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DANIEL STURRIDGE - Having Medical Ahead of a £12m Move to Liverpool

If the multiple reports are to be believed, Blues forward Danny Sturridge is due to have a medical at Liverpool today. This is allegedly ahead of a £12m transfer that will see him move from Chelsea to Liverpool at the start of the January window.

We all know Danny has struggled to get consistent game time at the Bridge since AVB's departure, so this could be a good move for him to reignite his career. 

The young England International cannot be faulted for a lack of self-belief, shown perfectly by the no fear mentality he possesses, the lad is never afraid to pull the trigger or try something out of the ordinary. With that in mind, I am positive the lack of opportunities he has been given in the last year have made him re-think his future in Chelsea blue. He believes he is good enough for regular first team football in the Premier League, and I don't disagree.

Liverpool does seem like the most obvious destination for Sturridge, Brendan Rogers' mantra is if you're good enough, you're old enough, proven by the regular inclusion of Sterling, Suso and Wisdom in his starting 11. It would be the perfect place for Sturridge to go, especially if he continues to be overlooked for a spot in the Chelsea side.

Plus, with the imminent arrival of another striker in January on the cards (possibly Falcao), Danny will be pushed further down the pecking order. In my book this seems like a good move for all partied involved;

  • We get £12m towards January acquisitions & free up space in the squad for new arrivals 
  • Liverpool get another striker, which they are in desperate need of (a position where their lack of depth is worse than ours)
  • Danny gets regular playing time & more opportunities to develop 

With the £12m received from the deal, we could plunge into the market for previous transfer target Theo Walcott. Theo has been on the Blues radar for some time and is out of contract in the summer. The 23 year old is refusing to sign an extension with Arsenal, meaning if they don't offload him in January, he will be a free agent come the end of the season. This stalling tactic being used by Walcott is likely a method of assessing his options; to observe what teams come in for him so he can make the best career choice.

It is important to note that the Daily Mail have reported that Theo promised Arsenal he wouldn't leave the club in January, although the write up has no quotes at all from either Arsenal or Walcott, so I would take this with at least a handful of salt considering the source.

I can see this deal happening and I wouldn't be surprised if Walcott is wearing blue come February 1st. We can offer him trophies; which he hasn't had at his time at Arsenal.

So, what do you think Chelsea fans?

Is selling Sturridge a good move?

If so, who should we replace him with?

Article by Martin Smith 
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six one said...

There is a Demonstration outside Melwood today at 12 noon to BOYCOTT the purchase of Daniel sturridge ? I advice all lpool fans too attend,where buying cast offs who think there great but also rans ? 18 premier league goals since 2009 is SHAMBOLIC !!! Rodgers OUT

Anonymous said...

I think selling Sturridge is a good move for all parties involved as you specified, but we can't bring Walcott in his place. Walcott is actually a winger and can just fill up as a forward. We need an out and out striker. Someone like Edin Dzeko would be perfect. Or we could also recall Lukaku.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea needs a striker that has the wow factor... Often temperamental but definitely classy, I think Mario Balotelli would fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Balotelli would be an excellent buy but his temprement is bad and he could end up destroying the team morale,falcao doesn't sound realistic,I don't understand your obsession with walcott he's at best an average player ,not many options out there though I hope we could unearth a gem of a player come january.

Anonymous said...

I don't think sturidge is actually that good ( not as good as he thinks he is anyway!!) he couldn't cut it at city or with us so let Liverpool have him for 12m Cavani and Willian would be good additions but fernando might throw his dummy out of the pram!

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