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BENITEZ: Is he winning you over?

Rafa Benitez believes he is gradually winning the Chelsea fans over and I just wondered if that's true?

He said:
"I said at the beginning and I will say it at the end: my job is to bring the best from the players, try to get results and try to play the best football. I'm sure the fans will appreciate this. It's just a question of time.
I think they will realise I am a professional. I will try to do the best for the club and, at the end of the day, that will be the best for them because they will enjoy it. The fans play every game. It's the same for the manager. Not every player plays in every game. But the fans and the manager live every game together."
So after the goals we have seen in recent weeks, the improved defensive performances compared to what we had witnessed and the fact that Torres is back in the goals please answer the following question:

Has Rafa won you over?
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  1. No.i hate 'HIM' because, he was not a good professional coach. Instead of that he only managed the STRENTH of PLAYERS TO WIN

  2. I thnk yes he is gradually wining me ova buh i wont 4gv him just Yet 4 that club world cup defeat cos he caused it

  3. My Love is for Chelsea Football Club, and Benitez can never win my heart, even if he brings all remaining trophies to the Bridge...
    I just can't wait for the season to be over and have him leave!

  4. Slowly but if he keeps winning then yes

  5. Don't think I'll ever get used to seeing benitez in the Chelsea dug out! Hate zonal marking and the way he tinkers with his teams he never played the same team twice at Liverpool and made some shocking signings But he won't be there for long so we dont need to worry about it!

  6. I never had a problem with him. For me as long as the team is doing well I am happy. He is a far better coach than RDM. I am NOT part of this RDM- loving rubbish.

  7. He will never win the true Chelsea fans over. I think we should get Hoddle back. We were playing our best football when he was manager.

  8. I've supported Chelsea since 1956 but never have I been so disillusioned with my club, I will always support Chelsea but as the only way I can show my dissatisfaction is by not buying a ticket and as long as the FSW is in charge I won't be going to The Bridge. I did for Grant and I'm doing it now. If you have a season ticket fair enough but maybe other fans should boycott buying tickets too.