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Blue Murder - "Chelsea Till I Die" - Kindle version available now just 77p / 99 cents

BLUE MURDER "Chelsea Till I Die"

spirit of '77 promotional price


Money, sex, drugs, rock and roll and Chelsea Football Club, Johnny Nipper is deeply preoccupied with them all. For thirty years he’s had it all his own way, double crossing and dealing his way through life without a care in the world until the day he gets it all wrong. Wracked by guilt and in fear for his life, Nipper leaves London to begin a new life in Goa where he encounters Chopper Lewis, an old acquaintance from the Stamford Bridge terraces who persuades him to tell his vivid, hip and sexy story.

Blue Murder vibrantly chronicles across four decades the evolution of the bitter and twisted relationship that develops between teenage sweethearts Holly Philips and Johnny Nipper, a relationship fuelled by ambition, lust and greed that is ultimately destroyed by drug-tainted jealousy.

Blue Murder entwines itself with a fascinatingly detailed account of fads in music, fashion, popular culture and the changing fortunes of Chelsea FC from the mid ‘70s to the present day, the present day in this case being April 30th 2005, the day the Blues win the League Championship for the first time in fifty years. Will Johnny Nipper be willing to risk his life andreturn home to England and see Chelsea triumph? Find out for yourself, and read Blue Murdernow.

Now available for the first time in eBook format via Amazon Kindle (iTunes etc to follow in due course)

paperback copies still available to order from GATE 17

Carefree & KTBFFH

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