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Well it seems that Roman Abramovich is decided to take the plunge again during a transfer window and it's looking almost certain that he WILL trigger Radamel Falcao's £48m release clause in his contract and pay him around £175,000 per week to sign for Chelsea next month. If reports are to be believed, representatives from the club have already met with Atletico officials to try and thrash out the terms of the deal.

After weeks of speculation, with all sorts of other names being linked with the club as usual, Chelsea look like finally getting their man as Roman plans a tour of London, Stamford Bridge and the training ground at Cobham to persuade the Colombian to sign.

Finally it seems that Fernando Torres will have some competition on his hands and this can only be good for the football club. People forget that Torres has scored 12 goals already this season but in light of his recent dip in form once again, Falcao is bound to keep him on his toes.

So what do you people think on the "reports" that Falcao is almost done and dusted? Do you think he is a good signing and can be as successful in the Premier League as he has been in Portugal and Spain?

Or, do you think paying £48m is a big risk for someone who isn't proven in this country ?

To all the Chelsea fans all over the world, I would love to hear as many opinions from you all as possible on this!

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Carefree &  KTBFFH!

HAS ROMAN DONE IT AGAIN AND GOT HIS MAN? Reviewed by chelsea daft on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Falcao will be successful at chelsea. He eats goals like food and he wil also give Torres a run for his money. Gud one from Roman. Up chelsea!

  2. falcao is a warrior! He always have an eye for shot unlike torres who will pass even in the opponents penalty box as a stricker...

  3. Falcao is going to be successful in any country. Falcao is another Ronaldo delimma

  4. Falcao Ȋ̝̊̅§ A̶̲̥̅ good striker that will need and Ȋ̝̊̅§ alwys hungry for goals

  5. Yep falcao all d way cuz torres is a flop...

  6. Falcao is no doubt a good and proven striker, but he may have the same kind of problem Torres had. We need a strong mobile attacking midfielder in the likes of Joah Motinho, william or Paulinho. Mata is good but he is not strong and not fast. We need someone that can create chances and must be strong and fast. We may also need a natural left winger as we use to have before in the likes of Ajen Roben, Maluda etc. In the defence, we need a replacement for John Terry, as you can see, ever since his injury we have not been stable. I am not a coach but this is what chelsea needs. Again, Lampard and Cole should be allowed to go,but Lampard should understand that he is no longer the player he use to be before and should be used as a super sub as compared to Ryan Giggs of Man U, he should allow the younger players to grow.

    1. What about a striker? A team that scores 4goals in a match nd there striker got 2 has a striker. Not a team with 6 goals nd there striker got one atimes nothing. U have a the attacting midfield u need bro. Talk of a deeper person nd I will understand, a defender? That cool. A striker? Oooooooh #YES

  7. Falcao to Chelsea is the end of Torres. Falcao is a goal machine, I just hope this is not his best or his pik. He could be better than our legend Didier. He can run, body ballance, strong, wicked shot power and accuracy, both footed, can take dangerous free kicks and pk. The negative ting about him is his hight but then he scores a lot with his head. Bring in falcao and make Torres history cos his wage is too huge to be sitting on de bench.

  8. Im a long life chelsea fan and can honestly say, Romans gotta go man..... he is not a manager. how the hell can we attract a decent manager when all the chairman ( ie sit in ur chair man ) wants to do is play santa clause. Please stop ruining my club and piss off!!

  9. He wasn't tested in spain yet atl madrid paid so much for him..I'm so sure he'll b a success here as he has every quality to b successful in the epl. what I like very well about him is his hunger to succeed which torres doesn't possess any longer..bring him on to bang in goals as we have even better suppliers than he has at atl madrid.

  10. I rili hope its true,cos I'll be S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ glad to Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ torres on d bench,by d way I heard dat after torres scored d 6th goal,chelsea fans were shouting 5-1,pls someone tell me if dats true ff me on twitter @ugunag

  11. Roman has to go? Away and boil yer heid ya numpty. Roman is a credit to our beloved team and is the reason we have won so much over the past decade. Talk some sense.

  12. Falcao is good but its a risk buy, imagined if he came to the pl and he flopped he'll be joining torres and sheva in the the vip flop lounge. Right now we shud get cdm and a cheap and proven striker like walcott or marco reus. Maybe llorente or david villa


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