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I may be speaking out of turn here and I apologise to be people if I am, but to me the game yesterday wasn't great was it. Don't get me wrong it was a good start to the campaign with three points but apart from a couple of glimpses of magic, Chelsea could have been better overall.

Wigan are a hard working side and caused us plenty of problems. At times, plenty more than they really should of had and RDM needs to work hard with our defensive shape. If Wigan had taken their chances, this could have been a score draw just like last season.

If Chelsea are to put together a serious challenge for the league, they probably know that they need to play better. Yes I am aware of the fact that at times you need to grind out results and when you aren't playing well and you manage it, then fair enough.

At times some of our play was really good but I have to say only at times. Once again we seemed to be too slow in releasing the ball or moving it forward and played into Wigan's hands.

Eden Hazard is making all the headlines this morning but I have to be honest and think that apart from the two goals that he played a part in, his influence became less and less. Maybe because of the way we were playing, but I understood RDM taking him off. His job was done.

Being 2-0 up after six or seven minutes and with seeing just how well we had changed defence into attack for the opening goal, moving the ball forward at pace, I thought we could really kick on and beat Wigan by four or five but it never really happened did it?.

I am trying to calm myself down here and to remember that it's only one game but we seriously need to get some things sorted.

I like the fact that RDM went with Ryan Bertrand in front of Ashley Cole as they both work well together and cover each other. You do have to ask whether or not this will continue, but for yesterday they both had good games.

One thing I did notice was how much Juan Mata and Eden Hazard continued to rotate positions throughout the game. Hazard started on the right but would then pop up in the middle behind Torres with Mata wide right and so on.

It's early days but you could see the potential we have in attacking areas.

Hazard's turn and pass to Ivanovic was superb as he left the defender for dead, in beating his man and drawing the foul for the penalty showed us what he is more than capable of and it will be exciting to see.

I was pleased to see Oscar come on and look really busy. The run onto the Torres flick showed us he has pace to burn and the finish wasn't quite there but the signs are more than good. His late one two with Ivanovic on the edge of the box was another moment to savour as finally we have someone else who can unlock the door. It was just a shame that Ivanovic's pull back missed out everyone including Fernando Torres.

As for Torres, he was busy as usual. Playing on his own against three at the back is difficult but he kept at it and was unlucky not to score after running onto a Bertrand header. He managed to stay on his feet and flick the ball past the keeper only to have the ball cleared off the line.

Torres will get chances in every game so I am not worried about goals at all.

It's just our defensive shape at the moment. We have to move on from last season and get higher up the pitch. We were happy for Wigan to have possession and with that, dropped right back to the edge of our box with Lampard and Mikel also too deep.

No offence but this is Wigan and if someone like Man City or United were allowed to do that, they could pull us apart easily.

As always in games, there are plenty of positives and negatives to take from it. The main thing is that we have the three points in the bag in a difficult trip away and at the end of the day, it's all that matters.

However, I expect better next time out!.



Anonymous said...

I don't understand why chelsea cant keep the ball and move quickly

Damo said...

First game - new players, a new philosophy being pushed a little bit more this season - 3 points are all that matters, away from home against a team that did cause us problems last season.

Man City are the current champions & they struggled a lot more against a newly promoted Southampton so I wouldn't take too much away from one match.

We have two games this week, plenty of match experience & fitness by the end of the games. I think we will see Chelsea get better and better as the season goes on.

Don't over think one result - give them time! If they are still playing like this every match for the next 5-7 then yeah, feel concerned but not now!

Anonymous said...

Man, this article is so precise! You've written exactly what i have in mind. Eden Hazard needs to be more in control in future matches, as he lost possession one too many times. Juan Mata seemed sorta weak, i think he needs a break. The defense looked like it could be broken down at any time. Wigan, to me, were the better side indeed. But no probs, we'll surely improve in the upcoming fixtures. CHELSEA FOR LIFE!

fr francis said...

You're not wrong, but too critical considering your initial posts that we were still in preseason! Its the first game & that's why we are happy with our 1st 3-5 fixtures. They will get better with more games! However my concern is that far too many times in the match, Mata & Hazard were at the edge of our box DEFENDING while Lampard & even Mikel would be higher up the pitch! Is this okay? I think mata & Hazard should be the outlet & not the other way round. What do you guys think?

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