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Tonight, as Chelsea chased a two goal deficit against Swansea in a LEAGUE CUP SEMI FINAL, Rafa Benitez failed to react to the situation as it played out until it was too late!.

I said last week that I wanted Rafa Out before it was too late and pointed out that time and time again he doesn't influence games quick enough through substitutions. How many of you tonight were watching the game thinking "He will change it with 30 minutes to go"? What did he do? NOTHING AGAIN!

When he does make a change, he takes off a goal threat from corners in Ivanovic and brings on David Luiz who spends 90% of the time he was on booting the ball up the pitch looking for someone to pass to!!.

Why not Marko Marin? Why not Fernando Torres? They are fresh legged attacking players for god sake!

It was obvious to me that Oscar wasn't having a good game, yet he still persists with keeping him on when he isn't a winger. He brings him off just as Eden Hazard gets sent off for Torres and sticks Torres out wide ASWELL!!

Then finally, as we are still chasing the game he takes off Ashley Cole and brings on Ryan Bertrand! I understand that with Dyer on, we had to cover their counter attack but surely it should have been all or nothing. at that point.

Chelsea never looked like they were really going for it in the second half. At times we looked dis-organised, players didn't know where they should be playing as they all ran away from the ball making the same runs when the likes of Ramires and Luiz were looking for someone to play the ball to!

I got slated by some people on here for calling for Rafa's head!

Surely you people can see what I was talking about now!.

Carefree & KTBFFH

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Jordan Gouldbourne said...

U got slated for calling for rafa's!? Those people obviously weren't chelsea fans. I honestly dont know what conclusion to board came to when they decided to get him. He basically ruined his previous club and was unemployed for like a year!!! He is not versatile and not like by the fans what good would possibly come from hiring him? We lost the CWC and to qpr and home!!! and failed to score in both legs of a cup tie and lost at home in that said tie. His appointment is reminiscent of the signing of torres. Mind blowing!!!

Anonymous said...

Rafa Benitez is fucking clueless..... FACT! Why does he take so long to make changes??? And when he does he changes defenders for defenders! Wot a tactical mastermind!!!!
Mourinho/RDM/Carlo A/hiddink all new how to get to a final and win!!!! And they all got sacked, there can only be 1 out come for the fat Spanish waiter...... Do us all a favour roman send him packing!

Anonymous said...

I just hope the rumors of Jose Mourinho coming back to Chelsea in the summer are true. We need a feel good factor back at chelsea and he would certainly provide it.

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