Who Should The Future Chelsea Captain Be?

We all saw what happened to Terry at the weekend, and thank God he isn't out for the rest of...

We all saw what happened to Terry at the weekend, and thank God he isn't out for the rest of the season. When it happened I was pretty certain I was looking at an ACL/MCL injury (in my professional opinion).

It get’s you thinking though, with Terry injured and getting older, and Lampard now resigned to the bench and potentially off to China / America, who would the best candidate for captaincy be?? In my opinion, to be the captain of an entire club, a player must: 1. Be vocal, 2. Command respect within the squad. 3. Lead by example. 4. Be tactful when dealing with the referee when a situation gets heated (as situations tend to in football) – a level head is very important. 5. A continuous starter.

The player that has been used in the past is Cech. I can understand why, he has become a Chelsea legend and as such commands a great deal of respect. He is vocal and commanding, as all great keepers must be, and he does lead by example, as much as a goal keeper can anyway.

The big problem I have with this though is: he is a goal keeper. He may have all the perfect personality traits but I for one do not like goal keepers as captains. I think a captain should be outfield, ideally in central defence or midfield, because part of their responsibility is to settle disputes, calm players down sometimes, and lead from the front! I’m sure Cech would be capable of all this but sadly, his position limits the impact he can have.

I expect people will disagree with me on this. After all, some of the greatest managers in the world do! There have been various goal keeping captains, Casillas and Buffon being the best examples. For me though, the captain must be an outfielder.

So lets skip to the chase and look at other potential candidates: Luiz, Cahill, Ivanovic, Mata and (perhaps controversially) Mikel.

I like Luiz more than most Chelsea fans, but as a captain, I don’t think he would suit us. I don’t think he is particularly vocal (especially for a centre half!) for a start. My main problem, and I’m sure everyone else's, is that he is too erratic, makes mistakes, and that is the last thing you want from your captain.

Ivanovic is a great candidate. He has been a strong personality in the squad for a long time. Loved by the fans, leads by example, starts whenever he is fit and he even captains his country (as does David Luiz). I think he would be capable of dealing with the referee too and on the face of it, there isn't a great deal you can say against him!

I also think Mata is definitely a candidate for the job. He may not have been at the club for long, but as one Chelsea fan said to me on twitter, that doesn't Mata (unintelligent pun intended). He’s one of our most charismatic players and I think he ticks all the boxes. He’s a very mature individual who has earned not only the respect of the club and the fans, but of the whole premier league, and although his name isn't thrown into the discussion much, I can’t see any reason for why he shouldn't be considered.

Mikel, the underdog in this discussion! I’m a big fan. He gets unjust criticism. I find it hilarious when he makes one little error, often a small one, and then the opposition score two minutes later and all of a sudden it’s Mikel’s fault. I think he would fit all of the criteria I outlined at the beginning of the article, except for one, number 4. I don’t think he is particularly level headed, and often get’s carried away in the moment. I could never see him dealing with the referee, so at this moment in time, it’s a no from me (maybe on day though!).

Cahill. Now here’s a great candidate. Loud, respected, calm in heated situations, leads by example, and as an added bonus, he’s English! The problem – he isn’t a regular starter for some crazy reason. Until he becomes a regular starter, I can’t really see how he can be made captain. The moment he is though, look no further.

So here is my pick from all of this, the man to fill in for Terry, and to potentially take over his role in the long run is:

……..(Drum role)…………………… ROSS TURNBULL! cough, sorry. I mean:

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC!!!!!!! At least until Cahill is a regular starter….

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Carefree & KTBFFH!


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  1. Level headed hmmm is john terry level headed...he is also control-vacial....makes mistake to..ivanovic and mikel fit d role...not till cahill can start matches cos as u wrote u actually want an english man to b captain...pls mikel ivanovic and mikel has contributed to this team more than u can only regret is it will never b them.

  2. I think it should be Cahill or mata. If not them cole or Ivan

  3. Years ago I mentioned to some friends that I saw the then 19-20yr old John Mikel Obi as a future Chelsea captain & I'm yet to change my mind on that. I think that he'd be great, grow into the role & even be all the better for it as a player.
    I also think that a David Luiz, minus his undisciplined approach to team sport, could do a great job long term. Just needs a manager that would rein in his wandering tendencies. I think that if he were being managed by someone like Jose Mourinho, his game would come on leaps & bounds. Perhaps a certain Josep Guardiola would help. Still think that RDM can do it & encourage him to be more disciplined like at the end of last season when he was awesome on our historic run.
    Like other Chelsea fans, I love Mata. And everyone is in agreement regarding his intelligence & booksmarts. However, I would like his genius to not be curtailed by the demands of also being captain. So whereas he could do an amazing job, I think he should be left to alone to orchestrate the ebb & flow of matches.
    I do agree that Ivanovic would make for a brilliant candidate too.
    I like Cahill as well but there are players at the club more deserving than he. Players that have been in more football match trenches for the club than he. Players more suitable for the Field Marshall role than he. He could though, make for a good General, that is, perhaps a vice-captain or the no. 3 captain.
    So for now, for me, it's between Mikel & Ivanovic. And my vote goes to John Mikel Obi for his many qualities but also for his longevity at the club. Ivanovic as vice-captain.
    For a club that had the legend that is Marcel 'the rock' Desailly as captain, I see John Mikel Obi as a perfect fit.

  4. Mata should be made the future captain, and Gary Cahill as the vice captain while John Obi Mikel should be the third captain in my opinion

  5. Stephen Abiodun Nasco Stevo15 November 2012 at 11:28

    If any1 could role-back d days&rmemba d words of d adjudged architect of modern Chelsea&d self aclaimed special one 'Jose Mourinho'.He said 'Mikel is a talent 4chelsea,he is a player 4d future, a player hu wl bcom one of d best in d world and a future leader 2d team'. Wthout doubt,Mikel has risen 2dat rank,he wl b a perfect fit 4d role considering also d number of yias he's spent@d club. Iva &Cahill also are a very good candidate 4d role. Mata dough d best player d team has at d present,but 2me he is nt ripe 4dat responsibility. D choice is between John Obi Mikel and Branislav Ivanovic

  6. Cahill should be captain and Iva deputise with Mata third in future years I see Oscar being a Chelsea captain



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