole.

Is Rafa at fault for our demise in the Club World Cup, League Cup and where we find ourselves now in the Premier League bearing in mind where we were in the League when RDM was sacked!?

Tactics/Formation/Playing style.

Alot has been made of Chelsea's approach to this season with a change to our formation to incorporate three attacking midfielders in behind and supporting the main striker. Paul Merson famously said on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday week in, week out that Chelsea "Will not win anything this season because at the back, they are wide open!" and so far he has proven to be right.

In our successful seasons, Chelsea have built their foundation on a tight defence. Remember the defensive record under Jose Mourinho in his first two seasons? We have seen Chelsea being picked off from one game to another and it's disheartening.

I personally believe that John Terry has been a real big miss this season. Without him we lack that voice that will bellow at people, give them a rollicking and a kick up the arse and most importantly of all, organisation and leadership.

Our transfer policy this past summer has dictated our playing style. Has Roman's quest to replicate the style or Barcelona bitten us on the arse this season as we have been pretty much pigeon holed into the 4-2-3-1 formation?

Are we stuck with players that can only play a certain way and have we left ourselves exposed?

Something that has surprised me this season is our inability to change things and switch to a different formation to try and get back into or control of the game.

Chelsea continue to persist with the 4-2-3-1 and even though at times it has given us great results this season (Arsenal & Spurs away) it has also hurt us with QPR, Swansea and Southampton notable mentions in recent weeks.

The Players.

We keep hearing that we are side in transition and if you believe members of the press, this is something that was supposed to have happened for the last three years. Have we signed too many players of a certain type? What has been the point in signing Marko Marin if RDM and now Rafa refuse to play him?

Did Chelsea make a mistake in letting Raul Meireles go?

Have enough of the players stood up in games, dusted themselves off and fought for the Chelsea shirt and for each other so far this season?


Like I said. These are just some ideas and opinions that I have seen, read and heard over the course of the season so I thought I would ask YOU the Chelsea fan this morning.

Less than eight months after the greatest night in our history, Chelsea's season has fallen and is falling apart.

I love the fact that we can sing "We know what we are, Champions of Europe, We know what we are!" but if anything, we have turned into a laughing stock.

What has been the reason for our failures and where do YOU think it's gone wrong for Chelsea this season?

Carefree & KTBFFH

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