I am shocked and surprised by our performance yesterday and can't believe what happened with our defending. Now I am normally the firs...

I am shocked and surprised by our performance yesterday and can't believe what happened with our defending.

Now I am normally the first to say "It's only pre season!" and to remind people to not jump to conclusions but after yesterday it's hard not to.

One thing is for sure, Chelsea's 4-3-3 system looks dead in the water now and should be disposed of. If Brighton can defend against it (no disrespect to Brighton), then how on earth are we going to move forward with the formation in the Premier League?

It was like we had travelled back in time watching the game yesterday. We were far too slow in possession, lacked the killer pass, ran out of ideas and generally looked laboured out there.

Robbie Di Matteo said after the game:
"I was expecting more from my team out there, certainly in terms of their urgency in the game. We needed a bit more movement, too. I was looking for a better performance than the one we gave. I think we were too stretched, took too long to apply our pressing, and were never aggressive enough to get the ball back quickly. When we did have the ball, there wasn't enough movement. So there were a lot of things (that were not right). We'll need to be more focused and have more urgency in the game next week (against City), and must pay a bit more attention and be sharper. A bit more aggressive."

Chelsea lined up with Cech in goal, a back four of Cole, Terry (C), Cahill and Ivanovic. A midfield three of Essien, Meireles and Lampard and up front, Hazard on the left, Torres through the middle and Ramires on the right.

Now because our game was so slow, Mr Torres became isolated again. Eden Hazard is obviously not too keen on playing down the left and so more often than not, came inside and at one stage popped up down the right hand side.

I just can't get my head around the fact that this is the last game before we play City and we never really went about getting at Brighton. We got as far as the edge of their box and then struggled to break them down.

Di Matteo now has to make the decision to stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation. I know it's pre season and a time to try things out, but based on the performance yesterday, we have to concentrate on getting the best out of everyone and in my opinion, that's with the 4-2-3-1!

Chelsea's 4-3-3 system is dead!


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  1. I know its only pre season but I'm worried.
    Torres looks like he did when we first signed him.
    No confidence at all.
    We still need a center forward cuz if fernando is not scoring I don't think studridge is good enough yet and the same goes for lukaku
    And if hazard ain't playing left wing then that means Mata back out there and we all know he is better in the middle.
    I can't wait for the season to get started but I'm a little concerned. We will see how far we have cone on sunday against Scum city.
    Come on Chelsea!!!!

  2. I've been long not getting my hopes up for the match against City. Not because of our pre-season form from the beginning but rather team gelling. One thing you people think Hazard sticks to the game plan? In my opinion,I don't think he does really. Can he and Mata play together?

  3. 4me against city chelsea shuld play cech cole terry luiz ivanovic mikel lampard ramires hazard marin torres sub cahil,essin,mata,piazon

    1. Your back line needs a change. David Luiz made crucial mistakes in the pre-season that led to us conceding while Cahill has been consistantly solid. The rest is cool though I'd pick Essien over Mikel.

  4. I was led to believe that we signed hazard to play left of Mata and Oscar to the right.
    Another worry, can Oscar play wide right or will he also drift in field.
    Hazard is a great player but don't stick to any game plan.
    Will be an interesting season.

  5. We shud line up our champions league squad like cole, cahil, terry, ivanovic, mikel lampard, mata ramires, cech, torres nd hazard. The
    new inclusion will be hazard nd he will be soaked up by the squad to play according to instructions.

  6. My discion for manager,,watever I want title,,best of luck!!

  7. My discion for manager,,watever I want title,,best of luck!!



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