LAMPARD OUT! Your reaction to the news?

According to The Sun this morning, Frank Lampard has been told by Chelsea to find himself a new club next season and he is free to negotiate...

According to The Sun this morning, Frank Lampard has been told by Chelsea to find himself a new club next season and he is free to negotiate a deal as of January 1st.

The situation regarding Lampard's contract has featured in the news over the past few weeks with reported interest from France, China and in the USA.

Well now it seems that Lampard has no choice but to speak to other clubs.

Bearing in mind this is The Sun, the so called source that has spread the news to the papers is quoted in the article as saying:
“Frank is absolutely distraught. He wants to keep playing for Chelsea but they’ve told him to find another club in the January transfer window. He can’t believe it. All he wants to do is play for Chelsea. This club means everything to him.”
 Frank worships the club — and especially the fans — and would happily have seen out his career at Stamford Bridge.
After everything he has done for Chelsea, he cannot believe the way the club are throwing him out so callously.
Anyone who saw his performance against Aston Villa will know he should be the first name on the team sheet.
To think he went into that game knowing the club don’t want him and then to play the way he did tells you what an unbelievable professional Frank is.”
So what do you think of this breaking news? Do you think the club is right and Frank Lampard deserves to be treated like this or now that finally we won the Champions League, Frank Lampard will be happy to leave here a Chelsea Legend?

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  1. Frank lampard is an absolute legend! And the club are treating him the same way they treat all their loyal servants ( like s#*t !!!! ) steve clarke, ray Wilkins & Carlo and RDM have all been treated poorly! Chelsea fc is no longer the club the REAL fans remember we're run by a bunch of ruthless c#*ts!! Who couldn't give a f#*k what the fans think! Wish Frank all the best and thank him for everything he has done for us!!! You would never see man u treat it's legends in this disgusting fashion!

  2. Truely speaking, its a disgrace the way chelsea conducts themselves when it comes to handling such issues. They have no heart at all. It is the only club I've come to know which treats their loyal savents like trash. Shame on you chelsea fc. To Lamps I say u are a true legend.

  3. Franks goal against villa was quality, but he was our worst player by a mile in that game. And he is 34 and at a top club in world football. He can't expect to even make the match day squad next year, let alone be offered a new deal

    1. u're he doesnt like been benced, so let him go where he'l get regular action, while CFC gives his spot to someone younger.

    2. In all footballing history which player has ever liked the act of bench warming? They all want to play.

    3. Dude, are you aware that Lamps considers it unthinkable that he should be benched while anyone else is playing? Have we forgotten so soon what transpired when AVB benched him for a few games.

      Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are part players at Manu and they accept the reality. There's no wisdom in giving Lamps a fresh 2 year contract and jeopardize team spirit when he is benched. Abrahomovic is a genius- take it or leave it. Chelsea era is actually just about to start. Lamps , Drog, Terry, Cech, Ashley Cole laid the foundation. The goal is to build a team that will dominate in 5 years time.

      Lampard is its past, just like Drogba. Wake up to reality guys and stop insulting the intelligence of the men building an unbeatable team for the future!

  4. why are we so heartless? We chelsea fans, lets take a look at man united they still keep some of their old stars incase things went wrong on the pitch they will be called upon to change the game pattern with their experiences (SCHOLES AND GIGGS) so,why cant chelsea extend frank's contract

    1. Why won't Lamps accept a one year rolling contract? Greed?

  5. Buy ur own chelsea n run the way u like t,Lamps dd hs best bt he wl nvr remain chelsea till he dies...are u th ones who pay him al yu knw z to criticise,Legends cm n go

  6. Simply because frankie doesn't like it when benched. He should ask giggs and scholes if they r play 90mins even when they were 34. If he agrees to benching and take a year extension then everything will be okay. If not game over. We need all our experienced players till they are 36 @ d most but as a player you need to think about the team.

  7. i dont believe the story.

  8. This is from "the Sun"! Come on people??? This didn't happen at all. Yes, he will leave but not how they portray it!!

  9. If d post is really true abt F lampard then am really disappointed wit CFC .its like d club is run by an owner who claims to love d game futbal but in anoda way destroys d club legacy. All dis said I wish lampard all d best in any club he chooses ,he was a true blue n so is JT,A cole n D drog.

  10. Good debate people! Nice to see you care about the club. I still think lamps has something to offer over the next few years we need senior players to intergrate new players in to the club and show them what it takes to play for a team like CFC! Surely no one can admit they like the way the club is run these days!!!!

  11. My name erick rattu from indonesia and i relly disapointed if CFC let lampard out..i think David luis who should leave..i always worried if luis name is on the starting eleven..thats the reallity..lampard is a legend..just let lampard to stay and retired from football and ofcourse still with the chelsea jersey..

  12. Roman is behind all this. He never forgave Lampard and Ashley for rebelling against AVB and he feels they have too much power in the dressing room. Slowly the power cliques are being dismantled. Now we are hearing that JT will be treated the same. The suits at the club want players who will listen to a manager and not think that they are too important to be on the subs bench. Why else would they be treated like this after all what they have done for the club?

  13. 1st name on the team're avin a laugh ain't ya

  14. Lamps and cole wanted AVB out for 1 reason..... He wasn't good enough to manage Chelsea simple as!!! He was the wrong appointment from the start he thought he was the new mourinho but he is just a scout! Lampard just wanted the best for the club he loves. But I do think it's time lamps accepted a rolling Contract and the fact that he can't play all time

  15. All you doubters! we need lampard more than any other player Your losers!!!!



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