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COLE: Give him two years as Bertrand is not quite ready.

If recent weeks are anything to go by, Chelsea need to give Ashley Cole the "reported" two year contract extension that he wants and put to bed all this talk of a move to PSG!.

Nothing against Ryan Bertrand who will mature into a world class full back and arguably as good as Cole but Chelsea needs to tie Cole down asap!.

I think we have seen what happens when youngsters aren't given too much of a regular chance in the team and are thrown into games one after the other with Bertrand and it's been very noticeable for me anyway.

Chelsea miss the quality of Cole down that left side when he isn't there and his defensive attributes and to not have them there at the moment permanently, would be a huge mistake by the club to let him go.

Cole is 31 so what's wrong with offering him a two year deal and in the second year of his deal rotate him from game to game with Bertrand so he can continue to learn his craft under the guidance of Cole and to improve as a player ready to take over permanently in two years time?

Of course some will argue that players can only improve by being given the exposure of first team football and over time, playing week in, week out Bertrand will get better and better and I do agree. However, the question remains as to whether Chelsea are prepared to give Bertrand that chance or bring someone else in to replace Cole if he leaves?

I really think we would be shooting ourselves in the foot if we let Cole go.

What do you people think?



Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with giving Cole another 2 years. But I think that RDM should rotate Cole and Bertrand from this time. If we play Cole all over the time it will waste Bertrand's ability. Rotate them this season and I'm sure Bertrand can take over Cole's place next season.

Anonymous said...

SECONDED. It pains me to my marrow that RDM doesn't rotate the team. Knowing fully well that we are to compete 4 titles dis season both domestic, in europe and then world club cup, rotation of d squad at this stage is paramount 2 reduce fatigue. RDM plzzzz we need rotation, i hope u read this so u'll feel our pain

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